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Diamond Eternity Rings

Raymond Lee Jewelers Offers Unique Diamond Eternity Bands to Show Your Never-Ending Love for Your Beloved

Raymond Lee Jewelers gives you access to a wide selection of diamond eternity bands, including a large variety of cuts and styles.

Diamond Eternity Bands for Never-Ending Love

Eternity rings, or eternity bands as they are called, are exquisite gifts which signify never-ending love. By offering your beloved an eternity band, you reassert your love and commitment. An eternity band consists of a precious metal band — usually gold or platinum — with a gemstone setting, generally diamonds. The distinctive feature of eternity bands is gem arrangement: diamonds, which are similarly cut or combine two types of cut, are set one next to the other, creating a line that symbolizes the continuity of love, and the depth of one’s feelings. Eternity bands can be offered as a gift for an important anniversary, which has a special meaning in a couple’s life.

Diamond Eternity Bands Origin

The idea of eternity band, as a token of affection and appreciation, was introduced in the 1960s by a major company in the diamond industry, De Beers. Phrases such as ‘diamonds are forever’ associate the hardness and durability of the stone with the strength and profundity of affection.

Diamond Eternity Band Cut

Among the 4 Cs (carat, clarity, color, and cut) which tell you all you need to know about a diamond, the cut is vital because the gemstone’s brilliance and sparkle depend on it. Brilliance refers to how much light can be reflected by a particular diamond. Sparkle, on the other hand, also called scintillation, suggests the shimmering effect that can be produced by a diamond when moved in the light. A diamond’s cut defines the gemstones ability to reflect light, creating specific effects. The cut is what turns rough diamonds into amazing gems, which intrigue and fascinate both the wearer and the viewer. Ideally, a diamond’s cut should enhance the gemstone’s intrinsic properties of reflecting light through its top surface.

Diamond cutting is an art which requires many skills, including an eye for proportion, detail, and the ability to uncover the hidden potential that lies within a rough diamond. This is what craftsmanship does. When cutting a diamond a jeweler has to consider a lot of elements. First of all, he will examine the proportions of the gemstone to see what would be the best cut for that particular diamond, the one which will enhance its brilliance and beauty. To this end, the jeweler has to check the proportions of the top surface, which is called table, as well as diamond width, or girdle. He will also look at facets angles to see how they combine. The symmetry and alignment of a diamond’s facets also play a role in the overall appearance and brilliance of a gemstone. Last, but not least, the craftsman who is about to cut a diamond will examine and compare the top (the crown) with the bottom (the pavilion) of the stone. The cut also depends on the shape of the diamond. The most common diamond shape is round brilliant, which yields 57 facets after being cut. Besides round brilliant, a diamond can be cut in many other ways to achieve a specific effect, and highlight the gemstone’s inner beauty. These include:

Princess cut
Oval cut
Marquise cut
Emerald cut
Radiant cut
Asscher cut
Heart cut
Cushion cut
Baguette cut
Pear cut

Diamond Eternity Band: An Introduction to Baguette Cut

You may have heard a thing or two about the most popular diamond cuts, such as round brilliant or princess. What about baguette cut? You may have seen it or even been drawn to it, but could you put into words what makes this cut different from all other cuts? Here are a few guidelines that will tell you more about the baguette cut, allowing you to quickly identify it and, perhaps, even choose a baguette cut diamond eternity band — should it fit your loved one’s style and personality.

The name of this cut comes from the rectangular shape of the gemstone which resembles a baguette. It was introduced in the first decades of the 20th century, and is associated with the artistic movements in vogue at the time. It reflects the propensity for geometric forms which characterized Art Deco and Art Nouveau. In the 1920s and then 1930s, architecture and design were marked by these artistic movements, which also influenced jewelry making. The baguette cut, with its long, rectangular shape and simple lines, is ideal for small stones, such as those used in diamond eternity bands. Also, the baguette cut is a great option for side setting due to its shape, which allows the jeweler to set stones one next to the other in a continual line.

Diamond Eternity Bands: A Fashionable Pledge of Love

Diamond eternity bands are a token of love, with a special meaning. The gems surrounding the band make a full circle, which is considered to be a symbol of affection, continually renewed.
Moreover, besides their symbolic significance, they are versatile and can be matched with many outfits or assorted with other jewelry pieces or accessories. Diamond eternity bands are usually offered for wedding anniversaries, such as the first wedding anniversaries, which is an opportunity to reassert your ongoing devotion and eternal love.

Raymond Lee Jewelers Eternity Bands

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers its customers a wide array of diamond eternity bands to fit all tastes and styles, from vintage to contemporary. You can choose from platinum or gold bands, either yellow or white, and the various diamond cuts available, including round brilliant, marquise, princess, baguette, asscher, emerald, or square-step cut. There are also combinations of cuts for a more spectacular effect. For instance, you may consider a baguette and round cut, double row eternity band, which is immediately spotted out due to its distinctive features.

Raymond Lee Jewelers’ impressive inventory also includes designer diamond eternity bands for those interested in a particular jewelry brand. You can find outstanding Tiffany &Co or Chevron diamond eternity bands, among others, in our showroom or on our website.

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