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Diamond Jewelry

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Diamond Jewelry for All Tastes and Styles

These days, diamonds are more accessible than they used to be, and there are ways to fulfill your wish of offering that someone special in your life a diamond, even when budget is a concern. You can find stunning pieces of diamond jewelry if you know where to look for them and if you explore your options thoroughly. There are smaller diamonds beautifully mounted, which can achieve the same effect as a bigger diamond or several gemstones put together. Also, you may choose to buy the stone from a reliable source and have it mounted in a custom setting that will leave the recipient breathless. When it comes to diamond jewelry, the sky is the limit.

Types of Diamond Jewelry

This beautiful, strong gemstone, which mesmerizes both women and men alike, has been turned into stunning jewelry pieces from ancient times. Diamond rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants, bracelets, brooches and pins and cufflinks: jewelers have explored the amazing qualities of this unique gemstone in countless ways, in a permanent quest for beauty.

Diamond Jewelry: Rings

Diamond rings are some of the most sought after jewelry pieces for their appearance, but also because of their symbolic significance. Diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, trilogy rings, or eternity bands are all offered in crucial moments of a couple’s life, as a token of affection and devotion. Whether they anticipate the big day when a couple ties the knot, as it is the case with diamond engagement rings, or are they are exchanged in the form of wedding bands by the bride and the groom, diamond rings carry a great emotional value.

The same goes for trilogy rings and eternity bands. People offer trilogy or 3 stone rings to express their commitment and love. The three diamonds in a trilogy ring speak about the couple’s past, present and future together, and reaffirm their love and union. Eternity bands, on the other hand, express never-ending love thorough a series of smaller or larger diamonds mounted on the entire surface of a metal band to form a circle. The circle is a symbol of continual love, and in the form of a diamond eternity band, it suggests the couple’s pledge to love each other forever.

Diamond Jewelry: Earrings

Diamond earrings are great accessories which can complement a woman’s appearance. They come in all sizes and styles, and all diamond earrings add a distinctive element to the wearer’s look. They can be elegant, subtle, bold, glamorous, big and small, round or elongated, and come in an amazing range of designs. Here are some types of diamond earring to choose from. When considering a type, personality, style and face shape are the factors that tell you which kind of diamond earrings to buy for someone, or if you’re going to wear them yourself, which are best for you.

Diamond stud earrings are extremely popular due to their simplicity and elegance. A must-have in many women’s wardrobes, diamond stud earrings are a versatile accessory which puts that final touch to your outfit.

If you’re into dangle earrings, and if they go well with the shape of your face, you might want to choose a dazzling pair of diamond drop earrings or even diamond chandelier earrings. They are fancier, and add a sense of sophistication and charm, making them a perfect fit for special occasions. Diamond drop or chandelier earrings have an astonishing brilliance and sparkle due to their cut and design. The moving parts of dangle diamond earrings absorb light and reflect it differently as compared to other types of diamond earrings, and the resulting effect is more spectacular.

Diamond earring options don’t end here. You can continue your exploration with diamond hoops or “huggies”, which have their own unmistakable appeal. Diamond hoop earrings come in a number of sizes — bigger or smaller — so you can choose your pair depending on your preference. As for diamond huggies, they are thicker, which allows for more diamonds to be set on their surface.

Diamond Jewelry: Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are often that accessory you need to set yourself apart or to add some brilliance to your outfit. Their great quality is that they can be matched with most things in your wardrobe, as well as with your other favorite pieces of jewelry. You can choose between diamond bangles, diamond charms and diamond tennis bracelets. Bangles covered or sprinkled with diamonds are a great fashion statement, especially as you can stack several bangles or combine them with other types of bracelets. They make you look trendy, but at the same time elegant. As for diamond charm bracelets, they give you the opportunity to make a bracelet stand out, as they attract the eye to the charm. There are countless types of diamond charms, and they all say something about the person who’s wearing them. Some prefer floral motifs; others choose to embellish their bracelets with initials or hearts. There are still others who prefer more stylized or abstract designs for their diamond charm bracelets.

Diamond Jewelry: Pendants and Necklaces

Diamond necklaces and pendants are a realm in itself, which is worth exploring by the jewelry lover at length. When looking for diamond necklaces there are several things to bear in mind. First, there’s style. Do you want something retro, vintage or contemporary? Are into oversized pieces, or are you looking for something elegant and subtle? What about the length of the chain: above the collarbone or below? You can choose between choker, princess and opera chains for your necklace. It all depends on the expected look you hope to achieve. Will you add a pendant or not? There are countless choices when it comes to diamond pendants, so take your time to examine combinations and find what makes you say: “This is it.”

Whether you’re looking for diamond rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, you can find an impressive selection of diamond jewelry in our showroom or on our website. Raymond Lee Jewelers is here to serve you, helping you find the perfect diamond jewelry.

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