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Used Rolex Airking – Raymond Lee Jewelers, founded in 1983, in Boca Raton offers the Rolex Air-King model at the most affordable values. Raymond Lee Jeweler’s inventory contains both well kept pre-owned and new watches.

The Rolex Air-King model began its evolution during WWII. Royal Air Force pilots were known for wearing Oyster watches – probably because they were simple, reliable, and waterproof. To pay homage to these pilots, Hans Wilsdorf, the creator of Rolex, named several Oyster lines with several names such as the Air King, Air Lion, Air Tiger, and others, but the name to stick became known as Air-King. Overtime, the Air-King was improved through the introduction of the automatic/perpetual movement.

Today the Air-King remains a simple timepiece with the absence of a date feature, but its significance lies in its historical roots with its affiliation to Royal Air Force pilots during WWII. The watch is simple, yet elegant. The watch is generally smaller compared to newer Rolex models such as the Submariner, Yachtmaster, or others but it still holds the same production value that Rolex is known for.

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