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Pearl Jewelry

Discover the Sublime Charm of Pearl Jewelry
These days, a string of pearls is considered a symbol of absolute elegance. This extremely simple, yet incredibly sophisticated detail can put a cocktail dress in a different light, accentuating the wearer’s best features in a non-ostentatious manner. After all, pearls are sublime, delicate and marvelous by definition.
Just like corals, they are the priceless gems of the sea. They can be used to create simple necklaces or extremely complex pearl jewelry elements, manufactured using valuable metals like gold, silver or platinum and adorned with additional stones, such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds or sapphires.
The History of Beautiful Pearl Jewelry
The oldest pearl jewelry element that can still be contemplated at this point in time, retrieved by treasure hunters, belonged to a Persian princess and was discovered 2,000 years ago. Throughout time, pearls have gained different meanings and different attributes. For instance, since the very beginning, pearls were considered a symbol of power and wealth. They were also utilized to cast out bad spirits and negative energy, to cure a wide range of diseases and open the door to good fortune.
At the same time, pearls were seen as the exquisite symbols of chastity, purity and femininity. 3,500 years ago, pearl jewelry items were considered extremely popular accessories, worn with pride and joy by members of the rich families. The influent women of the Roman Empire made an entrance by covering themselves in natural pearls.
In the early 1900s, the first cultured pearls began to revolutionize the jewelry sector. Naturally, they were initially rejected and neglected by the passionate connoisseurs who considered them a sacrilege. Nonetheless, the cultured peal industry, founded by Mikimoto, has gradually flourished and has always managed to attract a significant number of buyers who manifest their passion for luxury items based on a centuries-old tradition.
In Latin, the world pearl means unique. This name reveals the fact that no two pearls are alike. In this context, it goes without saying that pearl jewelry reflects the wearers’ uniqueness and amazing sense of style, especially since pearls are combined with a wide range of materials and valuable gemstones to obtain real wearable artworks.
Mikimoto was the first to discover and understand the high potential of cultured pearls. He built a powerful empire and owned one of the first Japanese enterprises known on a global scale, by making the most of his vision, in-depth knowledge and architectural skills to create fabulous pearl jewelry with a story.
He sold his creations in different cities all across the Globe, including London, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. His pearl jewelry became the symbol of the modern, elegant woman who knows how to buy and wear accessories that highlight her femininity and her great taste in embellishments.
Buy amazing Pearl Jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Mikimoto is not the only brilliant company that managed to take pearl jewelry to the next level and turn it into its trademark. Huge brands like Chanel or Dior followed the same recipe for success and launched iconic jewelry pieces made from valuable metals and adorned with natural pearls and diamonds.
The truth is that pearls are simple and spectacular at the same time. You don’t need more than a string of pearls to reveal the fact that you are trendy and classy at the same time. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to put your extravagant taste and your unique, vibrant personality on full display, by making the most of colorful pearl jewelry, adorned with sapphires, diamonds, opals, onyx stones, rubies and emeralds. While settle for one beautiful gemstone, when you can have a little bit of everything?
Some of the most remarkable vintage pieces ensure a much-needed burst of color, due to their plentitude of valuable gems. Others, like the exquisite 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Earrings with South Sea Pearl Drops provided by Raymond Lee Jewelers, shows you that the yellowish hue of gold goes extremely well with the sparking diamonds and the pearly white of the gems of the sea. The vintage design of these beautiful earrings turns them into priceless collectible items that can easily enchant more than one generation of proud wearers.
It’s no secret that pearls are usually associated with a rather rigid, conservatory style. The new line of modern accessories based on pearls will make you change your opinion, sooner or later. Odd pieces are put into a different light by delicate pearls. In this particular context, the 14k Rose Gold Diamond and Mother Of Pearl Dog Tag allows modern women to express themselves and reveal their passion for luxury accessories in an unconventional manner.
If you are one of the few people who think that white pearls are so yesterday and look good only on older people, you can still go for a classy look by wearing a gorgeous string of Tahitian pearls. These black pearls are much-liked for their dark hue and their colorful overtones. This particular variety was created by Jean-Marie Domard in the early 60s. Domard used a technique inspired by the one invented and perfected by Mikimoto, the founder of the cultured pearls empire.
The genuine black (Tahitian) pearls are some of the rarest and exotic pieces currently available on the market. They are a symbol of wealth and opulence and are usually utilized to beautify diamond jewelry made from gold or platinum.
If diamonds are a girl’s best friends, pearls of all colors and all sizes are the ally of the powerful, confident women who share a passion for luxury accessories and natural, valuable gemstones. In case you are craving for the finest jewelry pieces, get them from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your respectable provider of first-class embellishments. Check out an amazing selection of rare pearl jewelry and buy the wearable artwork that addresses your unique needs and aesthetic demands.
All in all, here you’ll find hundreds of new and previously worn models that can help you stay classy without making extravagant purchases that could overbalance your budget.

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