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cartier love bracelet on wrist

Cartier LOVE Bracelet Sizes: What Size Cartier Love Bracelet Should I Buy?

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR LOVE? Choosing the right Cartier Love bracelet size can be surprisingly challenging. So, we put together a complete guide to choosing the right Cartier Love bangle size for you! This is Cartier Love bracelet sizing made easy 🙂 What is a Cartier Love bracelet? The Cartier LOVE bracelet was…
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multiple bracelets trend

Tips for Stacking Cartier Love Bracelets – Stacked Bracelet Trends

Are you looking for some Cartier Love Bracelet Stack inspiration? Stacking Cartier Love bracelets makes for a stunning look. We are here to offer you some tips for stacking your Love bracelets together, as well as with other bracelets, cuffs, and watches.  The Cartier Love Bracelet Story In 1969, jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo created the…
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cartier bracelet fake

Fake Cartier Love Bracelet – How to Spot One

New here? Welcome to our blog! Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of the world’s largest sellers of pre-owned authentic Cartier Love bangles – Authenticity Guaranteed. Unfortunately, we cannot authenticate Cartier Love bangles, as Cartier no longer verifies the bangles themselves. Because Cartier has discontinued the practice, it is more important than ever to equip yourself with the knowledge of…
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cartier love bracelet stack in cartier box

Cartier Love Bracelets: Everything you need to know

Cartier love bracelets are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces of the last few decades. Undoubtedly an icon of the haute jewelry house Cartier as well, the bangles have the signature feature screw details. Each one of the bracelets come in a variety of different styles ranging in type and color of metal as…
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sell gold jewelry in boca raton

All You Need Is A Cartier Love Bracelet

All You Need Is A Cartier Love Bracelet There are as many ways to proclaim your love for someone as there people proclaiming that love. Whether through heartfelt poetry, extravagant meals, or adventurous vacations, people are always finding new ways to express care for each other. Of course, there is also jewelry, and from gorgeous…
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Estate Jewelry Boca Raton

Cartier Love Bracelets FAQ

When it comes to Cartier Love Bracelets, we’re the experts. Well, second only to these guys. And because they no longer authenticate Love bangles, we can’t either [insert the saddest emoji here.] Related: Why We Can’t Authenticate Cartier But dry your tears, tiny yellow cartoon. Because we still love to answer your questions about Love bracelets,…
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Identify the fake cartier love bracelet

Verifying a Cartier Love Bracelet

When it comes to Cartier Love bracelets, we don’t mess around. We don’t buy fakes, so we don’t sell fakes. Period. We are very stringent with our buying, even though Love bangles are consistently our most in-demand product. Rather than seeking them out, we buy them as they come into our store, which is a…
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Cartier Platinum Love bangle Size 16

Sterling Silver Cartier Love Bracelets?

Does Cartier make a sterling silver Love bracelet? We’ve certainly never seen an authentic Cartier Love bangle in sterling silver (see how to spot a fake here!) There’s no current edition of sterling silver Love bracelets available through Cartier or any reputable re-seller. And we had doubts that they ever existed – Cartier’s Love bangles…
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Cartier Love Bangles

Amazon and The Cartier Love Bracelet – Too Good to Be True?

Amazon Cartier Love Bracelets – is there such a thing? Well, yes. And no. And like any good jewelry related question, our (very frustrating) answer is “It Depends.” Amazon’s fabulous marketplace hosts thousands of vendors. So it’s not fair to say, as a rule, that there are no real Cartier Love bracelets on Amazon, or that…
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A Spotlight on Cartier Love Bracelets

The Cartier Love Cuff, or Cartier Love Bracelets are a jewelry item that has interested me for years. With one of the most interesting histories in the jewelry world, Cartier Love Cuffs were designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo. While the bracelets are still made by Cartier to this day, coming across a vintage is…
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Cartier Love Bracelets – A Timeless Classic

Cartier Love Bracelets – A Timeless Classic The Cartier Love bracelet or bangle is a timeless piece that can work in any woman’s wardrobe. We consider it a jewelry collection staple, and a true classic. The Cartier Love collection now includes rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and even watches, but it all started in 1969 with the…
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Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 17 Bangle Bracelet

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 17 Bangle Bracelet

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 17 Bangle Bracelet Style Cartier Love Bangle Material 18k White Gold Size Size 17″ Retail $7400 Additional Details This item comes with the original Cartier Box and Screwdriver! SKU G11444

