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Officina Bernardi

Get the Best Silver and Gold Officina Bernardi Jewelry

If you love timelessly elegant jewelry made from noble metals like silver and gold, and have a great passion for the exquisite wearable works of art introduced by Italian designers, then you should definitely take a closer look at the statement pieces signed by Gold Officina.
Uncovering the Secrets of the Sought-after Officina Bernardi Jewelry
What separates the Officina Bernardi masterpieces from other types of accessories launched by other talented Italian designers? In short, superior craftsmanship based on traditional values, a great attention to detail, fabulous materials and genial design ideas correlated with the most advanced technology ever implemented and utilized to manufacture embellishments.
Carlo and Francesco Bernardi, the creative minds involved in this ambitious project since 2007 know how to put theory into practice and how to make the most of their remarkable artistic, economic and technical skills to anticipate trends and address the current needs, demand and aesthetic requirements of a large segment of public craving for statement pieces.
Their characteristic bead jewelry line is attracting millions of buyers from different parts of the globe, proving that the right sources of inspiration, the Italian inclination towards artful accessories, the unmatched talent and the great technical expertise displayed by all team members are the main ingredients of the recipe for success unveiled by Officina Bernardi.
Shop New and Pre-Owned Officina Bernardi Jewelry from the Best Provider of Luxury Accessories
Are you interested in luxury accessories brought to you by Officina Bernardi? In this case, purchase the most appealing ones, check the newest trends and profit from incredible discounts by visiting the Raymond Lee Jewelers online store. This is your one-stop shopping destination where you can find hundreds of appealing, decently-priced models of diamond rings and any other type of embellishments that you may someday dream or hope to wear.
Raymond Lee Jewelers will surprise you with a generous selection of Officina Bernardi items, tailored to your taste, personal preference and financial possibilities. Your favorite provider of high-end accessories stocks some of the most alluring products, like for instance the beaded hoop earrings launched by this respectable brand, available in different styles.
What Makes the Officina Bernardi Sterling Hoop Earrings So Popular?
The Officina Bernardi Sterling Silver Black/Gold Plated Hoop Earrings are crafted from premium silver and display a shiny gold overlay. With a 1.5’’ diameter and post and friction clasp, these items have become a hot must-have craved by fashion-forward women from different parts of the globe. It’s not hard to imagine why these iconic jewelry elements have triggered a massive hysteria among young women who are constantly looking for new weapons of seduction. Their appealing design, correlated with premium craftsmanship and fantastic materials turn these pairs of earrings into bold, massive statement pieces that could be worn with pride and joy on a daily basis.
Get the Best Pieces from the Classiest Officina Bernardi Collections
At this point in time, the creative minds behind the Officina Bernardi brand have managed to complete and promote three amazing collections, based on the finest jewelry pieces that anyone could ever hope to contemplate and purchase.
The Gold Collections unveil the very best made-in-Italy wearable works of art, characterized by a unique brilliance and a timeless elegance. They feature original shiny necklaces which have been given catchy, suggestive names like Slave Moon, Moon Seduction, Sparkling Moon, Dark Moon, Midnight Moon and Moonlight. These collections reveal just how well can silvery, gold and black tones go together and introduces extremely tempting accessories designed to complement the features of a powerful, seductive, modern woman.
The Silver Collections give a new meaning to accessories made from sterling silver and prove that the trendiest embellishments don’t necessarily have to be crafted from insanely expensive materials with limited availability. Slash, Gothic Mars, Silver Moon, Tube and Galaxy Moon are well-liked pieces that are a part of this popular collection addressing the needs and the demands of modern, sensual women who with a unique, mysterious power of seduction.
Officina Bernardi highlights the fact that Italian designers are striving to come up with new lines of minimalist, brilliant accessories for both men and women who are driven by the same passion for fashion and luxury jewelry. This brand has also introduced a Men’s Collection, anticipating and responding to the requirements and the aesthetic expectations of the real narcissist who considers luxury a personal choice a rewarding experience.
Find the Superb Gold and Silver Jewelry at Unbeatable Prices
Why waste time and money trying to find the most appealing silver and gold jewelries launched on the market by prestigious manufacturers, when you could easily identify and purchase timelessly elegant and trendy pieces from a reliable provider that gives you unlimited access to fabulous deals and great discounts?
Raymond Lee Jewelers lets you discover the one-of-a-kind features of Officina Bernardi earrings and anklets that have what it takes to wow even the pickiest customers. You can browse different models by type, style, material or price tag and select the ones that meet all your selection criteria. Make sure you take a closer look at some of the trendiest products ever launched by Officina Bernardi, including the sterling silver hoop earrings, the gold plated silver hoop earrings, the rhodium and sterling silver hoop earrings and the black platinum hoop earrings plated with platinum.
They can be easily mixed and matched with other kinds of high-end accessories and can perfect any type of outfit: from the most elegant ones, suitable for a sophisticated event, to the really relaxed, casual ones that only require a few basic jewelry pieces to stand out.
Regardless of your taste, personal style, preferences and price range, you will definitely find the most attractive Officina Bernardi jewelry for any occasion with minimal effort. All these pieces are extremely durable, well crafted, versatile and classy enough to be considered a smart long-term investment. If you are interested in identifying luxury accessories that will never let you down no matter what, choose to purchase them from Raymond Lee Jewelers, your first-class provider of wearable artworks.

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