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Opal Jewelry

Emphasize Your Beauty with Exquisite Opal Jewelry
Opal jewelry is extremely accessible these days and can become the perfect gift idea for you and your loved ones. Now you can find a generous selection of new and used opal embellishments that can give a personal touch to all your outfits and turn you into the elegant, radiant queen of the night.
Learn More about the History of the Opal Jewelry Market
Despite the fact that, due to their delicate hues, opals are such remarkable gemstones, important personalities refused to wear them for decades in a row. These gems gained an upsetting reputation because of Anne of Geierstein, the famous novel wrote by Sir Walter Scott in 1829.
In the novel, the author highlights the negative energy associated with the opal ring of the leading character, Lady Hermione. This otherwise harmless story based solely on fiction managed to destroy the image of this beautiful gem for more than 5 decades, affecting the European jewelry market a great deal.
Shocked by this superstition promoted by the novel, numerous royalties, including Empress Eugene, the wife of Napoleon III, and well-known celebrities simply refused to buy and wear opal jewelry. Luckily, the reputation of opal jewelry was gradually restored. Queen Victoria neglected this so-called curse and chose to offer opal stones to her beloved daughters, as a wedding present.
In 1977, a new variety of opal was found in South Wales, Australia. The black color of the new type of opal stones mesmerized the passionate connoisseurs. Due to this unique characteristic, the opal market managed to survive and attract a larger number of clients without any difficulties. After all, what’s not to love about black opals? They are versatile, easy to combine and incredibly elegant. They are suitable for numerous special occasions, but they can also be worn with pride and joy on a daily basis.
Discover the Hidden Symbolism of Opal Jewelry
Just like any other category of precious gemstones, opals have a secret meaning and a powerful symbolism. They are associated with the concept of assurance and fidelity. Of course, centuries ago, people believed that this marvelous stone had special healing powers and triggered considerable health benefits. For instance, young women with blond hair used to wear opal necklaces, which represented the most powerful guarantee that their hair won’t fall and won’t get darker.
For many centuries, opal jewelry was utilized as an amulet, created to protect the wearers against eye diseases. In dark, long-forgotten medieval times, many people also thought that opals are the patrons of the thieves, since these gemstones could allegedly help the owner become invisible at any given point in time.
These days, most of these superstitions are considered bedtime stories and do not influence the value of opal jewelry, which is bought and worn mostly due to its elevated aesthetic value. Even so, many buyers still think that opal stones can stimulate creativity, trigger changes and happy dreams, improve relationships and boost the memory. In the vast gem kingdom, opals are truly unique, due to their rainbow of colors. This characteristic makes them truly versatile and easy to associate with different cloths and accessories.
This stone can display some of the most beautiful iridescent hues, including green, gold, violet, red and blue. A few opal variations are incredibly popular these days on national and international jewelry markets: white opals, expected to enhance the wearers’ competencies, Sonoma opals, leading to emotional stability, fire opals generating dynamic energy, boulder opals, used to stimulate originality and creativity and black opals, worn to increase the owners’ cosmic awareness.
Every single type of gem serves a specific purpose, but all of them have one thing in common: they are mounted on exclusive jewelry pieces, which could be purchased from Raymond Lee Jewelers with a few clicks.
Buy the Best Opal Jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Most people who are looking for exquisite opal jewelry pieces are judging every single candidate based on three important selection criteria: price tag, style and design features. Every single item commercialized by Raymond Lee Jewelers displays a more than appealing price-quality relationship. On top of that, all the opal jewelry is manufactured by skilled artisans who have already made a name for themselves in this line of work.
Visit the online store to take a closer look at some of the most affordable, awesome-looking opal jewelry that you could ever hope to find. New and pre-owned options are waiting for you; you just have to select the right one for you based on your taste, price range and personal preferences.
If you like unusual, intriguing designs and a mix of colorful, priceless gems, go in favor or the delightful 18K Yellow Gold Opal, Diamond Bird and Flower Pin. It is easy to wear and will instantly convert the dullest jacket into an inspiring clothing item. In case you want to become a trendsetter and a highly influential muse for other art lovers, choose to purchase and wear vintage pieces with a powerful symbolic meaning.
For instance, the White Gold Diamond Pear Opal Ring is a symbol of purity, due to its sparkling white color. Its pear shape turns it into a remarkable accessory that can give a personal touch to an elegant blazer or a classy fur coat. The possibilities are endless: you just have to learn how to style your outfits, by making the most of gorgeous new and pre-owned opal jewelry provided by Raymond Lee Jewelers.
If you want to buy a special present for an elegant women but don’t know her ring size, make an inspired decision and choose to purchase the fascinating Pear Shape Opal and Diamond Pendant, made of 14k yellow gold adorned with a gigantic, bright opal and small diamonds. Such artful, precious jewelry items are always a wise investment, since they can double and even triple their value in time. If you are looking for several other attractive options, check out the Raymond Lee Jewelers online store and start turning your cash into solid gold and beautiful gemstones.

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