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 16 Bangle Bracelet

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 16 Bangle Bracelet

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 16 Bangle Bracelet Style Cartier Love Bangle Material 18k White Gold Size Size 16 Retail $7400 Additional Details This item comes with a presentation box! SKU G12337

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 19 Bangle Bracelet

Cartier LOVE 18k White Gold Size 19 Bangle Bracelet Style Cartier Love Bangle Material 18K White Gold Total Weight 22.9 dwt Measurements 7.50″ -2.60” x 2.50“ Size Size 19 Retail $7400 Additional Details Box, Papers and screwdriver Box Cartier Box

Cartier 18k White Gold Love Bangle Bracelet

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold “Old Style” Love Bangle Bracelet Designer Cartier Material 18k yellow Gold  Bracelet Measurements 74mm x 6mm x 64mm Cartier Size 16 Clasp Details Old Style Screw Weight 40.7g (26.2dwt) Additional Details This item comes with original Cartier box, papers and screwdriver SKU G11914


Cartier 18k Rose Gold “New Style” Love Bangle Bracelet

Cartier 18k Rose Gold “New Style” Love Bangle Bracelet Designer Cartier Material 18k White Gold  Bracelet Measurements 74mm x 6mm x 64mm Size 20 Clasp Details Old Style Screw Weight 40.7g (26.2dwt) Additional Details This item comes with original Cartier box and papers SKU G10487

Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bangle New Style

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Size 17 New Style Love Bangle Bracelet

Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Size 17 New Style Love Bangle Bracelet Designer Cartier Style BQJ1910 Diamond Details Total of 10 Diamonds. 1.09ct round brilliant diamonds. Diamonds are G in color and SI in clarity. Diamonds are Aftermarket. Material 18k Yellow gold Total Weight 30.7g (19.7dwt) Bracelet Measurements Size 17 Clasp Details New Style Additional Details…
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18k Rose Gold Cartier Love Bangle

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Size 20 with Love Bangle Bracelet

Cartier 18k Rose Gold Size 16 with Screwdriver Love Bangle Bracelet Designer Cartier Material 18k Rose gold Total Weight 28.9g (18.6dwt) Bracelet Measurements Size 16 Clasp Details Screw clasp Additional Details This item comes with original Cartier Box and Papers! SKU G9593

cartier love bracelet questions

Top 5 Questions About Cartier LOVE Bangles | LOVE Bracelet FAQ

Have questions about Cartier LOVE bracelets? Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding Cartier LOVE bracelets – Size, Weight, Value, Authentication, Story, and more… Cartier Love bangles have always been a huge topic of interest for our blog readers and customers alike. Raymond Lee Jewelers established a reputation for selling authentic used Love bracelets…
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New Cartier High-End Wristwatch Designs Never Flops

We all want and value the finer things in life. And luxury accessories like Cartier high-end wristwatch present a great option. Our accessories allow us to create a put-together, complete look and feel. It gives any outfit we wear a little something extra. The accessories we choose can tell others about our sense of fashion…
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Cartier Santos: Black vs White Diamonds

A high-end and glamourous timepiece like the Cartier Santos Galbee buss down line of watches is the perfect opportunity to show off your high-style and luxurious fashion sense. These are sporty watches with a twist. The Santos line of watches has long been a popular favorite and their bust down line gives you something truly…
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Luxury Cartier Watch

Luxury Cartier Watch: Buying Guide

Our team at Diamonds by Raymond lee is always on the hunt for beautiful watches to stock on our inventory. However, we are particularly fond of Luxury Cartier Watches. Since 1847, Cartier has been synonymous with elegance and nobility. Furthermore, the Santos model was created when a Brazilian pilot failed to operate his pocket watch…
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Bustdown Cartier Santos Galbee

Want To See a Genuine Cartier Santos Galbee Bustdown Diamond Watch?

If you’ve been looking for an authentic Cartier Santos Galbee bustdown diamond watch, you’ve just landed in the right place. The watch you see above is a genuine Cartier Santos and the diamonds are real, of the highest quality, and the setting is absolutely superb. In this post, we are going to discuss both the…
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bracelets every man needs

2 Timeless Luxury Gold Bracelets Every Man Should Own

When it comes to high-end wrist accessories for the modern man, there are two prominent pieces that come to mind, besides a wristwatch, of course. They are a gold Cuban Link Bracelet and a Cartier Love Bangle. Nothing declares spending power and a cultured sense of fashion like these two iconic gold bracelets.  2 Timeless…
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What’s better Cartier or Tiffany & Co jewelry?

