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Diamond Pins

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Diamond Pins

Diamond pins and brooches are accessories which can add a touch of elegance and distinction to any outfit. They can be worn by both men and women, although ladies have more choices and wear them more often. Just like other types of jewelry, pendants, pins and brooches have both a decorative function and a symbolical meaning. The significance of a pin or brooch can be generic, as suggested by the design of the jewelry piece; as it is the case with the classical heart-shaped pin, which stands for love, romance, and commitment. For a more personal meaning, something can be chosen that speaks to the wearer’s personality: a horse pin for someone who loves riding.

Originally, pins and brooches had the functional purpose of keeping garment pieces together. Over time, they have evolved and their decorative and aesthetic function has become predominant. Some women like to accessorize more than others, and those who do enhance their appearance successfully. Diamond pins are popular accessories due to their remarkable versatility.

Diamond pins and brooches come in various styles, from vintage and retro to modern and custom-made. The most popular designs and motifs used are heart, floral, animal and geometrical forms. By adding a diamond or several to a pin or a brooch, the design is enriched and becomes more radiant. This way, the pin turns into a focal point, drawing attention to someone’s outfit, adding elegance and a touch of sparkle.

Raymond Lee Jewelers Designer Diamond Pins

We offer designer diamond pins which display stunning details and excellent craftsmanship. Designer names include:

Van Cleef & Arpels
David Webb
Raymond Yard

Raymond Lee Jewelers Diamond Pin Designs and Motifs

heart pin
floral pins
swan pin
flower and ribbon
rose bouquet
leaf pin
south sea pearl
turtle pin
panther pin
horse pin
celestial fan pin
circular pin
wavy circle pin
wheat pin
fisherman’s hook pin
Picasso squiggle pin
rope design pin
circle gallery pin
twisted bar pin

Diamonds are harmoniously combined with gemstones in our pins, in delicate designs of an exquisite artistry. You can assort your diamond with emeralds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, onyx, blue enamel or jade, in a symphony of color and brilliance which finds its way to your eyes from the tiny surface of a pin.

Know Your Diamonds

When you plan to buy diamond jewelry, pins included, you need to know how to figure out the 4 Cs. These are color, clarity, cut and carat. Of course, in depth knowledge of these four factors is reserved for experts, but getting a basic idea about them will help you be better informed; allowing you to prove you know what you’re looking for, and enabling you to ask the right questions when you go shopping.

• Clarity
Even though the diamonds used for many pins are generally small, you want to make sure you get a quality stone. For that, start by checking the clarity of your gemstone. They don’t say crystal clear for nothing. Clear diamonds are the benchmark when it comes to assessing diamond value. But they may be hard to find and, because of that, pricier. Still, you can get a beautiful pin with a shimmering diamond even if the stone is not flawless. Diamond inclusions and imperfections can be compensated through cut. We’ll get to that soon.

• Color
Color goes hand in hand with clarity: white or colorless diamonds are considered to be the most precious, but more and more people are drawn to colored diamonds: pink or rose diamonds, yellow or light brown diamonds, black diamonds and so on. Whether on their own or combined with other precious stones, these are becoming increasingly popular.

• Carat
The carat of a diamond is attributed in relation with the weight of the stone. However, there are many other diamond pin options, which can fit tighter budgets, without having to change your selection criteria.

• Cut
Finally, the cut is essential because it’s what gives a diamond its unmistakable brilliance and fire. Diamonds can be cut in many ways, including round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, marquise or cushion cut.

Diamond Setting
Once you’ve examined the stone, you can move on to the setting. This is important, too, because it not only secures your diamond, but also highlights its qualities. What’s your pin made of? Are you into white or yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver? Do you want your diamond or diamonds to be accompanied by other gemstones? The more questions you ask the better. Are you buying the diamond pin for yourself or do you plan to offer it as a gift? If it’s for someone else, be sure to match it with recipient’s style and personality.

Use Your Diamond Pins Creatively

Pins are conventionally worn on lapels, but they can be used in many creative ways to emphasize an outfit or to highlight a piece of clothing which otherwise will go unnoticed. For instance, you can use a diamond pin to enliven a hat by giving it a touch of sparkling elegance. Or you can choose to drape a garment with one or several pins to create a particular effect. Some pins can even be turned into pendants by sliding them onto a chain. For some people, pins are collectible pieces. They can be collected for their sheer beauty and diversity, but also to be used as accessories that are often changed to personalize an outfit.

If you want to diversify your accessories, you might want to try wearing a diamond pin or brooch. Get ready to start shopping with these simple tips. Once you define your search criteria, your shopping experience will become more pleasant and fun. Asking a few questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Are you looking for something formal or more casual? When are going to wear your diamond pin and on what clothing item? What about the shape and size? Do you want something less common, which has a special meaning for you, or is a flower pin what you are looking for? Do you prefer larger pins or smaller, delicate ones? What about style? Does it match your personality? Sometimes we like things we see on others, but when we picture ourselves wearing them the effect is not as fortunate. This is true for both clothing and jewelry. So make sure you take time to find the perfect pin that complements your style and adds a personal touch to your appearance.

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