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Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and they last forever. Nonetheless, their beauty and remarkable durability hardly manages to eclipse the brightness and the unique charm of premium emerald jewelry. As a matter of fact, emeralds have a very long history. The first stones were commercialized on the Babylonian market since the year 4,000 BCE. They were extracted from emerald mines, sold to skilled artisans and used to manufacture extremely valuable accessories worn by royalties.
Cleopatra never tried to hide her great passion for emeralds. The mines that borrowed the name of this powerful Egyptian queen kept functioning throughout the entire biblical period, until the year 1273 CE. According to the Sanskrit tradition, these greenish gemstones were utilized to produce protective talismans with a great symbolic value.
Discover the Universe and the amazing History of Emerald Jewelry
Aristotle was also very fond of emeralds. He firmly believed that these stones ensure a superior eloquence during speeches and lead to a glorious victory in wars and trials. This common belief was also shared by the ancient Greeks, who used to associate this marvelous green stone with Aphrodite, the beautiful Goddess of love. Greeks wore emeralds on Friday to celebrate the Love Goddess and also reveal their wealth and their prosperity. This tradition was carried on by the Romans who wanted to pay tribute to their very own Love Goddess, named Venus.
They thought that every single emerald jewelry element had a life of its own and displayed remarkable supernatural properties. These accessories were much-appreciated for their practical applications and also for their potential healing powers. According to the legends related to the Roman Empire and its leaders, Emperor Nero used to wear a pair of glasses made of emeralds to protect his eyes during gladiator fights.
South America is also famous for its large amount of invaluable emeralds, discovered and exploited by ambitious Spanish conquistadors. The trapiche emerald is a special stone originating from Columbia, famous for its unique flower-like imprint, the result of carbon impurities of a darker color.
A-list celebrities who wanted to discover Cleopatra’s mesmerizing power of seduction choose to turn emerald jewelry into their inspirational trademark. Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor are only a few of the legendary Hollywood actresses who managed to shine brighter in front of a large audience due to their exquisite emerald jewelry that was worth a fortune.
These days, some of the most precious emeralds come from Brazil, Zambia and Columbia. They are now considered a symbol of powerful love, devotion, friendship and adoration. Due to their green color they are often associated with spring, rejuvenation and rebirth. Their bright hue opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities and boost creativity, allowing wearers to express their thoughts and feelings in a much more effective manner.
Get the Best Deals on Fantastic Emerald Jewelry
Because emeralds are extremely valuable stones, jewels adorned with this type of gem can be extremely expensive, especially if they are signed by a well-known, sought-after designer. Fortunately, now you can save big on emerald jewelry and find creative, extremely appealing new and pre-owned accessories, brought to you by Raymond Lee Jewelers, your one stop shop for designed, diamond and estate jewelry.
Here you could stumble across fantastic jewelry pieces that you couldn’t normally afford, and make the most of considerable discounts.
One might be tempted to think that emerald jewelry items don’t give you the chance to get really creative and mix and match different embellishments as you see fit, because dark green is a cold color. The 18k Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet introduced by Raymond Lee Jewelers will prove you wrong.
This exquisite element reflects a timelessly elegant combination of emeralds and diamonds mounted on 18k gold. It represents the perfect gift for you and your loved ones and reflects the finest taste. It can be associated with several other kinds of golden accessories without any difficulties. As a matter of fact, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are a match made in heaven and boost the charm of several vintage pieces, well-liked for their distinctive charm and discrete elegance.
You couldn’t possible go wrong with this bracelet: is it simple, fragile and extremely sophisticated at the same time. It proves that you don’t need a layered look or tons of glitter to impress and that the truly remarkable pieces stand out due to their minimalist design and their carefully selected gemstones
Order the Best New and Pre-Owned Emerald Jewelry Pieces from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Trends come and go, but emerald love lasts forever. Emeralds are not the kind of accessories that you wear for a short period of time and then decide to deposit in your jewelry box, hoping that they will make a comeback after a few years. As a matter of fact, emerald jewelry elements are always classy, expensive and extremely appealing. Their value increases with time, especially if emeralds are mixed with other valuable gems, like diamonds and rubies, for instance. Need to see it with your own eyes to believe it? If so, just take a closer look at the superb 14k Two Tone Gold Diamond and Emerald Dangle Pendant, offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers. The vintage vibe and the diamond-emerald combination are the secret recipe for success in this case, and the main elements that turn this accessory into a hot must-have.
Emeralds are the symbol of the mature, powerful woman who knows how to put her refined taste and her inspirational elegance on full display on different occasions, without being catalogued as ostentatious. The truly creative and fashion-forward buyers who want to express their boldness and their originality can buy and wear some of the most ingenious flower or panther-shaped emerald jewelry items from Raymond Lee Jewelers.
The 14kt Gold Diamond, Emerald & Ruby Eye Panther Ring is a powerful fashion statement that doesn’t require any other additional details to impress even the pickiest prospects. Its appealing, intriguing design and quality materials convert it into a sought-after product, provided by your respectable one stop shop selling only first-class jewelry.

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