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Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is significant and they have been for centuries. As the symbol of a long-lasting relationship, you might find it difficult to pick out the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé. Engagement rings are known for their precious stones. There are numerous cuts and diamond types available, but nothing is more elegant than that of the marquise engagement ring. The marquise, also known as the “navette” cut, has an elongated shape and pointed ends. The marquise can be set in a solitaire or with surrounding stones. Regardless, it is elegant and breathtaking.
Come to Raymond Lee Jewelers for High Quality Diamonds
We only carry the best diamonds at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Diamonds are difficult to understand, but not for us. We have the best, most vibrant diamonds that will work perfectly in your marquise engagement ring. If you’re looking for exceptional brilliance, then come to us. We don’t offer low-quality cuts or clarity and each of our diamonds is rated high by our in-house appraisers and professionals.

Pick Your Unique Setting
The marquise engagement ring might not be considered the “traditional” style, but they are more elegant than other cuts and certainly stand out from more common styles. Because the marquise is elegant and stands out, it is the ideal selection for an engagement ring and works well as a solitaire setting or with accent stones.

For your marquise style ring, Raymond Lee Jewelers has a complete selection of specialized settings that enhance the natural beauty of the marquise cut and protect the diamond at the same time. Because of its unique shape, we know that it requires a unique setting to keep the stone in place. We have settings with added prongs to protect the ends of the marquise diamond so that your ring stays in place and looking great for years to come. Choose from four and six prong styles or contact us today to have a custom marquise style ring created for you.

The Biggest Selection Online
We have the biggest and best selection of marquise engagement rings online. Whether you’re looking for that simple solitaire or you want the more flashy side stones, we have a handpicked selection that will accommodate any preference. Our entire inventory is pre-selected and we only carry the best diamonds. Our in-house appraisers have evaluated each piece we sell so we know that we’re offering a competitive price for quality jewelry.

Why Choose Us?
Raymond Lee Jewelers is the leader in high-quality jewelry. When you choose to buy from us, you can take advantage of other benefits, including:

• Access to our in-house repair services. Whether you need your marquise engagement ring cleaned, resized or you need to repair the piece, our experts have the skills to do so.
• Access to our in-house appraisers. If you want to trade in a piece of jewelry or get your ring appraised for insurance, we have appraisers on-site.
• Access to our extensive inventory that features a variety of cuts, styles, and prices to suit every lifestyle and budget.

We have a reputation for excellence here at Raymond Lee Jewelers and we take pride in keeping that reputation going. If you’re ready to purchase an engagement ring, look no further than us. We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction and if you’re not satisfied, we will work until you are.

Have Your Jewelry Engraved
There is nothing more special than an engraved piece. Engraving is becoming a lot more common and it can be the perfect accent to our marquise engagement rings. By adding an engraved message, you are customizing your piece. Whether it’s adding the date you proposed, or the date you met, that special touch can really go a long way. We have a modern engraving machine that allows us to leave a special message on the smallest places. While you’re in here engraving your engagement ring, bring in other items you’d like to customize, such as a watch, wine glass or even a leather wallet and we can customize all of your personal belongings. Engravings are executed with perfection here at Raymond Lee Jewelers because we use a state-of-the-art engraving machine that is accurate and reliable. Your engravings will be centered and flawless — regardless of the message or thinness of the band.

Finance With Us
Why worry about how you’ll pay for your marquise engagement ring when you can finance? At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we offer financing to our customers so that buying that perfect ring isn’t a dream — it’s a reality. Let us help you finance the marquise ring of your choice right here in our store. Buying online? Not a problem. We can still help you finance your new ring through our sister finance company.

Need Repairs?
Once you’ve purchased your marquise engagement ring from Raymond Lee Jewelers, you need a repair service that you can trust to help you when your ring needs repairs. Come in to our Raymond Lee Jeweler location and our expert jewelers can help you fix your beautiful piece. Want something customized after you purchase it? Our repair specialists can change out settings, swap stones, and add other customizations so that your new engagement ring is truly unique. And, do not forget about our complementary cleaning services — keeping your engagement ring looking as brilliant as the day it was created.

Buy Your New Engagement Ring Today
Raymond Lee Jewelers has plenty of marquise engagement ring styles in stock and ready for purchase. Feel free to browse our online store and find the perfect ring for you. Are you looking for fancy color diamonds? We have marquise styles in fancy colors too! Looking for fancy color side stones? We can help. Our distinct selection is extraordinary and it is hard not to find what you’re looking for. If you have a question, we can help you find the perfect ring by dialing 800-329-4367. We want to make it easy to buy the engagement ring of your dreams right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Contact us today or buy the ring of your dreams now.

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