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Dress up your wardrobe for any occasion with our wide range of beautiful jewelry from world-renowned designer brands. Whether it’s for an evening reception, a casual get-together, prom, birthday party, wedding, or simple every day wear, we have the perfect piece of high quality designer jewelry that will suit you and your occasion. Buying jewelry for a loved one? Any piece from our selection of stunning jewels will make a precious and truly unforgettable gift. Start shopping at Raymond Lee Jewelers now.


Bold with a timeless elegance, this is Bvlgari jewelry. From an iconic brand that’s more than a hundred years old, Bvlgari jewelry has become a benchmark of exceptional jewelry design. Bvlgari jewelry consists of refined and superbly crafted pieces that display classic Greco-Roman and Italian Renaissance aesthetics combined with influences from 19th century goldsmith techniques. Shop our store for brilliant jewelry pieces from one of the world’s top luxury designer brands. We carry an exquisite line of Bvlgari pendants, Bvlgari rings, Bvlgari earrings, Bvlgari cufflinks, and Bvlgari necklaces.


Since it was founded in 1847, Cartier has embodied a standard of excellence as a manufacturer of luxury items, including high-end jewelry. From the start to the finish of making its jewelry pieces, Cartier utilizes sheer talent and expertise to produce craftsmanship that is widely copied but never completely replicated, not even by other designer brands. Cartier jewelry is designed to be classic creations that can be passed on to succeeding generations. Shop at Raymond Lee Jewelers and find magnificent Cartier jewelry pieces, including Cartier Love bangles, Cartier bracelets, Cartier cufflinks, Cartier pendants, and Cartier rings.


No other designer brands have revolutionized the world of fashion the way Gabrielle `Coco’ Chanel did. Her company’s interlocking double C logo, created by Chanel herself, is one of the most recognizable luxury brands ever. In the jewelry industry, her daring style has also made the Chanel brand a leader known for its innovative designs and use of materials. Come and see our Chanel jewelry pieces at Raymond Lee Jewelers including Chanel necklaces and Chanel rings from popular Chanel jewelry collections Comete and Ultra.


From one of the world’s leading designer brands of luxury jewelry, our store offers Chopard jewelry, which has been synonymous with stellar design, quality, and style for more than 150 years. Few jewelry designers have jewelry lines as distinct as Chopard’s that reflects originality and sophistication. Through our Chopard jewelry selection, we make available some of Chopard’s signature jewelry with moving diamonds and heart-shaped pieces. Explore Chopard jewelry now.

David Yurman

David Yurman jewelry is relaxed and yet luxurious, something hard to pull in fine jewelry but this jeweler has mastered it in every piece. Raymond Lee Jewelers is delighted bring to you a wide collection of jewelry from premier designer brands like David Yurman. Discover women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry from this American luxury brand. Browse through David Yurman bracelets, David Yurman earrings, David Yurman rings, David Yurman necklaces, and David Yurman pendants.

David Webb
The David Webb fine jewelry collection runs an entire set of rings, pins, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, pendants and necklaces that were all skillfully handmade by jewelry artisans. David Webb is famous for his extraordinary animal-inspired jewelry creations that featured wild animals fashioned into precious jewelry pieces. His other collections, drawn from an array of inspirations from the Ancient World to rock crystals and multicolored gemstones, are simply stunning. Go shopping for David Webb jewelry at our store now.

First built as a saddle shop in 1837 by founder Thierry Hemes, this Parisian design house has stayed grounded in its heritage even as it has grown to become one of the most famous luxury designer brands in the world. It is notoriously famous for its signature leather handbags but Hermes is also known for utterly unique jewelry that is still based on their equestrian heritage. Whether you’re looking for classic Hermes jewelry or more contemporary pieces, we’re proud to offer several pieces in our store from this prestigious brand.

John Hardy

Discover the John Hardy collection at Raymond Lee Jewelers and be impressed by his sterling silver and Bali-inspired jewelry creations that will definitely add style and character to any wardrobe. John Hardy built his luxury jewelry brand using what he learned from local artisans in Bali about their traditional techniques in jewelry making, From his design studio in Bali, John Hardy employs local jewelry artisans who bring his unique designs to life piece by piece all done by hand. There’s so much tradition and culture that is part of John Hardy’s jewelry, which adds to its exotic appeal. But it is his love and respect for the local ways of life in Bali and his commitment to sustainable business practices that has solidified John Hardy as a brand that is simply not like any other designer brands that exist today. Check out our John Hardy collection now.

Judith Ripka

Multi-award winning jewelry designer Judith Ripka – an innovator, a visionary, and an artist – is the force behind one of the best American jewelry designer brands today. She brings to her jewelry line a unique modern twist to classics, combining timeless appeal with versatile wearability. Judith Ripka’s sterling silver jewelry collection is nothing but impressive as is her signature 18-karat matte gold collection. In her jewelry line, you will find an array of sterling silver or gold rings, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, pendants and earrings with precious diamonds and beautiful colored stones. Start shopping now for affordable and authentic Judith Ripka jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Great Jewelry, Great Prices

Raymond Lee Jewelers takes pride in bringing to our customers a fantastic lineup of luxury jewelry collections from top designer brands, all at marvelous discounts. Browse our selection now or visit our Boca Raton showroom today. Gorgeous jewels from some of the world’s best jewelry designers like Bvlgari, Chanel, Chopard and David Yurman can be yours for hundreds of dollars less than the retail price and always with 100 percent guarantee of authenticity and quality. Buy designer jewelry brands now!

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