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Peridot Jewelry

Fall in Love with Exceptional Peridot Jewelry
Peridot jewelry elements are much-appreciated for their beauty, greenish hues and their versatility. Their period of glory started more than 3,500 years ago, when peridot was used to manufacture jewelry for royalties and for members of the upper class.
The History and the Symbolism of Peridot Jewelry
Peridot jewels represent a great long-term investment, especially if their display a timelessly elegant, classic design and a mix of rare gemstones that adds value to the masterpiece. These days, peridot stones come from different sources, located in China, Pakistan, Arizona, Norway, Hawaii, Australia and Congo. But perhaps one of the most remarkable gems of this kind is the one extracted in Egypt, which manages to mesmerize even the real experts in this field of activity with a bright green hue and a minimal amount of yellow.
There are hundreds of different colors that may capture your attention. You should note that no two peridot stones are alike, in term of shape, size and color. In this case, color is determined by the amount of iron present in the gem. A higher concentration of iron leads to a darker shade of green.
Of course, by now most people who are in love with these embellishments are fully aware of the fact that peridot stones used to make jewelry are mined; nonetheless, some items are famous due to their extraterrestrial origin, as they come from meteorites known as Pallasites.
Peridot Jewelry: a Matter of Shape, Size and Brilliance
Due to their extravagant color and their brilliance, peridot stones are incredibly appealing and are currently utilized on a large scale to create luxury jewelry. The wildest shades of green mixed with discrete traces of yellow go extremely well with solid gold. This is the main reason why these particular gemstones are mounted on all sorts of golden products, including pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.
In ancient times, people believed that this stone could actually glow in the dark. In reality, it can perverse its natural brilliance in most environments, even in rooms with artificial lighting. This is the main reason why this gem is called the “Evening Emerald.” This material is widely available in small amounts; nonetheless larger stones are harder and harder to find and thus they display considerable price tags.
The jewelry items embellished with peridot stones can easily compliment any kind of outfit that can be worn during the months of summer and autumn. It compliments any other shades of green, as well as tones of light orange, yellow, reddish brown and gold. Since the truly extravagant buyers need a burst of color and the most ingenious designs to fall in love with a certain jewelry piece, gifted manufacturers have decided to mix peridot with diamonds, pearls, rubies and even emeralds. In this particular case, powerful contrasts represent a desirable feature that can add value to a jewelry piece.
Buy the Most attractive Peridot Jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Have you ever wondered what makes peridot jewelry so attractive? Its versatility, unique charm, magnetic brilliance and its fantastic designs and mounting techniques are only a few important reasons why people want to buy gorgeous jewels adorned with peridot.
Moreover, due to its green hues, peridot jewelry is considered a symbol of spring, rejuvenation and rebirth, just like emerald jewelry. In addition, peridot jewelry is also extremely popular these days thanks to its virtually endless list of potential health benefits and so-called supernatural powers.
For instance, peridot stones worn on the left hand (probably mounted on bracelets) were used for a long period of time to cast out evil spirits and negative energies. Furthermore, the gem was expected to cure liver problems, while the peridot powder was considered a highly reliable asthma remedy and a cure for the fever-induced thirst.
Despite the fact that large stones are very hard to find and pretty expensive, they are still used to beautify a large selection of jewelry pieces, including pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces. Smaller gemstones of this kind are utilized to create beaded bracelets and necklaces.
There are a few things that you should know before purchasing peridot stones or jewelry elements adorned with this gem. The greenish gemstone is incredibly fragile and can easily be scratched. It can even burst under extreme pressure and should be worn and cleaned with maximum care. Moreover, it should be protected from extreme temperatures and powerful forces that could impact its otherwise flawless surface.
Peridot stones are an amazingly popular long-term investment that will put a smile on your face for many years to come. Nonetheless, keep in mind that there are several cheaper substitutes that could end up replacing peridot, like for instance green tourmaline or green sapphire. This is the main reason why you should purchase peridot jewelry from authorized providers: numerous scammers won’t hesitate to trick you into buying stones labeled as peridot, which are actually tourmalines or sapphires.
To avoid risks and bad investments, decide to purchase all your luxury jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your respectable provider of wearable artworks. When in doubt, just get in touch with the certified jewelry experts working for this company and get accurate info on peridot jewelry before making a purchase.
Raymond Lee Jewelers is the place where you will always find a large selection of first-class jewelry, which is either unique or limited-edition. Opt for an original design and a plentitude of valuable gems that will inevitably turn your new collectible item into a hot must-have. For instance, the superb 14k Yellow Gold Painters Palette Multicolored Gemstone Pin was especially designed to attract compliments like a magnet and help you make an original fashion statement.
There are countless other timelessly elegant, refined jewelry items that are worth your time and money, and all of them come from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your one stop shop for premium jewelry. Just take a few moments to contemplate different models and choose the peridot jewelry piece that matches your personality and your original sense of style.

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