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Fancy Color Engagement Rings

Fancy Color Engagement Rings

Make a statement with your next engagement purchase by buying a fancy color engagement ring from Raymond Lee Jewelers today!

Fancy colored diamonds are a lot rarer than people think. In fact, it is estimated that one out of every 10,000 diamonds actually have a natural color — this is referred to as a fancy color. That is why fancy diamonds are a prized possession and we’re proud to carry them here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. When you purchase a fancy colored diamond with us, you’re getting exceptional brilliance and clarity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Beautiful Color Every Time
Fancy color engagement rings offer vibrant, rich colors to any ring. When you’re looking at the selection of fancy color rings here at Raymond Lee Jewelers, you’ll be surprised at how intense the color is. The rarer the diamond, the more intense the color will be too. We carry a full range of colors here in our store going all of the way from Faint to Fancy Deep — so you can pick the richness of color you want in your next setting.

Perfect Carat Weight
The weight of the carat can impact just how great your fancy cut looks. We feel that only the best carats should be used in fancy color rings to really bring out the vibrancy of the jewels themselves. We carry a full range of fancy color carats to choose from so that you can pick one that suits your budget and preference.

Ideal Clarity
When you buy a fancy colored diamond, you want a vibrant color that you can see. Because fancy diamonds are so unique, the clarity is usually always the best. Even if you buy a lower grade clarity jewel, you won’t notice like you would on colorless diamonds, because you are only looking at the color.

Raymond Lee Jewelers carries a variety of clarity grades so that you can decide how deep and rich you want the color of your next ring to be.

Choose Any Cut
The way a fancy diamond is cut will determine just how the color of it looks. That is why we only carry the best cuts for fancy color diamonds. We want to emphasize these are, naturally colored jewels so that they’re as gorgeous and vibrant as possible. We cut our fancy colors so that they contrast and sparkle with natural brilliance. If you have a specific cut you are looking for, take a look at our inventory and see what different cuts we have. Remember that the color is the most important, and the cut will then emphasize that color.

Pick a Shape Perfect for You
Cut determines the amount of light that your fancy color engagement ring receives, but shape refers to the outline of the diamond when it is looked at from the top. For example, princess or round is the shape of the diamond. It is important to realize that fancy colors are typically cut in a non-traditional manner so that the natural color of the diamond is enhanced. Because fancy color diamonds are so rare, you might not be able to find a specific shape. But, if you are looking for a specific shape, contact us at Raymond Lee Jewelers to see if we carry it. Often we can locate the perfect shape for your fancy diamond right here in our store.

The Importance of Picking the Right Setting
Fancy color diamonds are only as good as the setting they are placed in. If you don’t choose the right setting you might lose out on the natural brilliance of the diamond. When you are looking at settings for your fancy diamond engagement ring, choose one that will enhance the natural color of your diamond. For example, if you are looking at a fancy yellow diamond, you will want a yellow gold setting to bring out the natural yellow of the diamond. You can do a white gold or platinum setting for pink or blue fancy diamonds to help enhance the color or even a rose gold for pink diamonds. If you need assistance picking out which type of fancy diamond and setting works best for your engagement ring, contact a representative from Raymond Lee Jewelers or take a look at our inventory to get a good idea of what settings work best with what colors.

Why Choose Us for Fancy Color Engagement Rings?
We have the largest selection of fancy dolor diamonds, settings, and engagement rings to choose from. We only carry the best, highest quality. Therefore, you know you’re buying the best when you buy from us. Whether you’re looking for a simple setting or an elaborate one, we can help. We offer jewelry repair services, so we can keep your fancy color ring looking as amazing as the day you bought it. If you want to see a true selection of timeless pieces then we are the right location to visit.

Our inventory is impressive and truly one of a kind. We pride ourselves on carrying a unique inventory that suits every personality and style. We are a wholesale jeweler and sell from estates, which means you could find a 100 percent unique piece in our inventory that no one will have. We have a professional jeweler on-site every day to answer questions or perform appraisals.

If you need assistance financing your new engagement ring, we can help. We offer a robust selection of financing services so that buying a gorgeous fancy color ring is more affordable than you would think. No need to worry about insuring, because we can help you protect your piece with our insurance plans.

If you are ready to get the ring that she will truly adore for the rest of her life, come to Raymond Lee Jewelers to buy a fancy color engagement ring today. See for yourself how unique and vibrant these naturally colored diamonds are and find the perfect one for your fiancé.

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