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David Yurman, founded in 1979, is one of America’s premier brands of luxury designer jewelry and timepieces for men, women and children. David Yurman jewelry is worn by numerous celebrities including Brad Pitt, Kate Bosworth, Amber Valetta, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger and Hilary Swank. As a globally recognized brand, David Yurman has several shops across the United States such as in New York and Beverly Hills as well as in many countries around the world.

The company’s growth and success is driven by the combined artistic forces of husband-and-wife team David and Sybil Yurman who are respected artists in their own fields. Together, the couple started an art shop and later delved into making high-end jewelry. Sybil is a painter and her insight into the use of color combined with a natural business sense complemented David’s masterful skills and knowledge as a sculptor, which resulted in jewelry creations that expressed their art forms.

The couple fused art, fashion and fine jewelry into distinctive designs and ideas that proved to be groundbreaking in the jewelry industry from the twisted rope design to diamond-embellished sterling silver and gems combined with darkened silver. David and Sybil worked to establish a brand that blends fine art with fine jewelry, creating well-crafted, high quality and beautiful statement pieces. Even their signature jewelry boxes are exquisite. From the classic designs to the new cutting-edge pieces, David sees to it that he is part of every stage of the creative process. The result is that each David Yurman piece is an artwork that gracefully adorns those who wears it. Raymond Lee Jewelers proudly showcases some of these wonderful pieces in our Boca Raton showroom and our online store.

David Yurman Trademark Designs
Introduced in 1982, the cable bracelet is David Yurman’s signature jewelry piece. The original bracelet, which is actually a cuff, features a helix of sterling silver and 18karat gold wrapped all around the bracelet and capped with gemstones on each end. Yurman was inspired by the twisted metal ropes of the Iron Age which were worn then as symbols of stature. Yurman also said he drew inspiration from the presence of the helix in nature from the human DNA to the galaxy and the curves of shells, dunes and hills.
Since it came out, the cable bracelet has been a staple in women’s designer jewelry and has never gone out of style. In fact, the twisted cables design became the brand’s trademark and appears on many David Yurman pieces. It also spawned a complete line of jewelry that expanded to include cable earrings, cable rings with sterling silver, diamond and pearl, and even cable charm locket pendants.
Other remarkable David Yurman collections include the Silver Ice, which incorporates sterling silver and genuine natural pave diamonds. There’s also Yurman’s Buckle Collection, which features his trademark cable design and an equestrian-inspired aesthetic, and the X collection, which was inspired by his wife’s paintings, incorporate the mark elegantly on uniquely-designed pieces.
Buying Pre-Owned David Yurman Jewelry
The popularity and status of David Yurman jewelry comes with a downside for the average consumer – the hefty price. For instance, a signature David Yurman Blue Topaz and Diamond Cable Bracelet can cost over $2,000. Buying pre-owned David Yurman jewelry offers a fantastic option for people looking to own such high quality designer pieces without the retail price.
Raymond Lee Jewelers specializes in selling authentic estate jewelry from luxury brand names like David Yurman. We have a wide inventory of Davud Yurman bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants at discounted prices. An example is a gorgeous pre-owned David Yurman Sterling Silver and Pave Diamond Albion Ring that retails for $1650 can be had at Raymond Lee Jewelers for just under $1,500.
The important thing when buying pre-owned David Yurman to really take advantage of huge savings is to make sure that the item is authentic and not a replica. All genuine David Yurman jewelry pieces will have the proper trademarks inscribed on them while knock-offs will display inaccurate or misarranged copyright details. Customers can also contact the customer service department of David Yurman to verify an item’s certificate of authenticity.
It’s also helpful to know the item’s retail value. Keep in mind that David Yurman jewelry is high-end designer jewelry that is highly in demand around the world and these pieces are retailing for around $300 to over $20,000 for certain rings. Items that are labeled as David Yurman but are priced ridiculously low are very suspicious since the genuine pieces use only the finest materials, which by themselves are already costly.
Raymond Lee Jewelers include retail value information on the product page to show not only how much a customer can potentially save from buying from us but also to give assurance that our discounted prices while very attractive are not incredulously cheap which is a mark of product imitations. When you buy authentic David Yurman jewelry pieces from Raymond Lee Jewelers, you will get a very reasonable amount of savings that we can afford to give because of our operating efficiencies.
Learning how to spot faux materials is another way to be able to check the authenticity of a used David Yurman jewelry, which is made only from high quality metals, gemstones and minerals.
For instance, David Yurman has an extensive line of silver jewelry which includes pieces like the Silver X Collection Diamond Cable Bracelet . Real silver will not be damaged in a nitric test while genuine diamond stones will immediately clear after you breathe on it and it fogs up. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we ensure every estate David Yurman jewelry we acquire is 100 percent authentic and has passed the scrutiny and evaluation of our in-house appraisal team.

Lastly and the best way to ensure that you will be getting genuine David Yurman jewelry is to shop at a trusted retailer or jeweler with a credible reputation in the local community like Raymond Lee Jeweler, the premier source of estate David Yurman and other designer brand jewelry in South Florida.

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