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Jade Jewelry

Discover the Sublime Magnetism of Jade Jewelry
If you love the discrete shades of jade jewelry, you should know that there are many other essential attributes that turn this type of embellishments into sought-after products. For instance, their role in Feng Shui applications, a centuries-old tradition and their mesmerizing beauty, could also determine you to invest in high-value jade jewelry.
The Role of Jade Jewelry in Feng Shui applications
People who want to feel reinvigorated on a daily basis choose to embrace a well-balanced lifestyle, guided by some of the most important Feng Shui principles. Jade jewelry plays an important role in Feng Shui applications developed and implemented to attain peace of mind and stimulate the body.
Jade jewelry sends a positive vibe and allows the wearers to make the most of purifying energy to eliminate their negativity. It makes the owners feel nurtured, protected and elevated and allows them to create wealth and attract a larger number of true friends.
It seems that, according to Feng Shui guidelines, jade jewels available in different models, shapes and sizes are used to create a feeling of harmony and an ideal balance and are also expected to bring good luck inside one’s home. Jade comes from Japan, China and Russia and is widely available in a diverse spectrum of colors: from white, symbolizing purity, to different shades of greenish blue, representing a symbol of prosperity, rebirth and rejuvenation.
Discovering the History of Jade Jewelry
In the past, jade stone was utilized on a large scale to manufacture combat weapons, such as knives and axe heads, due to its impressive resistance and durability. At this point, jade can be found only in 12 locations worldwide; this is the main reason why jewelry and ornaments made from this material carry significant price tags and are considered extremely valuable.
Believe it or not, jade was also used in the Neolithic era, to serve both ceremonial and utilitarian purposes. For a very long period, jade was known as the “imperial gem” in the Chinese culture. It was used to decorate the interior spaces of the rich and influent people and also to beautify the burial chambers.
The translucent jade jewelry elements have always managed to fascinate multiple generations of wearers. At some point in time, they valued more than gold and silver and were utilized to manufacture the most common objects used on a daily basis, like for instance opium pipes. This type of pipes manufactured from jade was expected to increase the user’s lifespan and help him live a much more fulfilling life on earth.
In the old Chinese culture, the jade stone was a symbol of natural beauty, goodness, wisdom and preciousness. These attributes are recognized in the present times, and manage to inflate the price of luxury jade jewelry manufactured by talented designers.
An old Chinese saying clearly accentuates the fact that every single jewelry adorned with jade stone is a smart investment, since “gold has a value, but jade is invaluable.” In this context, if you are eager to pay the right price for truly beautiful and valuable jewels that could someday bring you a nice profit, don’t hesitate to check out the large selection of premium jade jewelry brought to you by Raymond Lee Jewelers.
Buy New and Pre-Owned Jewelry Pieces from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Jade stones are pretty rare and expensive. You can find them mounted on vintage pieces that cost a fortune. In some cases, you can also spot them on limited-edition avant-garde creations launched by skilled artisans, displaying an ingenious design and a vivid hue. Unfortunately, you have to have a considerable amount of money to get your hands on such refined items.
Nonetheless, if you love vintage jade jewelry more than anything else, you can contemplate and buy inspiring, elegant earrings, rings, bracelets and charms from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your respectable provider of high-end embellishments.
The best part about jade stones is that they are compatible with different other kinds of adornments, including diamonds, emeralds, pearls, corals and even rubies. The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring all the possibilities taken into consideration by talented designers who mount jade stones on their jewels.
The 14K Yellow Gold Oval Jade Cocktail Ring illustrates how a massive ring with a minimalist design can beautify any kind of attire and give a new meaning to an outdated cocktail dress. If you’d rather opt for a much more opulent ring that captures the attention of a larger number of people who love luxury designers, the 14k Yellow Gold Oval Jade Ring could be just the thing for you.
This product reveals that the yellow hue of the gold and the dark green shade of the jade stone are a match made in heaven. You don’t really need any other type of accessories to compliment your outfit, but jade jewelry gives you the liberty to choose different other candidates and mix and match them as you see fit, until you are finally pleased with the end result.
Some people just can’t live without massive, unique, intriguing accessories that put them in the center of everyone’s attention virtually effortlessly. This category of buyers are always interested in finding vintage treasures, in the form of pins, earrings and necklaces adorned with valuable gems. If you are one of these clients who simply adore wearable, limited-edition works of art much-appreciated for their original design and high-quality materials, choose to put your sense of style and your uniqueness on full display by buying and wearing one-of-a-kind adornments, like the luxurious Vintage Carved Jade Large Yellow Goldtone Pin.
Whether you like jade stones for their greenish hue, potential healing properties, positive energy or amazing design characteristics, choose to own and wear the most exquisite pieces, brought to you by Raymond Lee Jewelers, your favorite provider of high-end new and pre-owned jewelry pieces. Check out their appealing offer and select the most attractive accessories based on your needs, aesthetic demands, personal taste and financial possibilities. Note that jade jewelry is a smart investment that would pay for itself in no time.

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