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Heart Shape Engagement Rings

Heart Shape Engagement Rings

The heart shaped engagement ring is more of a pear-shaped diamond that has a small cleft at the top. While it is called a “heart” shape, it does not necessarily mean it is only for sentimental purposes. It is a natural choice for engagement rings because of the symbolic nature of the shape itself and it is considered one of the more romantic engagement styles out there.

Choose the Perfect Heart Shape Engagement Ring at Raymond Lee Jewelers
At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a large selection of heart shape rings to choose from. These romantic styles range from simplistic to exquisite. While it’s a simple shape, a lot of customers find that it is difficult to buy the heart shape diamond. When you buy online at Raymond Lee Jewelers you can see the clarity and beauty right here on our website. We provide clear pictures so you can see the detail and know how your ring will look when it arrives.

We provide top-quality cuts and clarity here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

How the Heart Shape Can Look
The heart shape diamond is truly unique and it will look different from any other cut out there. The higher quality the diamond, the better it will look, which is why you only find the best here in our store and online. We only sell brilliantly cut diamonds — that way you don’t see any flaws in this delicate cut. You won’t lose out on the carat weight when you choose a heart shape, because most of the carat weight is preserved during the cutting process.

The heart diamond is referred to as a moderately brilliant cut, because of its shape. We can add extra facets around your heart shape engagement ring to really bring out the beauty of the diamond and make it vibrant.

There is a unique symmetry to the heart shape diamond as well. It’s not geometric like other styles and it gives off more light than traditional round or square cuts. It’s perfectly symmetric when it comes to the lobes of the diamond. The flatter the heart shape diamond is, the larger it will actually look when it is set. Deeper diamonds, however, offer more brilliance than shallower ones. That is why we carry both shallow and deep heart diamonds here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Choose from Our Hand Selected Pieces
We have hand selected every piece we offer in store and here on our website. We want our collection to be truly unique, especially because the heart shape is unique itself. Because the cut makes the stone fragile, we only carry strong, supportive setting styles that keep your diamond in place. If you want side or surround diamonds, we can help you find a setting that is still brilliant, but supportive of your center heart stone.

The heart shape engagement ring isn’t the traditional choice, but it is growing in popularity. Because it has that iconic, romantic shape, it works great for engagement rings.

Go Extra Fancy
We also carry fancy diamonds in the heart shape for a truly unique piece. Fancy colored diamonds aren’t dyed in our store — they are made in nature. These unique colors can add vibrancy and personality to your heart shape engagement ring — making it truly one of a kind. We have a variety of colors in stock, although we personally recommend the pink or yellow varieties.

Get Repairs and Cleanings Here
Once you buy a heart shape engagement ring from us, we want you to keep that ring looking as amazing as the day you bought it. That is why we offer jewelry repair and cleaning services in our store. If you lose a stone, need your setting fixed or you just want the ring re-sized, we can help. Our in-house jewelers are skilled craftsmen that can help you fix your ring and keep it looking as amazing as the day it was originally set.

If you have questions, give us a call. We can help you find the perfect heart shape ring out there for your fiancé.

Finance Through Us
There’s no need to worry about paying for your new engagement ring upfront. Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we offer exclusive financing to our clients so that buying that perfect heart shape engagement ring is affordable for everyone.

Give us a call today for more information about our financing and pick out the perfect heart shape diamond ring for your fiancé now!

Buy Today
Are you ready to buy? Go ahead and start browsing our collection of heart shaped engagement rings online or give us a call to find one in-store. If you need a custom designed piece, we can help. Our expert jewelers can craft a unique, customized piece just for you and your fiancé. Owning custom jewelry is an experience that cannot be described. You will have a ring that no one else will have in the world. Whether you are buying the engagement ring for yourself or a special someone, let us design a custom engagement ring using the heart shape diamond today.

There’s no limit to our creativity. If you want a specific setting, we can make it work with the heart shape diamond. If you have a specific finish or shape for side stones, we can do it. We will make you the engagement ring you want.

We can also engrave your new heart engagement ring so that you can save the date that you proposed or the date you first met. Engraved rings are truly special and can be done fast so you have your ring ready to go.

Start shopping online today and find the perfect heart shape engagement ring with us here at Raymond Lee Jewelers now.

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