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Garnet Jewelry

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Modern jewelry items have their subtle charm, but only a few have what it takes to top the refined jewels adorned with colorful gems that used to embellish royal attires thousands of years ago. The fascination for vintage creations is so big that incredibly old accessories kept in excellent condition are worth millions of dollars on different markets.
Discover the Enchanting History of Garnet Jewelry
Garnet jewelry elements are incredibly popular these days and have been utilized on a large scale, for more than 3,000 years, to beautify all sorts of wearable works of art. The history of this red gemstone is long and exciting. Its name is derived from the Latin term “garanatus” which means “seedlike”. It basically refers to pomegranate, the sweet fruit whose tiny small seeds look just like garnets.
One of the oldest garnets ever discovered by treasure hunters was found in a grave. It was the main decorative element used to manufacture an old necklace worn by a man buried in the year 3,000 BC. Anglo-Saxons were also very fond of garnet jewelry; as a matter of fact, their skilled artisans used to mount garnets on different types of precious metals (including silver, gold and platinum) using a plentitude of ingenious techniques and patterns that added value to the results of their work. The Saxon king used to wear a 465 carats garnet ring, which soon became a symbol of his influence, wealth and power.
The Greeks loves garnets and couldn’t possibly imagine life without at least one jewelry piece adorned with this valuable gemstone, which was gradually accepted as a symbol of love and eternity. Garnets also symbolize separated love and a timely return, since Hades, the god of the Inferno gave a pomegranate to his wife Persephone right before her departure, to make her come back to him soon.
In the old, dark medieval times, garnets were much-appreciated due to their virtually endless list of benefits and healing properties. Wearers believed that garnet necklaces, rings and various other kinds of adornments could prevent hemorrhages, liver diseases, cure depression and also protect them against bad luck and bad dreams.
Understanding the Unique Charm of Garnet Jewelry
Garnet accessories were also considered hot must-haves in the 18th and 19th centuries all across Europe; some of them are still catalogued as the most attractive masterpieces of the Victorian era. Garnets were utilized to beautify Bohemian churches and castles and led to the creation of jaw-dropping interior designs adored by the rich and famous. These days, garnet rings are purchased and offered to celebrate a very special occasion: the 19th anniversary of someone’s marriage.
Garnets are commonly associated with the powerful female life force. This is the main reason why, in so many cultures, only women had the privilege to wear exquisite jewels adorned with these bright stones available in some of the most intense shades of red. Several books, written by respectable writers, talk about the influence of the jewelry that we wear upon our subconscious and our entire organism. Some sources point out that garnet jewelry can cast out melancholy and help wearers rebalance their organism, due to the fact that they act like heart stimulants.
Buy the Best Garnet Jewelry from Raymond Lee Jewelers
Some people want them for their reddish hue, their mounting techniques or their design particularities, while others want to profit from the potential health benefits triggered by garnet jewels. One thing’s certain: these valuable pieces don’t come cheap. Some of the most expensive ones are made from sterling silver, gold or platinum and display a mix of precious gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.
Newer models are simple yet incredibly sophisticated at the same time. Nonetheless, the show-stopping elements that really make people turn heads are the rare vintage garnet jewelry exhibits, famous for their superior craftsmanship and for their unique design attributes. While some accessories of this kind may be indeed hard to find, you can contemplate the best new and pre-owned pieces by checking out the selection of rare jewelry offered by Raymond Lee Jewelers.
This is your one stop shop for high-quality, truly remarkable estate, diamond and designer jewelry designed to steal your heart and help you make a powerful declaration of style. Here you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on decades-old embellishments decorated with garnets, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies mounted on some of the most decadent, luxurious materials ever used by artisans.
If you are looking forward to celebrating a special occasion (like the 19th year of marriage, for instance), choose to purchase the timelessly elegant 14k Yellow Gold Garnet Heart Ring with a classic design and a plentitude of garnets arranged in a flawless manner to replicate the natural perfection of a pomegranate. It represents the perfect present idea for a sensual woman who loves elegant outfits and acknowledges the fact that a discrete touch of red can perfect any kind of outfit.
In case you are the adept of a much more unconventional style and value tiny details that have a major impact on your outfit, choose to buy and wear the spectacular 14k Yellow Gold Hot Air Balloon Multi-Colored Gemstone Pin, a fashion statement in itself enabling you to reinterpret any kind of blazer and turn it into a hot must-have. This colorful accessory is easy to wear and can brighten your day with its burst of color.
Garnet jewelry elements are magnificent and go extremely well with other kinds of jewelry pieces that reflect the same vision and similar quality standards. If you want to make a smart long-term investment and you simply adore garnet jewels, get the best pieces from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your reliable provider of new and previously worn estate jewelry, designer jewelry and estate jewelry.
Say goodbye to quality compromises, shop with confidence from your trusted supplier and profit from amazing discounts on gemstone embellishments that are actually worth your time and money.

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