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Citrine Jewelry

Buy and Wear Timelessly Elegant Citrine Jewelry

Citrine jewelry pieces have a long history. They have been contemplated for centuries due to their remarkable yellowish hue and their fascinating power of seduction. Their name is derived from the French term “citron” with means lemon and serves as an indicator for their bright, intense color, one of the main characteristics that turn them into hot must-haves. They are easy to wear and can give a personal touch to any kind of outfit.
Citrine gemstones are sunny and extremely affordable elements, compared to other types of embellishments that ensure a similar effect. They can be mounted on any type of metal, from solid gold to silver and even cheaper substitutes, to beautify different jewels: from spectacular, extremely rare vintage pieces to modern, minimalist accessories designed to turn heads.
Determining the Shape, Color and Value of Citrine Jewelry
Citrine jewelry pieces are extremely versatile by definition. They are a part of the vast quartz family. Most of the gemstones that are currently available on the market are actually heated smoky quartz or amethyst. Even so, there are some elements that display a natural delightful yellow or brownish-orange shade. In some cases, amethysts and smoky quartz could also be transformed into extremely beautiful citrine gemstones if they are exposed to a constant source of heat triggered by magma activity.
Wondering what makes citrine jewelry so unique? Every single gemstone tells an intriguing story. No two ornaments are alike; every single item has a characteristic shape, color and size. However, there are a few common shapes (oval, pear, round, square cushion, trillion, square octagonal, fancy octagon) and colors (golden brown, orangey yellow and dark yellow) used as standards by the jewelry industry.
The value of citrine jewelry can easily be determined, by inspecting the saturation and the intensity of every single piece. If you are not an expert in this field of activity, you can avoid misguided decisions and scams by purchasing the best citrine jewelry from a respectable source. Raymond Lee Jewelers will always surprise you with a generous selection of new and pre-owned citrine jewelry tailored to your needs, taste and personal preferences.
How to Buy the Perfect Citrine Jewelry
Raymond Lee Jewelers offers you the chance to contemplate different types of citrine accessories, available in different shapes and colors. The plentitude of options will enable you to make an inspired decision and purchase timelessly elegant jewels designed by respectable companies that follow the highest quality standards to ensure the complete satisfaction of a refined, diverse clientele.
You can select the best earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants adorned with citrine gemstones based on your favorite metals (silver, gold, platinum), additional embellishments mounted on each piece, design features and price tag. Raymond Lee Jewelers gives you the chance to profit from excellent deals on new and pre-owned estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, designer jewelry and more. This way, you can save big and enjoy a marvelous shopping experience or surprise your loved ones with a fabulous, stylish gift without breaking the bank.
For instance, you could opt for an absolutely gorgeous 14K gold ring, decorated with citrine gemstones and pearls. This combination is extremely attractive and has what it takes to please even the pickiest buyers. Its burst of color will turn even the dullest outfit into a powerful fashion statement and its vintage vibe will capture everyone’s attention and trigger lots of compliments and envious looks.
David Yurman Two Tone Noblesse Citrine Ring is another hot must-have that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you want to discover the meaning of love at first sight. This massive ring with a spectacular minimalist design is adorned with a huge brownish citrine gemstone. Due to its silvery-golden hues (it is made from sterling silver and 14k yellow gold), it can be easily mixed and matched with different other first-class accessories and it is definitely a fabulous embellishment that could never pass unnoticed.
Purchase New and Pre-Owned Citrine Jewelry and Get the Best Deals
If you simply adore flowers and want to find the best way to add a touch of color to your favorite outfits and make them look less ordinary without any effort, choose to purchase and wear some of the most attractive models of citrine bracelets coming from Raymond Lee Jewelers.
The Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone Floral Bracelet is definitely an inspired choice for a number of reasons: it looks absolutely amazing, reflecting a combination of exquisite gemstones (garnet, blue topaz, citrine, amethyst and aquamarine) in a rainbow of colors. Moreover, it displays a superior craftsmanship and all the finest attributes of premium citrine jewelry which you know and love.
Why waste a lot of time thinking what kind of gemstones you should wear on a certain occasion when you can wear all your favorite ones without being criticized for a deliberately ostentatious look? This bracelet is extremely delicate, easy to style and breathtakingly beautiful.
The best part is that you don’t have to run across town to identify the best deals on citrine jewelry, which could easily become the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. Raymond Lee Jewelers gives you unlimited access to discounted new and pre-owned jewelry items with a one-of-a-kind story; these are not pieces that you could find just around the corner. They are unique or limited-edition items designed to help you express your unique personality and your refined taste.
In other words, this is your one-stop shop for exquisite jewelry pieces, launched on the market by gifted designers guided by an inspiring vision. The discounted citrine jewelry pieces sold by Raymond Lee Jewelers are wearable works of art, suitable for any type of occasions, which go extremely well with any kind of outfits and additional accessories.
Citrine jewels are the best friend of the modern, confident woman who is fully aware of her power of seduction. Their bright hue is their most important feature, allowing the wearer to feel a positive vibe throughout the entire day. Citrine (also known as the merchant’s stone) is also considered a success stone that could guarantee your prosperity in the long run.

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