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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds are brilliant and beautiful — similar to the classic round diamond cut. Oval diamonds today are very popular, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Their natural length can accentuate longer, more slender fingers as well. These brilliant cut diamonds are a relatively new shape, but they are quickly becoming more familiar. The oval cut gives the illusion of more light, which makes them ideal if you’re looking for a brighter, more vibrant diamond.

Choose Your Oval Engagement Rings Today at Raymond Lee Jewelers
When you purchase an oval ring from Raymond Lee Jewelers, you will have access to the highest-grade diamonds and settings. We have only the best cuts and colors, which means you’ll have superior brilliance in your engagement ring. We carry wide ovals and long, narrow ovals to suit any preference. If you want a longer, thinner cut, we can help you.

Oval engagement rings are gorgeous. While they might not be the traditional choice for an engagement ring, they look great as a solitaire or with accent stones. We carry the right settings here at Raymond Lee Jewelers to support the weight and style of the oval cut.

Hand Selected Oval Engagement Rings in Stock
To give you an idea of how brilliant and vibrant an oval ring is, we have a full selection in stock to choose from. Every engagement ring we carry in our inventory is hand-selected by our jewelry professionals. We only sell the highest grade and best quality here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. These diamonds are all within our own minimum requirements, because if it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we don’t sell it in our store.

Get Fancy Color Diamonds Here
Are you looking for an oval engagement ring with a fancy colored diamond? We have a full selection of fancy color diamonds, ranging from blue to yellow to pink. Pick out the color that suits your needs and we will locate it for you. We also have customization options that allow you to create your own oval engagement ring — something truly unique!

Engrave Your Engagement Ring
While an engagement ring is a symbol, and something that you won’t forget, you can make it even more special by engraving the ring. We have the latest technology here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, so we can engrave your engagement ring with a note, graphic or date to keep the memory alive. Want a few other items engraved while you’re here? Not a problem. Give us a call or visit our engraving page to learn more about our engraving services. We aren’t limited by materials and because we have state of the art technology, we can engrave just about anything — from wallets to wine glasses to watches.

Finance Your Oval Engagement Ring Right Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers
Why worry about if you have enough on your credit limit or if your banker will approve your loan? You can get a new engagement ring right here and finance it through us. That saves you time — because you can shop all in the same location.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. That is why we offer competitive financing for all of our engagement rings. You won’t find better interest rates and payments than what is here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

We Offer Custom Oval Engagement Rings
Sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect ring already made. That is why we offer custom jewelry creations that are 100 percent unique. Do you want a specific setting? Are you looking for something that suits your fiancé’s preferences and style? Just let us know what you are looking for and we can create it for you. Our experts have years of experience creating jewelry pieces. So if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can create it for you.

Looking for a Repair Service for Your Oval Engagement Ring?
If you need a repair on your new engagement ring, stop by Raymond Lee Jewelers today. We have in-house specialists who can resize, readjust, and even restyle your ring. Do you have a family heirloom that needs to be restored? Not a problem. We have jewelry experts on-site daily to restore antique rings or remove stones from an antique ring to add to another.

Why an Oval Ring?
Many people are turned off by the shape of the oval ring, but once you see it on your hand you will see why this style is becoming popular. It makes your fingers look elegant and it is ideal if you have slender fingers. Also, the oval style can reflect light better, making your diamond shine much brighter than other cuts, which means you don’t have to worry about getting the highest grade to have a brilliant ring. When you buy an oval engagement ring at Raymond Lee Jewelers, you can find an oval style that suits your personal style. Choose from sapphire accents to ruby side stones to emeralds. The oval style can handle colorful stones just as much as a general diamond border.

Shop Online Today for Your Oval Engagement Ring
No time to visit us locally? Not a problem. We offer all of our engagement rings online for you to buy today! We have the largest selection of high-quality oval style engagement rings to choose from and you can sort by price to make sure you are staying within your budget. Looking for a particular jewelry maker? We carry all of the big names in fashion jewelry, including Tiffany and Company and Cartier.

If you have jewelry you want to sell, bring it in and let our appraisers take a look at it for you. We can help you get a fair price for your jewelry items. And, if you need an appraisal for insurance, we can let you know how much your new engagement ring is worth with a professional certificate so you can show it to your insurer.

Shop online today and find your perfect oval engagement ring for tomorrow right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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