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Amethyst Jewelry

Buy Premium Quality Amethyst Jewelry

Wear the year’s top trendiest color with gorgeous amethyst jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers.
The star of the quartz family, amethyst occurs in mesmerizing shades of purple. This stunning purple gem certainly makes for eye-catching gemstone jewelry.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, you will find our carefully-chosen amethyst jewelry has vivid color with unadulterated purple hues and beautiful translucency. Amethyst has long been treasured since antiquity and prized by Ancient Egyptians for use in their jewelry. Amethyst jewelry is also a favorite among royals and rulers since the olden days of Rome. Feel absolutely regal without spending a fortune when you wear one of our amethyst jewelry pieces. Browse our collection now!

Amethyst Jewelry Meanings and Symbolism

Amethyst is known as the gem of sobriety and calmness, getting its name from a Greek word that means “not intoxicated”. In ancient Greece, this gem with the color of wine is believed to have the power to make a person stay sober. Purple, the color of amethyst, is known by many as the color of royals. According to folk beliefs, amethysts stir intelligence and sharp business judgment in men. During the Renaissance period, the gemstone was also described by Leonardo Da Vinci as having the power to drive out evil notions and make one’s intelligence sharper.

Amethyst is also usually seen in religious settings to symbolize piousness and celibacy. It is also said to give a person a sense of spiritual harmony and is therefore often used in meditation.
Wearing amethyst jewelry in the olden days was said to inspire women towards religious purity. Tibetan Buddhist monks use amethyst in their religious ceremonies to pacify the mind and Catholic bishops typically wear rings that feature amethyst.

Amethyst Jewelry Buying Tips

When looking at the quality of amethyst, the most striking element is undoubtedly its color which can range from lilac and pale lavender to deep, dark purple. An amethyst that has a more vibrant and brighter purple hue is considered to be higher in value. The wide availability of this breathtaking gem, which is the main reason why it is not as expensive as other gemstones, is a delight to many amethyst jewelry lovers.

Amethyst is known as the birthstone for February. If you or a loved one will be celebrating a February birthday, we have gorgeous amethyst jewelry available in different kinds and styles from amethyst earrings, amethyst rings to amethyst pendants and more.

The gorgeous color of amethyst is what makes amethyst jewelry so regal. The vivid purple when set in jewelry is simply captivating, complimenting any metal whether sterling silver, gold or platinum. Amethyst comes in different shades of purple but it cannot be any other color. The differences in the natural shade of purple in amethysts are due to the location where the amethyst was mined. Certain mines produce amethyst of a specific purple shade. When buying, the shape, cut and specific features of the gem are also important. Amethysts are cut to make their color more intense. The cut is also very important to amethysts because makes the stone more brilliant when light hits it.

Amethyst Jewelry Collection

Our beautiful selection of amethyst jewelry from talented designers means you can find the right piece that will suit your style. Choose any of our amethyst jewelry pieces to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. From one-of-a-kind estate pieces to our contemporary selection, Raymond Lee Jewelers’ amethyst jewelry collection stands out with a magnificent variety of amethyst rings, earrings, pendants, pins, necklaces, bangles and bracelets.

The stunning amethyst rings in our collection are mounted in high quality 10k, 14k and 18k white gold and yellow gold and sterling silver in different types of rings including cocktail rings, dome rings and checkerboard cut rings. We have incredible amethyst and diamond jewelry such as a 14k Yellow Gold Flower Amethyst & Diamond Ring. Amethyst jewelry is particularly appealing in settings with mixed gemstones and pearls. Some of our fine pieces include amethyst bracelets, necklaces, bangles and pins with blue topaz, tsavorite, citrine, peridot and aquamarine accents.

We have gold and amethyst jewelry in fantastic Retro styles and remarkable vintage and pre-owned pieces such as a Pre-owned Amethyst and Diamond Pear Shaped Pendant and a Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Large Cabochon Amethyst Ring which like Victorian-era amethyst jewelry feature the stone as the centerpiece. High-end designer amethyst jewelry is also available from names such as Roberto Coin, David Yurman and Cartier. View our amethyst jewelry collection online or in our Boca Raton, Florida showroom.

Amethyst Jewelry Care

Amethyst is a comparatively hard stone. While it’s durable, you still want to make sure your amethyst jewelry is protected from damage by wrapping it in soft cloth and keeping it in its own box. Use warm, soapy water to clean amethyst jewelry. Do not leave amethyst jewelry directly exposed to sunlight for too long because the stone’s color may lighten if kept in the sun.

Wearing Amethyst Jewelry

According to color trend forecasters, orchid purple which is a bright and rich purple hue is the color of the year. Get right in style by wearing amethyst jewelry. The purple color of amethyst in its varying shades goes well with both cool and warm colors. It complements practically any skin tone. Brighten your face when you wear a pair of 14k Yellow Gold Oval Cut Amethyst Stud Earrings.

Amethyst has such a versatile color that you can wear amethyst jewelry to add a wonderful pop of color when wearing something understated in beige or gray. Bring your outfit to life when you wear an Amethyst and Sterling Silver Y-Necklace. You can also pair amethyst jewelry with a vibrant top in teal or turquoise or set it against a black dress for a bold or dramatic effect.

Shop for Amethyst Jewelry

Premium-quality fine amethyst jewelry is precious and truly an object of beauty that can be passed down to your family’s future generations. Whether you’re looking for a family heirloom or simply shopping for a striking accent piece to your wardrobe, Raymond Lee Jewelers has the amethyst pendant, amethyst earring or amethyst necklace or ring that’s just for you. Start shopping for affordable beautiful amethyst jewelry now!

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