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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

Raymond Lee Jewelers has a superb selection of dazzling gemstone jewelry. Some people are captivated by these mesmerizing gems because of their mystical qualities or special meanings. Other people simple love gemstone jewelry because it’s such a striking adornment and many pieces make fun and unique accessories. No matter why you’re searching for beautiful gemstone jewelry to purchase, our selection offers delightful colors, high quality, excellent craftsmanship and a range of prices to suit any budget.

Whether you’re looking to buy birthstone jewelry or you simply want to shop for some bright and lively pieces to match with your wardrobe, Raymond Lee Jewelers has an array of lovely options in our affordable gemstone jewelry collection. We have a white gold diamond and blue topaz slide pendant, a two-tone gold and citrine ring, a yellow gold sapphire fancy floral pin, a unique turquoise and pearl Egyptian style necklace, a pair of diamond and onyx rhombus earrings, among many other types of jewelry.

With our affordable gemstone jewelry, you can go for bold pieces with bigger stones for your gemstone rings, gemstone bracelet, gemstone earrings, and gemstone necklaces. Have a look around our great selection of gemstone jewelry and you will surely discover the perfect piece for yourself or a special someone.

Gemstone Jewelry with Warm Tones

For those looking for a gemstone with a warm color or earthy tone, our gemstone jewelry collection includes many pieces that feature red, pink, yellow and orange gems in varying hues. If you like a bold splash of red, you will absolutely love our stunning ruby jewelry including ruby and diamond rings and earrings. We also have many pink-colored gemstone jewelry including delicate pink freshwater pearl necklaces, yellow gold and pink tourmaline pieces and intense pink sapphire rings, earrings and necklaces with gleaming diamond accents. If you opt for a touch of yellow, look for citrine, lemon quartz and yellow sapphire jewelry in different varieties.

Gemstone Jewelry with Cool Tones

Cool blue shades are plenty in the world of gemstones, and no matter what particular shade of blue you’re searching for, we most probably have it in our gemstone jewelry selection. Check out our vivid blue topaz jewelry, rich blue sapphire jewelry and delicate aquamarine jewelry. We also carry gorgeous turquoise jewelry with its unique bluish-green color as well as the very popular amethyst jewelry that is one of the season’s hottest trends.

If green gems are your favorite, enjoy our selection of vibrant emerald earrings, spring green peridot and diamond rings, green onyx pins, green tourmaline earrings, and many others. You may also be interested in our multi-colored gemstone jewelry that captures the beauty of each different gem and combines them in one beautiful piece.
Gemstone Jewelry with Neutral Colors

While gemstone jewelry is often associated with colorful pieces, there are a few wonderfully neutral stones that also make fantastic accessories such as pearls and black onyx. Pearl jewelry is a timeless adornment, and we have a wealth of freshwater pearl earrings, rings and necklace strands to fill your jewelry box. In addition to classic white pearls, we have pearls in different colors including pink and gorgeous black. The black onyx is another neutral option that is quite dashing. Black onyx jewelry creates a dramatic effect, especially when combined with stark white gold and diamonds.

Gemstone Earrings

Do you prefer the timeless elegance of diamond solitaire earrings? Are you looking for pieces that are a little more out of the ordinary? View our assortment of gemstone earrings including a pair of sapphire and diamond stud earrings, coral and cubic zirconia post earrings, oval cut amethyst stud earrings and many others in yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and platinum. We also have stunning dangle or drop style gemstone earrings, yellow gold hoops with tiger’s eye beads, sapphire cluster earrings, purple tanzanite cable earrings, sapphire and emerald Etruscan style earrings, and the list goes on. Whatever style of gemstone earrings you prefer, we have one of the most impressive selections at the best prices.

Gemstone Necklaces

Add serious flair to your necklaces by choosing one of our gemstone necklaces. From classic pearl strand necklaces to playful purple or pink sapphire necklaces or an uber elegant diamond-encrusted necklace with a brilliant gemstone centerpiece, we have what you need to complete your look. Choose your birthstone, your favorite gem or color, and we can easily match it with plenty of beautiful gemstone necklaces – all at incredibly low prices that will allow you to pick up more than one piece.

Gemstone Bracelets

Adorn your delicate wrist with an exquisite gemstone bracelet from Raymond Lee Jewelers. A band of bright emeralds, charming pink sapphires, brilliant green peridots or multiple color gemstones is an easy to add color to your getup. Bracelets that combine gemstones with diamonds give an air of sophistication. We have a terrific selection of diamond and gemstone tennis bracelets, line bracelets, cable bracelets, cuff bracelets and bangles as well as gemstone and gold or silver combinations. We are always updating our inventory of gemstone bracelets with quality estate pieces, vintage and designer bracelets, so you can expect to find the freshest designs every time you shop at our stores.

Gemstone Rings

With brilliant colors and a variety of designs, our gemstone rings are quite popular. Some of our precious gemstone rings include a breathtaking vintage yellow gold and sapphire flower dome ring, an opal and sapphire cocktail ring, gold and emerald rings with animal motifs, a ruby and diamond cluster ring, and an array of other colorful rings. Our semi-precious gemstone ring selection features smoky jade, black opal, bright turquoise, dark red garnet, mesmerizing blue tanzatine, just to name a few gems. Our gemstone rings are gorgeous in 14k-18k yellow, white gold and rose gold, polished silver and platinum. Discover our gemstone rings today.

Shop Gemstone Jewelry Now!

Whatever style and type of jewelry you’re searching for and whatever gemstones you fancy, our line of gemstone jewelry is certainly lively, eye-catching and radiating with style. Whether you’re looking to buy lovely birthstone jewelry as a gift, an elegant gemstone pendant, a pair of bold, brilliant gemstone earrings or a striking gemstone and diamond ring, we have a bevy of colorful pieces to choose from in our extensive inventory of fine gemstone jewelry. Enjoy your shopping!

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