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As one of the most well-known jewelers in the world, Cartier’s jewelry pieces remain highly coveted today. Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, it did not take long for this brand to become famous because of its stellar creations and develop an international following in royal circles and among celebrities. One can continue to be assured that any Cartier piece manufactured today meets the same high standards that have made the brand successful for more than a century.
For a company that began its roots in fine jewelry making, Cartier’s exceptional craftsmanship is of critical importance to the brand. Cartier jewelry is marked by high quality metals, amazing gemstones and designs that are distinct to the jewelry house. Raymond Lee Jewelers proudly carries a fine selection of pieces from this luxury jewelry label.
A History of Excellence
Cartier jewelry is recognized as the best of the best in the making of fine jewelry as well as exquisite timepieces. Called by Europe’s royalty themselves as the “Jeweler of the Kings, King of Jewelers,” Cartier has been creating opulent pieces fit for the highest levels of society for 166 years. Cartier jewelry truly reflects an illustrious tradition of sophistication, style and superior craftsmanship that was started by the master jeweler. The House of Cartier began in 1847 when Cartier purchased a business that made and sold timepieces, jewelry and antiques. When the 20th century rolled in, there were Cartier boutiques in the fashion capitals of the world – Paris, New York and London – all successfully managed by Cartier’s grandsons. Today, Cartier is a global brand with more than 200 stores in over 100 countries, satisfying an exclusive circle of clients and the average customer who appreciates the symbol of stature and utmost style that is Cartier.
Cartier Love Collection
The Love collection is the signature jewelry line of Cartier. The iconic Love Bracelet is traditionally an all-gold bracelet with screws on each side. Running the width of the entire bangle is a series of letter Os with a horizontal line inside right across the middle. This timeless bangle has continued to appeal to the fashionable crowd since it came out. Drawing inspiration from the medieval chastity belt, the Love Bracelet features a one-of-a-kind mechanism for closure that will only allow the piece to be taken off the wrist with the use of a mini screwdriver.
Such was the popularity that this innovative piece received that Cartier made it into an entire line of jewelry and the Love collection was born. Aside from the yellow gold Love Bangle Bracelet, there’s also the Cartier Love Necklace, a diamond-encrusted Love Ring and even a Men’s Love Diamond Leather Bracelet. Aside from its unique elements, the classic and simple design of the Love Collection easily complements other modern accessories from other types of bracelets to men’s watches. It suits all occasions and can be worn with other jewelry pieces even diamond jewelry.
A product from the New York scene of the 1970s, the Cartier Love collection continues to be a symbol of love and commitment. While the design elements were originally meant to be symbols of passion and romance, now these pieces also symbolize more than just romantic love. It can be a piece of celebration for a personal life achievement, childbirth or any meaningful relationship.
Love Collection Variations
The Cartier Love Bracelet has been offered in 18k yellow gold, pink or rose gold and white gold as well as in platinum. Some Love bracelets are designed with diamond or ceramic screws to open the bangle. Precious gems have also been incorporated into these pieces from diamonds to multicolored gemstones such as sapphires, amethyst and garnets. Pieces with pave diamonds were produced in 2009 and cuffs without the traditional lock were also later made available.
Cartier Trinity Rings
First produced in 1924, the Trinity ring is one of Cartier’s most popular productions. Cartier created the ring in response to the request of the famous French artist Jean Cocteau. The Cartier trinity ring features a simple design consisting of three intertwining rings and each band is made of a different type of gold – yellow, white and rose – and together it symbolizes enduring human relationships. Yellow gold stands for fidelity while white gold represents friendship and pink or rose gold represents love. What is so remarkable about the Trinity ring is it looks as contemporary today as it did in the 1920s at the height of the Art Deco style when Cartier was known for its colorful multi-gem creations. Cartier’s design of the Trinity ring threw design sensibilities back to the basics and showed the brand’s daring brilliance.
From the original Trinity rings and bracelets, the Trinity line has grown to an entire collection of jewelry pieces that incorporate the trio concept. Pave diamonds and colored gems as well as pearls were all introduced into the pieces such as the Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Trinity Ring with Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire. Modern versions also feature the same trio of intertwined rings but all in the same type of gold such as the Trinity Ring in 18k White Gold but of course the Vintage Cartier Tri-color Rolling Rings are still very much in demand.
Choosing Cartier Engagement and Wedding Rings
Many brides-to-be dream of wearing a Cartier engagement ring or Cartier wedding ring. For those with a discriminating taste, jewelry from Cartier is the perfect choice. While Cartier is most popular for exquisite timepieces and luxury jewelry, its bridal jewelry collection has also grown over the decades to be one of the world’s best. Cartier started to regularly use platinum to set his engagement rings in the early part of the 1900s, one of the first jewelry artisans to do so, and by this he was able to bring out the beauty of precious stones.

Pre-Owned Cartier Jewelry

Raymond Lee Jewelers is the top destination for authentic and top-quality estate Cartier jewelry. We have many of Cartier’s iconic Love Collection pieces, a number of Trinity Rings as well as Art Deco and vintage Cartier pieces. Customers can shop with confidence for fantastic Cartier designer jewelry only at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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