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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear shaped engagement rings are gorgeous. Also referred to as the teardrop style, the pear shape diamond offers a unique shape. It’s a combination between the round cut and the marquise and offers a fiery brilliance with plenty of sparkle. The pear shape is considered a more elegant cut and it offers sophistication to any engagement ring. It can be set in a more elaborate setting or set alone for a simple, yet elegant finish.

Choose Your Pear Shape Engagement Ring Today
We only carry the highest quality grade of diamonds and metals here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. That is because we know that to have that brilliance of a true diamond, you need a quality stone. We have a variety of settings to give you a unique engagement ring, but none will take away from the exceptional beauty of the pear shaped diamond.

How Your Engagement Ring Will Look
When you buy a pear shape engagement ring here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, you can rest assured that it will always look vibrant and fiery. While it isn’t the traditional shape for an engagement ring, it is certainly beautiful. It has a lot of sparkle and we consider it the more dramatic looking ring out there. It offers more shine and sparkle than traditional round cuts too. Because it’s not a traditional ring, your fiancé will have a ring that stands out in the crowd.

We Have Hand-Selected Pear Shaped Engagement Rings in Stock
To give you an idea of the beauty of a pear shaped ring, we have compiled a unique inventory of only the best pear shaped diamonds. If you’re looking for a particular style and you don’t see it, let us create a custom ring for you — to give your fiancé something as unique as she is. Our inventory is hand-selected by our expert team of jewelry professionals and we only carry premier styles from Tiffany and Company and other high-end jewelry makers. Our luxury selection is offered at a wholesale price — something you won’t see anywhere else.

Why Buy From Us?
We know it can be daunting to buy an engagement ring online. Buying a ring of any kind is a big investment; therefore, you want to know you’re buying from someone you can trust. Since you’ve already taken the time to learn about the pear shape, we want to put your concerns at ease when it comes to buying that special ring online with us. We offer competitive prices — often lower prices — than you will find locally. But if that isn’t enough to convince you that we have the best selection, consider this.

When you find that perfect ring here, you can select it and have it shipped to your home. The process of buying with Raymond Lee Jewelers online is a lot faster than buying a ring in a store. In most stores, you only have display rings, but the real ring has to be ordered. With us, when you order it – it’s in stock and ready to ship — no additional wait times to receive your ideal pear shaped engagement ring.

When you compare the shopping experience, we are much more convenient than your average jewelry store. When you shop in person, you have to deal with the sales pitches, the sales people, and all of the hassle. Online shopping takes that all away! Instead, you can sit at home, relax, and take your time picking out that perfect engagement ring.

Our online selection is bigger and better than any other online retailer is. We hand select our inventory so that you only buy the best through us. Because our online store doesn’t have excessive overhead, we can also offer you better pricing than you will find in person.

Also, we offer our customers exceptional education. If you still have questions, we can help you right over the phone. We can tell you about the different cuts and clarities so you know exactly what you’re buying. Our customer service is legendary here at Raymond Lee Jewelers and we take pride in satisfying every customer. We feel that buying an engagement ring with us is like making a new partnership. We want you to come to us for all of your jewelry needs in the future.

We offer on-site repair and restoration services to all of our customers. If you have an issue with your ring or you just want it cleaned, stop on by and let our on-site jewelers restore your ring to brilliance. We also offer watch and necklace repair services.

Need your pear shaped engagement ring appraised? We have appraisers on-site that are certified and can give you an appraisal on your engagement ring for insurance purposes.

Engrave Your Ring
You can make your engagement ring even more unique by engraving it right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We have state of the art technology that allows us to engrave on almost any surface and write just about anything. Whether you’re looking for a special note or you want to engrave the date, let us make your engagement ring a little more customized for your fiancé.

Shop Online for Your Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Today
The pear shaped engagement ring is quickly growing in popularity. You see it on celebrities on the red carpet and you are likely to see it more on family and friends in the near future. You can be one of the first to join the new trend by purchasing a pear shape ring right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers today.

Feel free to browse our inventory online for your perfect ring. If you need help deciding, give us a call. Our on-site jewelers can help you decide from cut to clarity to setting so that everything is perfect. If you want a custom ring, we can help you start the ordering process and get a ring designed just for your fiancé. You can also find a selection of fancy color pear shape rings in our inventory for something brilliant and extraordinary.

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