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Used Rolex Datejust – Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, Florida offers the largest selection in Rolex watches such as the Datejust model. First introduced in 1945, the Datejust has become one of the best selling models on the market due to its great value and high production quality as a timepiece. The Datejust comes in various sizes: 26 mm (ladies), 31 mm (mid-sized), and more typically 36 mm. In 2009, the 41 mm Datejust was added to the collection. The watch is typically offered in a Jubilee or Oyster band.

In 1955, Rolex introduced the Thunderbird model of the Datejust, now known as the Turn-O-Graph. This model was introduced as an award given to US Air Force pilots returning from combat missions. The Turn-O-Graph contains a rotating bezel marked to 60 minutes.

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