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Raymond Lee Jewelers of Boca Raton, FL offers a wide variety of luxury timepieces such as Breitling watches. Founded in 1983, the business continues to offer the best service to its customers and best values for its products. Breitling is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1884. There are three main categories of watches under Breitling: diving (SuperOcean), aviation (Navitimer), and luxury (Breitling for Bentley).

All Breitling watches are manufactured in Switerzerland and are composed of Swiss components. All of Breitlings movements are obtained from ETA and Valjoux before being modified in Breitling’s workshops and receiving official COSC certification.

Breitling is notable for creating a watch known as the Emergency, which is of tremendous help to those who travel. The Emergency is capable of sending out a distress call that can be picked up at a range of 90 nautical miles by search aircraft. In one instance in January of 2003, two pilots were rescued after activating their Breitling Emergency transmitter watches when their helicopter crashed in Antarctica.

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