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Find a wide variety of earrings to purchase at Raymond Lee Jewelers. From elegant drop earrings, huggie earrings and hoops to sleepers and studs, our selection of earrings is for any occasion. Set in the finest metals, our classic earrings sparkle wonderfully. We have many classic stud earrings that make nice additions to anyone’s jewelry collection. You will also find a range of drop earrings and hoops in our selection if you’re looking for bold fashion statements.

Balance a round face with narrow and long chandelier or drop earrings. For a long face, oval hoop earrings are perfect while studs and drop earrings balance well with a square face. Shop our entire collection and discover the beauty of premium-made earrings from the finest materials.

Gold Earrings

A pair of gold earrings is always an elegant adornment. Worn to accessorize office attire or simple casual shirt and jeans, the delicate glow of beautifully crafted gold earrings against skin is truly eye-catching. Gold earrings can be as simple as it can be and yet still capture attention. The right type and style of gold earrings is a perfect accessory either to highlight a beautiful hairstyle or to play up a wardrobe.
If you know your jewelry, then you know that there are different kinds of gold earrings to choose from. Gold hoop earrings and slim sleeper earrings offer a timeless look. Other types of gold earrings can range from simple, understated studs to more chunky pieces with textured patterns and intricate details. All of our gold earring styles are beautiful; it’s just a matter of choosing the pair that will perfectly complement your wardrobe, hair, skin or even your mood and personality.
Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling silver earrings are perfect for either casual outfits or evening wear. The color of silver wonderfully blends with diamonds and subtly colored gemstones. It also makes a nice contrast against the vivid colors of other gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds. We proudly offer high quality designer silver earrings from top brands like David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka, Lagos, Officina Bernadi and Tiffany & Co.
Solid silver earrings are beautiful on their own but you can also choose a pair with your favorite gemstone for some fun color. We have silver earrings in all styles that come with different colored gems to coordinate with your outfit. You can also choose earrings in geometric shapes if you want to dress down but still look stylish. For girls, cute and dainty earring selections feature flowers, hearts, butterflies and other fun motifs. Silver studs with stones in classic princess cut or brilliant round cut are also excellent choices for young ladies.
Gemstone Earrings

If you’re looking for earrings with a dash of color, Raymond Lee Jewelers has pieces that feature striking gemstones like turquoise, amethyst, sapphire or malachite that are set in gleaming gold or cool silver and platinum. Without a doubt, gemstone earrings in precious gold setting have a timeless appeal and that is just one of the choices we have in our selection. Our range of earrings comes in various gorgeous designs including yellow gold hoop earrings rimmed with tiger’s eye, onyx retro style earrings, oval cut amethyst stud earrings, ruby flower drop earrings and multi-gemstone beauties.

Carefully crafted with the finest gems and metals, Raymond Lee Jewelers’ gemstone earrings selection is simply exquisite. With a wide variety to choose from, it’s easy to find a gemstone and earring style to please you or your special someone. Whether you’re searching for a piece with your birthstone or something rare, come and browse our quality gemstone earrings to find the perfect pair.

Pearl Earrings
Pearl earrings are ideal for formal and business wear, but they can also be incorporated nicely with casual attires whether for a regular day in the office or a stroll in town. Available in different colors, pearl earrings are some of the most classic pieces of jewelry, especially white pearl earrings. They are essential additions to any jewelry collection. Pearl earrings, whether freshwater or cultured, are quite versatile. Complete your elegant look by pairing a little black dress or a full-length gown with white pearl stud earrings. Pearls in colors like pink and black add visual interest to your getup. Black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, create a dramatic effect.
Some pieces in our inventory feature only a single pearl as the main jewel or as accents to other gemstones while others feature attractive designs that incorporate a set of pearls. Classic pearl earrings are wonderful gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special celebrations. Pearl earrings can be appropriately worn at any age so they will make a great gift for young girls and teens. Look for dainty designs with white or pink pearls. Shop our terrific pearl earrings selection for both women and young ladies, all available now at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Add glitter to your wardrobe with our diamond earrings. From classic white diamonds to extraordinary colored diamonds, you will find the diamond earrings to love from our selection. Elegant and classy, or extravagant and bold, a pair of diamond earrings is the ultimate finishing touch to an ensemble. Our diamond earrings consist of carefully selected mix of timeless diamond sleepers and studs, intricate drop earrings and stylish hoops. All of the pieces in our inventory were picked with style and quality in mind.

Our entire diamond jewelry collection enhances the diamond’s natural properties, from the cut to the chosen metal setting up to the mounting and finishing. Raymond Lee Jewelers has stunning diamond earring designs including diamond-encrusted 14k white gold earrings, large beaded diamond earrings and earrings that feature sparkling diamonds in stripes, rows and beautiful shapes.

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Looking to add to your earrings collection? In different types, styles and designs, from solid gold and silver-gemstone combinations to brilliant diamond and white gold pieces, we have every pair of earrings for every woman’s taste and fashion sense. When you’re ready to discover the right piece, you’ll find it at Raymond Lee Jewelers!

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