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Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about that one piece of jewelry that marks the occasion: the wedding band. Raymond Lee Jewelers has a fine selection of diamond wedding bands that can complement the moment and the engagement ring you already have. Whether you are looking to stick with tradition or you want something a little more out of the box, we have the styles and selection that will suit any preference.

Choose from a Variety of Diamond Wedding Bands
Wedding bands should represent your love and your current engagement ring. Because they often are fused after the wedding, you want something that matches the current style of your engagement ring as well as any cultural influences you might have. Some people like to incorporate their culture, such as a Jewish wedding band or an Irish claddagh ring to represent love and where they come from. Traditional wedding bands are also available, which create that circle of never ending love.

Gold and Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands
We carry both gold and platinum wedding bands that can be brushed or polished. Gold wedding bands offer a muted, traditional look while polished platinum is considered more modern. You will want the finish that matches the engagement ring, but from there you can be as creative or as traditional as you want with your selection.

Select Your Setting
Our diamond wedding bands come in a variety of settings to suit your style. If you are traditional, you can chose something etched with gemstones or diamonds around the band. If you want something more modern, consider a flatter surface and squared off edges that are surrounded by diamonds. If you have a large engagement ring, consider a diamond wrap. These wrap around your current engagement ring and are easier to fuse — and don’t take up the entire finger.

Find Diamond Wedding Bands at Raymond Lee Jewelers Today
If you know the type of diamond band you want, click through our inventory now and start searching for your perfect wedding band. We have plenty of styles to inspire you. View a large selection of men’s and women’s styles as well. If you have a specific price point in mind, feel free to narrow your search by price.

Buy with Confidence Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers
We want the wedding band purchase process to be simple and convenient. While we offer online shopping, you can still get the expertise of our in-house professionals just by giving us a call. We have on-site jewelers who can help you pick out the right wedding band based on your style, wedding, and current engagement ring.

When you buy from Raymond Lee Jewelers you get some of the most sought after designs and brands from around the world, but at dramatically reduced prices. We have top selling designers such as Cartier, Tiffany and Company, and even Roberto Coin. We sell at wholesale prices and estate sale prices, which means we’re more than competitive — we’re affordable high-quality jewelry. We have some of the most impressive, unique pieces in our inventory. Everything is timeless and exceptional. Our inventory only consists of GIA certified diamonds, fine quality gold and pieces that are signed by the designers — so you know they are genuine.

Looking for a Repair for Your Diamond Wedding Band?
We have the best on-site jewelry repair specialists in the country in our store. We can help you keep your wedding band looking exceptional with our professional on-site staff. We can do everything from basic to complex repairs and we have access to the latest laser technology.

Finance Right Here
Once you find that perfect diamond wedding band we can help you finance it so that there is no such thing as a wedding band out of reach. Our financing partnerships allow us to give you the best possible rates and payments so that you can buy the wedding band you really want – not just the one you can afford.

Why Buy a Diamond Wedding Band?
Diamond wedding bands are unique, brilliant and come in a variety of settings. They capture the light and can enhance your engagement ring. They work well on slender fingers as well as shorter fingers. Even if you are not into flashier styles, diamond wedding bands are considered traditional and timeless.

If you want more information about our diamond wedding bands, give us a call today and let us help you out. We want you to buy with confidence, which is why we are always willing to help our customers buy the perfect wedding band for their special day.

Engrave Your Wedding Band Today
Are you looking to add a special touch to your wedding? Then engrave your wedding band right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We have state of the art engraving technology that allows us to center and write just about anything on your wedding band. You can order your custom engraving today by giving us a call. We can engrave your ring before it is shipped so everything is ready for the wedding day!

Shop Online for Your Diamond Wedding Bands Now
Our online inventory is stocked and ready for purchase. Browse our inventory of diamond bands and even traditional wedding bands. You and your future spouse can look together and pick out each other’s rings online and without the hassle of coming to a store. We offer affordable prices online and save you time.

When you select your ring, it is in stock, which means it will be shipped right away. So if you are on a short timeline, there is no need to worry. Unlike other in-store retailers, we only sell what we can deliver right away. If you need your ring adjusted, just bring it to a Raymond Lee Jewelers location and we will help fit your ring so it is perfect.

Start shopping for your wedding day by purchasing the perfect wedding band online at Raymond Lee Jewelers today.

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