Tiffany & Co and Cartier are two of the world’s most well known brands when it comes to fine jewelry. When you put these two head to head it is hard to see where their strengths lie. Both are absolute matchups bringing their own individual and unique features to the competition. Tiffany’s jewelry is well…
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pre owned Rolex Boca Raton

Mens watches on sale: all Diamond Audemars Piguet with Cartier bracelets

A luxury lifestyle look is one that is always not only a perfect pairing but also timeless. The world’s most renowned brands like Cartier and Audemars Piguet watch are excellent examples of luxury lifestyle accessories that transcend the ages and styles. Fads and trends will come and go. However a true luxury lifestyle stays far…
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used rolex

Arm Candy Inspiration: Luxury Bracelet and Swiss Watch Stacks

We are bringing a whole new meaning to Arm Candy today by presenting to you an assortment of luxury jewelry and Swiss watch wrist stacks. Let this be inspiration for the next time you stack a bracelet (or bracelets) with your watch…We will be showing you some everyday bracelet and watch combinations, mixed metal jewelry…
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used rolex

Mixed Metal Jewelry: Audemars Piguet Panda & Cartier Love Bangle Stack

Mixing and matching various colors of gold is one of the hottest jewelry trends of our time. So much so that the most iconic jewelers are consistently creating new jewelry that comprises different colors of gold all on one piece.  So, on that note, we are going to exhibit a mixed metal jewelry and watch…
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used rolex

2 Unique Vintage-Inspired Quad Bridal Sets That You Will Love

When planning your wedding, what’s the first step? Shopping for an engagement ring, right? After all, that is typically where a happy marriage truly begins…  So, we have a question for you…Have you considered buying a unique bridal set stack instead of purchasing your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity bands separately?  Bridal sets ensure…
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Bracelet and Rolex pairings–how to style your watch

When it comes to luxury watches you already know what the crowned King brand is –– Rolex. Now to style a Rolex can seem simple, just slide that gorgeous piece of horlogerie right on to your wrist and you are good to go right? Well actually, we would like to suggest a bracelet and Rolex…
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best cartier watch

5 Iconic Cartier Jewelry (and Watches) That Every Woman Should Own

Are you looking to buy Cartier Jewelry but you aren’t sure what to get? Well, good news…here are the 5 most iconic Cartier jewelry creations that every woman should own (this should make your life a little easier). Get ready to fall in love.  It’s hard to resist the attraction of Cartier’s most iconic jewelry.…
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Rolex or Cartier

Rolex vs Cartier (Watch Comparison) – Which Watch Should I Buy?

  The desire for high-end luxury watches goes far beyond simply telling time accurately. Watches of such caliber convey fashion, functionality, elegance, and taste. They are an “in” to a certain horological club, and as such, not everyone wants to join the same club. Both men and women have discriminating preferences. When it comes down…
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Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

Cartier Roadster Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Watch Review

One of Cartier’s most iconic watch designs, the Roadster, is no longer in production. Although no longer created by the Maison there are ones available in the pre owned luxury watch market. That is where we at Raymond Lee Jewelers come in. Our expert jewelers source iconic watches like these for our collection. At our…
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Cartier 2618 Roadster XL Black Chronograph Dial Watch

A Flight Into Cartier Men’s Watches

This week we are going into the story and history behind the iconic luxury jeweler and watchmaker Cartier. Established in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier this renowned brand was family owned until 1964. The French luxury goods house has headquarters in Paris, which as you will see below became an epic milestone for the company. Furthermore…
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cartier panther

Celebrating the Comeback of the Cartier Panthere W25022B9

Celebrating the Comeback of the Cartier Panthere W25022B9 Everything that’s old is new again and the Cartier Panthere W25022B9 Yellow Gold Ladies Watch is no exception. This watch was first introduced in 1984 but was recently resurrected due to popular demand. It features a sleek and elegant design, and, of course, the famous Cartier name.…
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engagement rings boca raton

