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Used Rolex GMT-Master – Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, FL offers a wide variety of luxury timepieces such as the GMT-Master. Founded in 1983, the business continues to offer only the best service and values for Rolex models. The GMT-Master was first produced in 1954. Demand for a watch with multiple timezones sparked its production as companies such as Pam-Am began to operate transatlantic flights. One of the most popular vintage GMT-Masters (Ref. 1675) was produced in 1959 and continued its production until 1980. In 1980 was introduced the 16750, which featured a new movement and glossy dial. The production of this model continued until 1988. The 16750 was soon replaced by the 16700 in 1989. By 1997 the tritium dials were replaced by Super Luminova and production continued until 2001.

In terms of appearance, the more recent GMT-Masters are highly sophisticated. The Luminova dial is beautiful. Each hour marker is outlined in gold, adding depth to the dial. The markers have a bright luminscent glow which allow for the time to be read in the dark. The watch is very accurate and reliable in time keeping. Many of the bezels on a GMT-Master are interchangeable.

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