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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Raymond Lee Jewelers Offers Unique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Trying to find the perfect engagement ring can be a stressful time, especially if you’re not familiar with jewelry terms and if you don’t have a clear idea about what might make your beloved’s heart flutter. Defining your search criteria will give you the confidence to shop around lightheartedly for that perfect engagement ring that will adorn her finger for years to come.

As an expression of love, engagement rings symbolize commitment and union between two people who want to share their life together. If you’re looking for a less conventional engagement ring, you might want to explore some special options. Cushion cut engagement rings make the list for various reasons. Let’s see what they are, and then you can decide for yourself whether it is the perfect choice for your loved one.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Historic Overview

The cushion cut technique goes back a long way. It was first used in antiquity, so there’s no wonder that it is sometimes called antique cushion cut. Cushion cut engagement rings, or pillow cut rings, reproduce, as their name indicates the form of a cushion. They have a square or rectangular shape, sharing some features with emerald or princess cut diamonds. This unique cut has the rare property of displaying an unparalleled incandescence, which comes from within the stone due to the cutting technique employed. A cushion cut stone has about 60 facets with smooth edges. This reduces the likelihood of chipping the stone, and makes it more practical, as it isn’t entangled in the wearer’s hair or caught in clothing items.

The cushion has a vintage look, which is why it is sometimes called the antique cut. Cushion cut engagement rings were in high demand at the end of the 19th century. Due to their radiance, they were called candlelight stones. That was happening before electricity changed our lives for good. People used candles for illumination, and cushion cut diamonds shimmered beautifully in candlelight. They remained in fashion until the beginning of the 20th century, but they are reemerging today among the preferred choices of people looking to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Know What to Look for in a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut is a popular choice among engagement ring buyers, which is surpassed only by the classic round cut, and the stylish princess cut. There are many variations to the cushion cut, and it’s important to understand the distinctions to make the best choice available. For instance, you can have a standard or a modified cushion cut. The differences are often hard to spot, and rather technical in nature. Standard cushion cut diamonds precede modified cushion cuts, historically speaking. The latter are a variation of the former, and change the stone’s facet patterns thorough the cut. There are several terms associated with the cushion cut, and they have to do with the appearance of the stone.

The gem of some cushion cut engagement rings looks like broken glass or crushed ice, which gives the ring a distinct look. The facet patterns of chunky cushion cuts, for instance, are better defined than other cushion cuts, while the facets of crushed ice cushion cuts cannot be discerned, which justifies the name. Just as with crushed ice or broken glass, you can’t identify patterns, but you get an intense sparkling effect.

As with all diamonds, when you’re shopping for a cushion cut engagement ring, it’s highly recommended to examine the 4 C’s. These are color, clarity, cut, and, obviously, carat.

Cushion Cut Color
Cushion cut diamonds have a high radiance, and maintain their color better than other cuts. That is why it is advisable to set your cushion cut diamond in platinum or, if you prefer, white gold, and choose a diamond, which has, at least an H color grade. The color grading system is implemented by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and it measures the color of a diamond. D is the highest, while Z is the lowest within this color grading system.

Cushion Cut Clarity
When it comes to cushion cut diamond clarity, you need to look at the cushion cut variation. For example, a crushed ice cushion cut diamond obscures imperfections. Clarity needs to be assessed in relation to stone setting as well. A marquise shaped diamond, for instance, behaves differently than a round one.

Diamond Cushion Cut
The quality of a cut depends on the parameters of the stone and the proficiency of the jeweler performing it. So, when choosing your cushion cut engagement ring, check the certificate of the stone, and ask for expert opinion to see if it’s suitable for a cushion cut.

Carat of Diamond Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

They say that the clearer a diamond, the more valuable. But times and tastes are changing, and these days more and more people show an interest in black diamonds. The black color results from graphite, which is inserted in the diamond or is obtained through exposure to heat. Black diamonds don’t have the unmistakable shimmer and glitter of white diamonds, but they have their own unique charm resulting from that mysterious black luster. Traditionally, engagement rings used white diamonds, but black diamonds are gaining an increasing popularity.

Carats measure diamond and gemstone weight. The international standard is 200 milligrams, which is one fifth of a gram. If a jewelry item includes several diamonds, we can speak about total carat weight. Diamonds measures range from fraction carats to several carats. However, large diamonds are rare, which means that a two-carat diamond is hard to come by, or if you do, it can be quite expensive. A diamond’s value is assessed by examining the 4 C’s. Clear, white diamonds are hard to find, which makes them more precious and, as a result, pricey. You can get a clue about a stone’s carat by looking at its diameter.

Cushion cut engagement rings are both classy and elegant. Moreover, they are versatile, and can be found both in solitaire settings and together with additional stones that emphasize their brilliance.

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