Jewelry Boca Raton Loves – Raymond Lee Jewelers

The options for jewelry Boca Raton provides are frankly incredible. In our sunny slice of South Florida, you have at your well manicured fingertips the very best choices in jewelry, ranging from the most famous jewelers in the world, to the best kept secrets in only elite circles, and – the absolute perfect blend of…
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Pre-Owned Cartier

Pre-Owned Cartier Estate Jewelry

Pre-owned Cartier? More like pre-loved Carti-YAY. Sorry, we had to. It’s just that our gorgeous Cartier estate jewelry gets us really, really excited. And why shouldn’t it? We have a ridiculous selection of the most jaw-dropping Cartier pieces ranging from rare, diamonds studded panthers to our most popular best seller of all time: pre-owned Cartier…
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Cartier Love Bangles

Why We Can't Authenticate Cartier

Lately, we’ve been inundated with fresh requests to authenticate Cartier Love bangles, bracelets, necklaces and rings via e-mail. It’s no surprise! People are starting to shop for their perfect holiday wishlist, and looking all over the web for the best deals on the perfect gifts. Our blog is one of the first things that pops…
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Our Favorite Cartier Pieces

Cartier, kind of jewelers and jeweler of kings, as the moniker goes, is always one of our favorite jewelry brands. With its bold, unapologetically luxurious style, Cartier channels its trademark panthĂŞre with every piece. We keep a healthy stash of Cartier pieces on hand at all times. From Cartier Love bracelets that we can’t even…
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Cartier Watches

With all the recent buzz about the most fabulous new engagement rings in Boca Raton, we just want to reach out to all of our watch lovers and let you know our horology obsession is still kicking (or should we say ticking? No? Terrible pun? Ok, retracted.) We adore the history behind the world’s oldest watch…
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How to Spot a Fake New Model Love Bangle

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked (on a daily basis) is how to authenticate Cartier Love bangles. It’s no surprise to us – the timeless design of the Love bangle remains one of our favorite pieces of designer jewelry. And current trends set by celebrities, fashionistas and both only contribute more to the…
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Yellow Gold Bracelets We Love

It’s safe to say yellow gold has seen a major comeback in recent years.  It used to be our white gold Cartier Love bracelets sold like hot cakes. We couldn’t buy them fast enough to keep them in our showcases! And while the yellow gold variations have always been popular, now the reverse is happening…
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The Difference Between the New Cartier Love Bangle & the Older Models

Cartier Love Bracelet OLD vs NEW Cartier’s new style Love bangle debuted in 2011 and is starting to make its way into the used Love bracelet market. It typically takes a few months to a year before we start purchasing a new style of designer jewelry or new watch from customers who want to sell…
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Think Twice before buying Fake Cartier – It Might Get You Arrested

Have you been considering buying a fake Cartier Love bangle? How about a “not so genuine” HermĂ©s handbag? You may want to reconsider after reading about a new bill proposal. Margaret Chin, who serves as a New York City Councilwoman, has proposed a new bill that would make it illegal not only to sell the…
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Cord Bracelets for Spring

Cord bracelets are a great way to wear your favorite designer in a more casual way. Often designed especially for a certain cause, cord bracelets are known in some jewelry houses as charity bracelets. We love the bright, meaningful colors of the Cartier Love Charity bracelet, the effortless accents of a David Yurman charm on…
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Kanye Gives Kim Kardashian Cartier Bracelets Worth $65k

Kanye Gives Kim Kardashian Cartier Bracelets Worth $65k As soon as we found out Kimye was preggo, we knew that the unborn baby would have plenty of swagger and swag. We even had some suggestions for Kim Kardashian’s push presents. But Kanye West isn’t known for patience or subtlety, and he got Kim an early…
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Feature Friday: Rose Gold Love Bangle

Feature Friday: Rose Gold Love Bangle Feature Friday is Fashion Friday and TGIF! We’re featuring one of our favorite pieces from the showroom fashioned two ways for whatever your weekend holds. Today we’re featuring one of our favorites, the Cartier rose gold Love bangle. Our pre owned Cartier Love bangles are always a favorite, but…
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This or That: Cartier Love Bangle with Diamonds

One of the many reasons why our Cartier love bangles are so popular is their versatility. The classic Cartier bracelet goes effortlessly from casual to elegant. A Cartier love bangle pairs just as well with an evening gown as it does with a weekend dress and military jacket – there’s no wrong way to wear…
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