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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

With all the recent buzz about the most fabulous new engagement rings in Boca Raton, we just want to reach out to all of our watch lovers and let you know our horology obsession is still kicking (or should we say ticking? No? Terrible pun? Ok, retracted.) We adore the history behind the world’s oldest watch brands. We admire the power that such small – yet intricate – mechanics offer. The beauty and precision of a movement crafted to perfection. Of course we love to ogle the cases, straps and outer trappings of our luxury watches too, animatedly debating the finer points of each of our many brands. We can’t play favorites when it comes to watches. We’re just as eager to share a Rolex on our Instagram as one of our rare Patek Philippes. And while we just love following the hottest watch trends, like supersize Hublots and Breitlings, there’s one brand that never missteps on style. It should come as no surprise, given Cartier’s solid reign as haute joallerie royalty – quite literally, it is the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers, as one of its epithets declares. And even Cartier’s mass production pieces boast striking and luxe design, churning out “it piece” after it piece for decades. So Cartier watches are imbued with that same je ne sais quoi. That distinct fluidity drawn like the smooth movements of a panther, the always elegant dials, the jewelry-like quality of their straps and bracelets. A Cartier watch is a thing to be admired – and this beautiful video demonstrates just that.



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