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Men’s Cufflinks
Cufflinks are fasteners worn to join the two sides of a cuff on a dress shirt. Men’s cufflinks date back to the 19th century and have a long history as fashionable accessories in the world of stylish dress. They began as simple buttons of glass linked together by a chain, and slowly evolved to beautiful decorative studs, engraved or bejeweled and joined together by precious metal. Today they are often personalized with designs specifically chosen for the wearer, and can be worn in any situation where a shirt has cuffs that need fastening, whether casual or formal. Men’s cufflinks are still very popular and useful today, and are a great way to personalize an outfit.
Designer Men’s Cufflinks
Raymond Lee Jewelers is a purveyor of fine jewelry, and we carry nothing but the best. Many of the items we offer carry a very recognizable designer brand, and you may have even found some of these items advertised specifically. The options for our men’s cufflinks are numerous, and many with these designer names. Some of the specific names we have in stock are:
• Rolls Royce
• Scott Kay
• Van Cleef
• Cartier
• Tiffany and Co
• Bulgari
• David Yurman
These brands are known for high quality items, which is why we have them in stock. We offer our customers the best of what we find, in order to ensure a superior shopping experience with pleasing results.
Beautiful Men’s Cufflinks
Our stock is hand chosen in order for us to offer items of beautiful design, top quality, and unique style. Some of our items are very distinctive, and you would be hard pressed to find anything like them elsewhere. Our men’s cufflinks are crafted of precious metals including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Many also contain gemstones and fine material such as onyx, opal, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, sapphire, and diamond. With such a variety of material, the combinations are endless. Along with this selection of precious metals and gems come the interesting designs. Our inventory ranges from fairly standard looking cufflinks to items of bold and creative design. Our more standard pieces, in round and square shapes, have simple and pleasing designs to add subtle detail to an outfit. Our bolder, more unique selections will catch the eye with breathtaking gems, sculpted shapes, and beautiful texture. We are sure to have something in our inventory that could be the solution to your jewelry needs.
Personalize Your Men’s Cufflinks
Fine jewelry is a great gift idea for someone you love, and we can help you make it even better. You can personalize your precious gift, to make it feel even more unique and special. We offer engraving here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, which is a very popular way to give something more sentimental value. Many stores offer engraving, but you cannot always be sure what kind of technology they are using to get the job done. We use state of the art machines and software, which ensure the best job possible. Our engravings are positioned exactly where they need to be, and are of the highest quality. And now, you don’t have to be limited to just words, images can be engraved as well! You can get personally creative with the message you would like to include on your gift, and know that the result will be top quality. Perhaps you would like to engrave initials on a beautiful pair of men’s cufflinks. We can get that job done. Consult with us, and let us tell you what we can do.
Engraving isn’t the only way to personalize your gifts. For example, you like the basic design of a piece we have, or even a piece you already possess, but would like to add a little something more, or alter it to fit your needs. Well we have a solution for you. Our expert jewelers can do much more than fix and restore jewelry. They can also design and create custom items according to what you desire. If you want to make your item truly one of a kind, consult with one of our designers and see what we can do for you. The best part about having jewelry made or altered to a custom design is you can be sure that no one in the world has something quite like your own piece of art.
Have Your Men’s Cufflinks Appraised
Fine jewelry tends to carry high sentimental value as well as financial value, and with something so important, it is wise to get insurance coverage. If such items are lost, stolen, or damaged, insurance can help you. In order to get insurance on valuables like a fine pair of men’s cufflinks, it is necessary to have them appraised first. Raymond Lee Jewelers employs Certified Gemologists, so you can bring your fine articles into our location for our expert appraiser to help you protect your belongings. When you have insurance on your valuable jewelry, it is much safer to wear them, because you are protected against unfortunate circumstances. Even if you did not purchase your items through our store, we can still perform an appraisal. We are an experienced and honest company, and will help you to the fullest extent. With a high quality appraisal report, you can be on your way to protecting your precious property. To learn more about our appraisal services, please visit our page at https://raymondleejewelers.net/appraisals.php.
Repair Your Men’s Cufflinks
We also take care of jewelry repair here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, and employ experts to get the job done. The same people who can design and create custom pieces of jewelry have the capability to repair fine items as well. Even items that were not purchased through are store can be brought into our location for repairs. Whether it is something simple such as resetting a stone into a fine cufflink, or repairing broken pieces of a watch, we can help. Unlike some stores, we do not send your items out to another company for repairs, but perform them here at our store. You can be sure that the only people handling your precious items are the people you authorized to do so. Contact us to set up an appointment or consult with us about your piece of jewelry in need of repair. We want to help you and restore your belongings to former splendor.

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