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Raymond Lee Jewelers Offers a Wide Range of Exquisite Engagement and Wedding Rings

Raymond Lee Jewelers presents its customers with a wide selection of engagement and wedding rings. From diamond rings to yellow and white gold and platinum rings, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Our diamonds come in all shapes and sizes: round, cut, oval, both mounted and semi-mounted. Whether you want a simple diamond or a two-tone diamond for your engagement ring, you can find it at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Our engagement ring models include: emerald cut diamond, light yellow diamond, brilliant diamond, radiant cut, diamond vintage style, diamond halo set, marquise cut diamond, and others.

Wedding bands

From plain simple and elegant to diamond, gold, and platinum, you can select your perfect wedding band. All pieces are GIA certified

Choose Your Engagement Ring

The moment when you offer an engagement ring will stay with you for life, and you naturally want to be magical. The engagement ring plays a critical role, as it is a symbol of your future commitment. Looking for an engagement ring can be a highly emotional time, especially if you’re not sure what you expect from it. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

Think about Her Personality

An engagement ring may be worn throughout life; it can even be passed down from one generation to another, so it’s critical to buy a quality, valuable piece. Moreover, if you want to sweep your significant other off her feet when you offer her the engagement ring, you need to find something, which matches her personality. Think about her style, about other pieces of jewelry she likes to wear, and try to get an idea about what she might love to wear on her finger if not every day, at least as often as possible. If you’re not sure whether you’re on the right track or not, consult with someone who knows her well, a close friend or a family member.
You can also go window-shopping together before the big moment, to get some insight into what she would like.

If budget is a concern, you can find ways to save money. One option is to offer her a family heirloom if you have one, of course. In case you do, you might wonder whether she will like it or not. You can update an old diamond engagement ring by taking it to a jeweler and have the stone mounted in a different, modern setting. You might achieve a surprising result and spend much less. If there’re no diamonds in the family jewelry box, you can try looking for a loose diamond, which can be set as you please.

When it comes to her style, try to assess first if she likes something simple or something more sophisticate, something modern or antique. Does she prefer diamonds- all girls do, you might say, but yours might be the exception to the rule, and you don’t want to go wrong with that- or some other precious stone? Should you go for gold- yellow or white? or silver? Once you answer these questions, you’ll find it easier to go from there.

Check the Cut and the Setting

The savvy jeweler lover knows how to distinguish between cuts and can tell when one sees impeccable craftsmanship and sheer beauty. If you choose a diamond engagement or wedding ring, you need to pay particular attention to the stone. The first thing about it to look at is the shape. The shape is the result of the way the diamond is cut. There are several diamond cuts. Distinguishing between them will make your task of choosing an engagement or wedding ring easier.

Diamond Cut

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Diamonds cut in a round shape are probably the most popular. Their 57 facets send out sparkles, creating an irresistible effect.

Princess Cut Diamond
This cut gives the diamond a square shape and pointed corners.

Emerald Cut Diamond
The name comes from the eponymous stone for which it was originally used. The diamond has a rectangular shape, and not as many facets as other cuts. This cut gives clarity to the stone and elegant, distinctive look.

Asscher Cut Diamond
Resembles the emerald cut to which it is compared, but in a square shape. It has an art deco touch, and is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Radiant Cut Diamond
It combines the shape of the emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond. It has trimmed corners, which make it stand out among other cuts.

Cushion Cut Diamond
Diamonds of this shape have rounded corners, and their facets are larger, which makes them more sparkling.

Marquise Cut Diamond
Diamonds with a marquise cut create a more dramatic impression through their elongated shape, which makes the stones look bigger than a similar diamond but in round shape.
Pear Cut Diamond
The oval shape of this diamond cut makes it resemble a pear or a teardrop. This classic cut, which adds some edge, makes the hand look slender.

Heart Cut Diamond
Sometimes mounted on engagement rings, the heart cut shape is more common in pendants and necklaces.

Wedding Rings

Needless to say, the wedding rings are an essential ingredient for your big day. And because you’ll be wearing them from that moment on, you want them to be perfect. First, you need to decide whether you want matching wedding rings or not. Then you need to choose the metal. Options include white or yellow gold, or platinum. Once you’ve settled that, think about the size. How thin or thick do you want it to be? This depends on your personal taste and style, and how comfortable you feel wearing your wedding band. Some couples choose to wear different style of rings. The bride’s wedding ring can be adorned with diamonds, while the groom’s can be plain and simple. Some brides choose to match their wedding band with the engagement they’re already wearing. In this case, you can go for a bridal set.

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