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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are unique — a lot like fingerprints. But you can still see differences when you are close up, which is why it is important to buy only high quality diamonds. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are especially prone to showing off flaws — something you never want in a ring. That is why at Raymond Lee Jewelers we only carry high-quality diamonds so that you can have an exceptional solitaire engagement ring.

Why Get a Solitaire Diamond Ring?
Solitaire rings are simple and precious. They are enhanced solely by the beauty of the center stone. They are striking and have exceptional sparkle. They look great on any type of finger and come in a variety of diamond shapes, settings, and band styles s that they are still unique.

We Make Diamond Solitaires Special at Raymond Lee Jewelers
A lot of people don’t buy the solitaire diamond engagement rings because they assume they are not special. This is untrue. Solitaires are exceptionally unique and we want to show off that uniqueness. We carry the best carat weights so you have the biggest impact with the ring. Also, all of our solitaires are well-cut and have exceptional clarity and fire. That means your diamond will be beautiful and capture the light just right. We never carry rings with cloudy diamonds and all of our diamonds are certified for excellence.

Feel free to browse our selection of diamond solitaires online today. You can see in our pictures how the stones are perfect with no inclusions or flaws.

Choose Your Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Shape Today
Solitaire engagement rings have a variety of brilliant-cut diamonds to choose from. You can choose just about any shape you want for a solitaire. While traditionally they are done with round diamonds, Raymond Lee Jewelers carries a variety of solitaire cuts so that you can find your ideal shape and a ring that truly stands out.

We have the asscher cut diamonds, which is in its own class of cuts. Unlike the rectangle, square or princess, asscher is more stepped and has more brilliance. We also have round brilliant cut diamonds, oval, princess, emerald, marquise, and even pear. Are you looking for a heart shape? We have those too.

Customize the look of your solitaire engagement ring even further by using a fancy color diamond. A fancy color diamond is truly unique, because it is colored by nature — not dyed. That means no one will have the same stone in their solitaire ring — even if they are the same cuts and clarities.

Choose a Unique Setting for Your Engagement Ring
Just because it’s a solitaire doesn’t mean that there is only one setting. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a variety of settings so that you can pick out the style that really signifies your personality. Choose from bezel settings to tension to invisible.

Buy Fancy Color Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers
Diamonds aren’t just in white. When a diamond is formed, the crystals can be meshed with other elements, such as carbon. This combination creates a unique hue to the diamond known as a fancy color. You can find them in just about any color, but some colors are more common. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we try to get access to as many of these fancy colors as possible, including the tan, yellow and champagne diamonds. Bright yellow or canary diamonds are also available. We can also find blue and natural pinks so that you have a customized diamond engagement ring. While you might need to special order a fancy color, we will work hard to get that ring completed for you as soon as possible. If you don’t see the fancy color solitaire in stock online, give us a call to learn about how to place an order for a custom jewelry piece.

Get a Vintage Solitaire
At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we sell some of the biggest names in engagement rings, including Tiffany and Company. However, we also buy jewelry. That means you can find estate pieces that are more vintage in style, but still exceptional in brilliance. We have vintage rings that come into our stores and are truly one of a kind.

Buy Your Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Online Today
Buying a ring online is easy when you shop with us. We have a large selection of solitaire rings to choose from and we make it easier to buy online than in-store. We know you are making a big decision, which is why we offer competitive pricing and assistance from our jewelry professionals. If ever you are unsure, give us a call and we will help guide you to the ideal engagement ring.

No need to worry about your budget. We also have financing so that buying your perfect engagement ring is affordable. Looking for a jewelry repair specialist? Then look no further. We have in-house jewelry experts that can refinish, resize, and even restore old jewelry pieces to make them look as good as new. If you come in to our store, we can offer you a complementary cleaning as well.

Engrave Your Piece
Do you want to really make your engagement ring unique? Then take advantage of our engraving services. We can engrave your engagement ring using our state of the art engraving technology. It’s not just about writing initials either — we can add dates and even graphics so that you customize your ring to how you see fit. Got other items that need to be engraved? We can do everything from wine glasses to leather wallets to watches right here in our store. Learn more by visiting our engraving page or by giving us a call.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are always special to those who wear them. By taking your time to pick out that perfect ring you are making it that much more special for your fiancé. Pick a ring that is as unique as she is. Because engagement rings are meant to be worn for life, we carry the pieces that will always look beautiful.

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