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Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co is synonymous with luxury jewelry, and it evokes a rich heritage of jewelry making which continues to create fascinating beauty and value. Founded in New York, more than 170 years ago, by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the company rose to global prominence, conquering the minds and hearts of all types of jewelry lovers. Tiffany’s flagship store is located in New York City, on Fifth Avenue. The company has over 60 stores throughout the US and many other international ones, including in Latin America, Asia, and, of course, Europe. Tiffany & Co designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of jewelry pieces, which have become emblematic for American high-end jewelry.

Tiffany & Co Jewelry Designers

Tiffany & Co is reputed throughout the world not only for its diamond jewelry, but also for its silverware, gifts, and accessories. The success and popularity enjoyed by Tiffany jewelry is the result of the company’s expert craftsmanship and broad vision, as well as of its collaboration with 4 top designers.

Jean Schlumberger

The German-born designer who created the popular Jackie gold and enamel bracelets, called this way after Jacqueline Kennedy who loved to wear them, plays a key role in the the history of Tiffany & Co. His creations embedded the name of the company in popular culture, making the Tiffany name known throughout the world. It’s enough to mention two more names of celebrities who wore his amazing pieces on and off screen. They are, as some of you might have guessed, Audrey Hepburn and Elisabeth Taylor.

Paloma Picasso

Tiffany & Co started working with Picasso’s daughter in the 1970s, and has been manufacturing ever since amazing jewelry pieces which bear her unmistakable signature. Paloma Picasso created unique accessories and necklaces for Tiffany & Co, contributing to broadening the company’s scope and vision. She is famous for her use of colored gems, among others. No longer than three years ago, the designer created three jewelry collections for Tiffany & Co.: Paloma’s Dove, Marrakesh, and Hammered Circles, which reiterate, once more, her distinct elegance and sophistication.

Frank Gehry

The collaboration between the great architecture innovator, Frank Gehry, produced astonishingly original and sensuous jewelry. Gehry’s groundbreaking approach was transposed into remarkable jewelry pieces. His bold and emotional vision explored beauty and femininity in a unique way, and was cast in astounding jewelry pieces of timeless value.

Elsa Peretti

The Italian designer has been working for Tiffany & Co since 1974, creating extraordinary designs. During her 40 year of work for the company, she created jewelry pieces and decorative objects in which beauty is rendered both poetically and sculpturally. Peretti’s sterling silver pieces, designed in the first part of her career, are some of Tiffany’s bestsellers to this day.

Tiffany & Co Collections

• Atlas
• Cushion
• Return to Tiffany
• Etoile
• Tiffany Legacy
• Tiffany 1837
• Tiffany Signature
• Tiffany Metro
• Tiffany Swing
• Tiffany Sparklers
• Victoria Collections

Tiffany Jewelry includes:
• Tiffany Silver Favorites
• Tiffany Silver Jewelry
• Tiffany Celebration rings
• Tiffany charms

Tiffany & Co’s Trademark Blue

The company uses a particular shade of blue on its boxes, bags, and marketing materials as a branding strategy, which distinguishes their products. The custom color, which reminds of a robin egg, was used for the company’s Blue Book. Tiffany blue as it’s called, is produced by Pantone, and is identified by code number 1837, which is the year when the company was founded.

Tiffany Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of the company’s founder, and his legacy is part of the Tiffany & Co ethos. He employed opalescent glass to create a unique style in stained glass making. His lamps and stained glass, reflecting the art nouveau style in vogue at the time, became extremely popular. Tiffany lamps continue to be sought after even today. Nowadays, the name of Tiffany is associated with the technique he used in stained glass making, as well as with the style he made famous.

Tiffany & Co Diamonds

Tiffany diamonds are famous for their quality and fine cut. Their diamond supplier is Tahera Diamond, which provides them with outstanding stones that are used to create incredibly beautiful pieces, bearing the distinct Tiffany signature. People who buy Tiffany diamond jewelry know that the company follows the highest quality standards in diamond jewelry making.

Tiffany is popular not only among fashionistas and celebrities, but also among people from all walks of life. Great things are subject to imitation. Tiffany jewelry is no exception. When buying Tiffany items, if you’re not purchasing your jewelry directly from the company stores or from their website, you need to look out for replicas and fakes.

To make sure you get an authentic Tiffany, check piece to identify the company’s marks: the brand logo, which is ‘Tiffany & Co’ or ‘T & Co’ on smaller items. For instance, if you’re buying silver jewelry, and you see the mark 925, it means that it’s made of sterling silver, which is the highest quality silver used in jewelry-making. More specifically, it tells you that your jewelry piece contains 92.5 percent silver. The rest- 7.5 percent- is a metal alloy, usually copper- which is needed to give strength to the silver. Just like gold, silver is too soft to be made into jewelry without bending. The metal alloy reinforces sterling silver, which allows you to enjoy your ring, bracelet, necklace, or any other jewelry item for a long time. Some Tiffany jewelry, a select few, bear the mark 950. That translates into more silver, and less metal alloy.

Many Tiffany & Co silver jewelry is plated with rhodium. This involves covering the silver with a thin layer of rhodium, which makes the pieces shinier, while at the same time protecting them from scratches. Rhodium is a hard, silvery-white metal, which belongs to the platinum group. It’s highly resistant to corrosion, and can also be used in white gold plating.

When you buy jewelry, it’s always useful to ask for and keep the invoice. If you’re purchasing something from a shady supplier, you are not likely to be offered a receipt, which should be a warning sign that what you’re about to buy is not genuine. It’s best to acquire jewelry from reputable stores to make sure the get the best value for your dollar.

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