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Turquoise Jewelry

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Turquoise has been admired for thousands of years for its deep blue and aqua green color and the interesting veins found in it. It is incredibly popular and is added to a diverse type of jewelry from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. Its beautiful color blends well with various jewelry setting materials from gold to platinum, sterling silver or stainless steel. Turquoise jewelry will add a wonderful pop of color to any outfit. Global reserves for this gemstone are declining but the demand for it continues to grow. Get your hands on premium quality turquoise jewelry at affordable prices only at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Turquoise Jewelry Meanings and Symbolism

Turquoise, a prized gemstone for centuries, is believed to have protective abilities according to legends. It is said to have the power to protect the wearer, even fading in color to indicate impending illness and danger or even infidelity. Many remain fascinated with turquoise jewelry because of its unique appearance, a mesmerizing color that is reminiscent of the sky and the sea with intriguing and distinct black and white colorations.

Back in the 16th century, merchants from Venice who reached Turkey found this rare gorgeous blue gem in the town markets and were absolutely taken by it. Coming from Persian mines, it became known as Turk’s stone or Turquoise in French which became its popular name until today. Even centuries prior to its discovery in Turkey, the gem has been captivating the wonder of jewelry makers as well as royals and rulers. The golden mask of King Tutankhamen is covered with breathtaking lapis lazuli as well as vibrant turquoise stones. Indeed, this gem has a rich story filled with folklore and legends, figuring prominently in American Indian culture which refers to it as the “fallen sky stone”.

Turquoise Jewelry Buying Tips

Turquoise is the birthstone for December and traditionally given for fifth wedding anniversaries. With turquoise in great demand, buyers should asses a stone’s quality with care. When you’re shopping for turquoise jewelry, study the signature color of each stone as well as the matrix around it. Turquoise has varying colors that range from light blue to dark green with surrounding streaks of color that can be black or white. Remember that the surrounding hue does not decrease the gem’s value. Therefore, when buying turquoise jewelry, choose whether you prefer less or more variations in color.

Also, make sure to check the color of the stone when you’re shopping for turquoise jewelry. Ideally, the color should be vivid and uniform. It is common practice for gemstone companies to treat turquoise after procuring it to enhance its qualities. In some instances, the stone could be subjected to dye treatment, which will make the stone’s pale blue color brighter. This treatment is usually done to low quality stones. Because turquoise is porous, it will absorb chemical color additives. If you notice a turquoise stone appears semi-transparent, then there’s a possibility it is a low quality stone that has been color-treated. If you happen to purchase a turquoise stone that has been dyed, make sure to care for it properly to prevent the stone from discoloring or losing color.

Turquoise Jewelry Collection

Raymond Lee Jewelers is delighted to bring you an array of gorgeous turquoise earrings, turquoise rings, turquoise necklace, turquoise pins and turquoise pendants. Browse our website for a wonderful shopping experience as you explore our turquoise jewelry collection, which includes pieces set in14k to 24k white or yellow gold. Some of our bestsellers are pieces with turquoise beautifully paired with diamonds such as this 14k White Gold Turquoise and Diamond Cocktail Ring.

Looking for designer turquoise jewelry? We have exquisite pieces from premier luxury brands such as Judith Ripka, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman and Bvlgari. If you’re into vintage and retro style jewelry, be captivated by our vintage turquoise jewelry and one-of-a-kind estate pieces. Turquoise is often mixed with other gemstones and materials, creating interesting, lively pieces such as the turquoise pendants and bangles in our collection that feature different colored gems from amethyst to black opal as well as enamel, coral and pearl.

Turquoise Jewelry Care

Turquoise is a fairly soft gemstone (rating 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness). While this makes it ideal for detailed etching and carving, it also means it requires extra care to prevent it from getting damaged. Use only soft cloth to clean turquoise gems. Also, turquoise is a porous stone so it is susceptible to getting stains from cosmetics, perfumes and grease. Keep your turquoise jewelry away from direct sunlight when storing it because the color can fade. Wrap your turquoise rings, necklaces and other pieces in a soft cloth and keep them separately in their boxes.

Wearing Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise looks great on practically anyone and can be worn everyday or on special occasions, depending on the style and design of a particular piece. Turquoise does have an earthy vibe to it so it’s a perfect accessory for casual wear. However, turquoise jewelry is very versatile. It works well on a simple white shirt and denim ensemble or a business suit and sophisticated gown. Turquoise particularly looks striking against black. Even a small gold pin bedecked with turquoise stones clipped to a plain black dress would be eye-catching.

Wear a bright turquoise and sterling silver necklace with a simple white top for a completely stunning contrast. You can also pair turquoise bead necklaces with pearl necklaces to make a unique and stylish combination. Be careful not to wear it with other very large colored gemstones which can overpower the color of turquoise or create a jarring effect. A pair of yellow gold and turquoise drop earrings will definitely brighten your getup, completing your look without appearing too dressy.

Shop for Turquoise Jewelry

Find fabulous turquoise jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We bring you estate turquoise earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more at the most affordable prices. Shop with us now and get high quality turquoise jewelry with exceptional customer satisfaction. Whether you shop online or in our showroom, enjoy great deals and variety on turquoise jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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