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Engagement rings are a token of everlasting love between two people. That is why we carry a full selection of emerald cut engagement rings here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We want to help make an engagement as memorable as possible with a high-quality diamond ring from our store.

Breathtaking Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
The emerald cut got its name because it was designed for cutting emeralds originally before it began cutting diamonds. Because emeralds are hard stones that are vulnerable to damage, the emerald cut was created to make the stone more durable and let its natural beauty shine through. Once it was used on other stones, it was inevitable it would be used on the diamond. We love the emerald cut ourselves, because it is absolutely stunning. It offers longer lines and isn’t as big as a round cut, but it gives a more dramatic flair when it hits the right light.

We feel the emerald cut is the more sophisticated, timeless look and it can be applied to simple and elaborate settings to suit just about any style or preference.

How We Recommend Choosing an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
It’s important to look at the quality when you’re buying an emerald cut. You want the highest-grade stone possible. This is because the openness of this particular cut can show off flaws that naturally occur with the stone — including those that normally wouldn’t be seen to the naked eye. Emerald cuts, however, aren’t as traditional as other cuts, so opting for a better stone won’t be as expensive.

Our minimum suggestion for buying an emerald cut diamond is picking a good cut with a depth percentage of 58 to 69 percent, a clarity of VS2 or better, and a G in color.

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?
Picking out the right cut is highly subjective. Most jewelers will tell you the only type of cut to go with is a brilliant cut, such as round or oval. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers love all cuts and especially the emerald cut. It really showcases the beauty of your diamond and it gives it a unique look that you won’t find on everyone’s finger either. Yes, you do need a flawless stone to pull off the emerald look, but as we’ve already stated, you will still save money even on the best-looking diamond.

Emerald Cuts are Famous
Emerald cuts have been worn by some of the most famous people out there. One of the most famous was worn by Lady Bowles, who married Prince Charles Windsor. In the United States plenty of big name celebrities have adopted the look of the emerald cut as well, including Angelina Jolie, one of the Mrs. Donald Trumps, Nichole Richie, and Paris Hilton.

Emerald cuts have a look of distinction and give a more elegant look to any ring. They’re timeless, which means they won’t’ go out of style any time soon either.

Choosing the Perfect Emerald cut Engagement Ring at Raymond Lee Jewelers
The shape of an emerald cut is almost rectangular, but in reality, they’re more octagonal in shape. If you’re looking for emerald cuts here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a full selection of cuts to suit any ring setting and any woman.

Picking the Right Quality
We at Raymond Lee Jewelers only carry the best when it comes to quality diamonds. Emerald cuts aren’t typically graded the same as other cuts and instead you’ll only see a Polish and Symmetry grade on our cuts. Depths between 60 and 70 percent will mean you have a great-looking gem that doesn’t show any natural flaws. The lower the depth, the more likely you are to see any natural flaws.

Choosing the Right Color
We pride ourselves on carrying a large inventory of emerald cut diamonds that can be incorporated into any engagement ring setting. When you’re picking out an emerald cut engagement ring, you’ll want a diamond that doesn’t have any yellow undertones — because these can take away from the brilliance of the cut. Stay above the H color if you can.

Why Choose Raymond Lee Jewelers?
We know there are a lot of online jewelers out there, but Raymond Lee Jewelers has a reputation for excellence. We pride ourselves in being the top jewelry provider to customers and retailers around the country. Since 1983, we have been providing high-quality jewelry and excellent customer satisfaction to our customers. If you can’t find a product in our inventory, we can help you find it. Our dedication is to our customers and we don’t stop working until we have 100 percent customer satisfaction.

When you choose Raymond Lee Jewelers for your emerald cut engagement rings you will get:

• Access to an extensive inventory
• A large variety of rings, settings and stone types to suit any budget
• Access to a skilled jewelry repair specialist
• Luxury rings that make you feel like royalty
• Access to our certified professionals

Buy an Emerald Cut Ring from Raymond Lee Jewelers Today
No need to browse around, just check out our inventory here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. You’ll be surprised at how many options we have when it comes to engagement rings — especially emerald cuts. We pride ourselves on carrying only the best jewels and quality. If ever you have an issue with your purchase, we will work to make it right.

If you need help financing your next engagement ring purchase, contact one of our professionals today. We know that it can be difficult to pay for such a large purchase upfront, but we don’t want you to have to sacrifice just because of price. That is why we can help you secure the financing you need for your next emerald cut engagement ring.

We’re the jeweler you can trust. No matter your budget or the style of ring you’re looking for, trust in the expertise and quality of Raymond Lee Jewelers and see for yourself what it’s like to shop with us.

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