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When you go shopping for an engagement ring, you’re probably focusing on the stone, trying to figure out what kind of diamond- or perhaps some other gem- would be the perfect choice for your loved one. A white diamond? Round cut, princess or emerald? There are plenty of options, and you might feel confused at some point, but if you prepare ahead, and define what you think she might love to wear, your task will become much easier. So, you need to start by doing your homework and learning a few things about precious stones. In case you’ve already decided for a stone, it’s important to remember to choose the setting carefully. The setting, or the mounting, defines the stone and makes it look at its best.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band or Wedding Set?

One important factor in deciding for a particular engagement ring or another is whether it will be worn together with a wedding band on the same finger or not. In this case, the two need to match, and some people prefer to buy them at the same time to make sure they go well together. The solution is to buy a wedding set, including an engagement ring, and a wedding band. There are wedding sets, which contain a wedding band for the groom, too. This way, you solve the daunting task of finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band in one shot, saving time, money, and for some, headaches. The other option is to wear the wedding band on one hand, and the engagement ring on the other. Some women choose to wear their engagement ring only for special occasions, in which case matching it with the wedding band won’t be that much of a concern.

All the elements of the ring are essential, including the stone, the type of metal, and the setting, and they need to be in agreement with your lifestyle and, of course, wallet. Let’s focus on the setting. It is extremely important because it keeps the stone in place, and highlights the stone. You have many options when it comes to mounting your diamond or precious stone on a ring. It depends on personality and style. Some prefer simple settings, such as solitaire, where a single stone is mounted on the engagement ring; others go for more elaborate settings – combining several stones, or even several types of mountings on the same piece.

What do you need to know about the setting to make the right choice? Here are a few basics about precious stone mounting and setting types, which can help you get an idea about what to look for in a ring, whether it’s an engagement ring or some other stone mounted ring.

Prong Setting

In this type of setting, the stone is held in place by a number of prongs, generally between three to six, which prevent the diamond or gem from moving on the metal base. These prongs hold the diamond firmly, forming what is called a ‘basket.’ The prongs can take many shapes, and each has an impact on the overall look of your ring. You can find pointed or rounded prongs, as well as flat or V-shaped ones. Try to compare rings, checking various the setting types to see what catches your eye, and to learn to make basic distinctions between them. The ideal number of prongs also depends on the diamond cut you’ve chosen. For instance, a diamond held by four prongs will be more visible than one mounted on a six pronged engagement ring. If the stone is smaller, you don’t need many prongs. If you go for a more extravagant cut, such as the marquise cut or the heart cut, it’s recommended to use V-shaped prongs for your stone setting, while for the emerald cut, it’s best to go for flat prongs.

A prong setting exposes the diamond more, highlighting its brilliance. The same goes for gems, whose colors are enhanced and show their full potential with this type of setting. Moreover, if you choose a prong mounted ring, you’ll need less metal, which means it will cost less. Last but not least, with this mounting, you can easily clean the stone. On the flip side, the prong setting does not provide as much protection as other settings. When it comes to practicality, the prong setting can be caught in clothing if you’re not careful.

Bezel Setting

In this setting, the stone is held in place with the help of a metal edge, which surrounds it. The good part about this setting is that it protects the diamond or the gem from potential chipping, secures it well, and creates a smooth ring surface. White stones, such as diamonds, can look larger because of a being encircled in a white bezel setting. If you choose yellow gold as the metal onto which your diamond will be mounted, you need to remember that this setting can diminish diamond clarity because of the yellow of the bezel setting.

Channel Setting

Most commonly used for wedding bands, this type of mounting frames a row of precious stones between two channels. It offers better protection, especially for small diamonds or stones, and creates a smooth surface. The bad news about this setting is that resizing can be difficult because of the stones. Also, it’s best to use hard stones with channel setting, avoiding brittle gems like emeralds, for instance.

Bar Setting

It’s similar to the channel setting, but in this case the stones are held in place by thin metal bars, instead of channels. This setting protects the stones well, and gives a modern flair to the piece. On the down side, because the bottom of the stone is not covered by metal, it can create a slight discomfort.

Pave Setting
As the name suggests, this setting creates a paved like surface, and it consists in inserting small stones into holes to create an even surface. It makes the diamonds or gems look bigger, but it’s not advisable to use it for fragile stones.

Gypsy Setting

Typically used for men’s jewelry, it consists in incorporating the stone into a hole, and securing it by tightening the metal around its perimeter. The surface is flat and smooth, and the stone is well protected with this setting.

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