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Halo Style Engagement Rings

Halo Style Engagement Ring

Halo rings are one of the more popular styles for engagement rings these days. They offer natural beauty and help enhance the center stone with a surround of multiple diamonds. It gets its name because of the unique shape. Traditionally a halo style engagement ring is made with a diamond in the center that is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, but that isn’t always the case with today’s styles. The halo style can be done with a variety of center stones, including rubies, jades, and sapphires.

Why the Halo Style Engagement Ring?
The halo style is truly unique and can give you a sense of royalty when you wear it. It is the style most seen on heirloom rings, but is bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire look. It is considered a vintage style that has become more popular over the past few years.

The halo style makes the center stone appear larger than it actually is — in fact, it can make a smaller center stone look a carat bigger than it really is. All shapes and sizes of center diamonds can be applied to the halo style engagement ring, which means you will not be limited on style.

Halo Styles to Choose From
There are literally hundreds of combinations to complete a halo style ring. Whether you’re looking for a heart cut, round or oval, any shape can work with the halo. Round and princess cuts are the most common, but hearts and square shapes are also growing in popularity. Oblong shapes work well too, as long as the finger is longer to hold the longer shape.

Halo styles can also be paired with fancy color diamonds. Choose from blue, pink, and even yellow to give your halo ring a little more personality. You can surround it with smaller diamonds or smaller fancy color diamonds as well.

Raymond Lee Jewelers has a complete inventory of halo style engagement rings to choose from. Whether you’re looking for white gold or platinum, we have plenty of styles to suit any preference.

Join the Celebrity Style
Celebrities are sporting halo style rings because of their vibrancy. They are extremely popular with celebrities and even royalty today. Princess Diana’s ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton, was a halo style ring. Other celebrities can also be seen on the red carpet sporting the halo style ring, indulging Natalie Portman, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood.

Choose a Unique Color
There is no need to feel as though you are limited on color. The halo style engagement ring is a piece from heaven; therefore, you want to feel angelic while wearing it. Raymond Lee Jewelers has a robust inventory of different colored stones so that you can make your halo style ring truly unique. Pick one that says a little something about your own or the personality of your fiancé. We make it easy to customize your ring with our large inventory and if you don’t see something that sparks your interest, let our sales professionals know and we can help you find the perfect halo style out there.

Need Help? Talk to an Expert
Picking out a halo style ring can be difficult. We have experts in-house that understand cuts, shapes, and clarity so we can answer any question you have regarding your ring. Want a customized halo style? We can help. Call and speak with an expert right now — we always have a jeweler on our staff and in store to answer questions.

Find Halo Style Engagement Rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers Today
We are here to help you find the perfect halo style ring right here at our Raymond Lee Jewelers store. We want to make sure you pick out that perfect engagement ring the first time around too. Whether you’re shopping based on a budget, color or preference, our site is designed to help make the process of narrowing down your choices easier. Looking for a specific carat? We have a wide variety so that you can pick out that perfect ring.

Repair Your Halo Style Ring Right Here
Once you buy a ring from us at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we work hard to keep your new halo style ring looking as great as the day you took it home. That is why we offer on-site jewelry repair and maintenance. Our range of services just keeps growing, but you can rest assured that we can offer you refinishing, redesign, resizing, repair, jewel replacement, cleaning, and more. Want to learn more about our jewelry services? Just give us a call or visit our services page to find out how we can keep your ring looking as brilliant as the day you bought it.

Don’t forget to check out our loan and collateral loan services. We make it easy to buy a halo style engagement ring here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. No need to pay for your entire purchase upfront! Instead, just finance it through our sister company and get excellent interest and payments.

Why Choose Us?
We’re jewelry experts and we have been in the business for a long time. When you buy a ring from us, we understand you are making an important decision. That is why we offer a wide selection to choose from and back that selection with our expertise. Have a current piece you want appraised? We have certified appraisers right here in our stores! We can tell you how much your jewelry piece is worth and give you a fair price if you want to sell it.

We also offer custom engraving services that you can add on to your halo style engagement ring. That means you can personalize your ring even further by leaving a special message or just marking the date. When you choose Raymond Lee Jewelers, you are choosing quality that you can trust.

Browse our inventory of halo style rings today and see for yourself how brilliant these vintage-style rings can be. Feel free to buy online or visit our store to try one on first.

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