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Old European Cut Engagement Rings

Old European Cut Engagement Rings

The European cut is truly unique and not something you see in the United States every day. It’s not because it’s rare, but just because it is an unrecognized style. The European cut originally debuted in the 1920s and had a lumpier, larger look than the styles you’re accustomed to today. These antique style engagement rings are beautiful and unique. The style also offers more brilliance than others do, which is why we love to have them in our inventory here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Choose From Our Extensive Inventory of Old European Cut Engagement Rings
We have an extensive inventory of Old European styles to choose from right here in our online inventory. Are you looking for a specific cut? We have a variety of cuts to suit any preference, including round, square and more. The Old European style is extravagant; therefore, it traditionally comes with a lot of side stones, but if you’re looking for a more simplistic Old European cut engagement ring, we can help.

To help make the decision easier, we have a variety of carats and styles to choose from. Accent your center stone or get the true antique look with rubies, gold, and diamonds. Or go for a more modern look by getting an all-diamond Old European style.

Let Us Engrave Your Old European Cut Engagement Ring
Jewelry engraving is more popular today than it ever was before. That is because people want to customize their piece and give it a sentimental feel — which is what engraving can do. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we can engrave your Old European cut engagement ring so that it is truly unique. By taking that extra time to have your ring engraved, you’ll make a lasting impression on your future spouse. Whether you want to engrave the date you proposed, your first date or just a special note, we can do it. We use state-of-the-art technology that can engrave on center and to perfection. We’re not limited on materials either, so if you want additional pieces engraved, we can do it all right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Jewelry engraving has come a long way over the past few years. No longer are you just limited to words. If you want your engagement ring engraved with an image, we can help. We just got brand new engraving software too, which means we have even more engraving capabilities to make your engagement ring unique.

Finance through Us to Save Time
Save time and hassle while shopping for your Old European cut engagement ring by financing right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We carry the biggest names in fashion jewelry, including Tiffany and Company and Cartier, so we know that it is a big purchase. If you want to make your fiancé’s dreams a reality, finance here and don’t be limited on budget. We offer financing through our sister company that has affordable rates and payments — so there is no such thing as a ring that is out of your financial reach.

Let Us Customize Your Old European Cut Engagement Ring Right Here
Feel free to browse our inventory of engagement rings online and find that perfect ring today. Having trouble finding the right one? Call us and our sales professionals can help you find an Old European style that works for you. If you still cannot find what you’re looking for, let our in-house jewelry experts create a custom ring just for you. There’s no limitations to what our experts can do and with all of our experience we can create something that is unique to your fiancé.

We Offer Repair Services Too
If your Old European cut engagement ring needs repair, bring it over to us and we will get it looking as great as new in no time. We offer top-quality jewelry repair services and custom design services so that your ring is always brilliant. Just some of the services you can expect to find with us include:

• Restoration
• Refinishing
• Resizing
• Redesigning
• Repairs
• Cleaning
• ….and more!

Don’t settle for some bargain jewelry store handling your repairs and restorations. Instead, have your Old European cut engagement ring taken care of right here at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Shop Today
Our inventory is up and ready for purchase. If you are in the market for an Old European cut engagement ring, look no further than our site here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Recent studies have shown that some of the oldest diamonds in the world weren’t really diamonds. Which means you can’t risk spending all of that money on something that might not be genuine. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we only carry real, genuine diamonds. We have in-house appraisers that certify their authenticity so that you know you’re getting a quality diamond — and not paying for a fake.

We’re highly qualified jewelers here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We know the difference between high quality and low quality diamonds and we only carry the best in our inventory. If you want to sell us your old jewelry or gold toward a purchase of a new Old European cut engagement ring, give us a call and let us appraise your jewelry items. We are a wholesale and estate reseller, which means we will gladly purchase quality pieces for resale in our store. We also carry some of the biggest names in engagement rings, including Cartier and Tiffany and Company.

Contact an Expert Today
If you need help finding that perfect engagement ring, contact a real jewelry expert. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we are the industry experts in fine jewelry, diamonds, and metals. Therefore, you can trust in our expertise to help find that perfect engagement ring.

There is nothing more unique than an antique. So when you buy an Old European style ring you will have that antique look that no one else has out there. More celebrities today are switching to the Old European style because it is so unique and brilliant to look at. Be the first in your family to switch to the old style and make it new again.

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