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Category: Uneek Engagement Rings

2 carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement ring

Top 10 Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The princess cut diamond has been a hot contender for most popular diamond shape for about a decade now. While the classic round brilliant still holds the #1 spot, and cushion cut diamonds vie for attention, the princess cut with its bright hearts and arrow facets, sharp corners, and clean modernity still captures the heart…
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Why You Should Skip the Big Box When Shopping for a Ring Box

Starting your hunt for the perfect engagement ring? Do yourself (and your intended) a favor and skip the big box store. They might be great for buying electronics, but the same principles do not apply when shopping for an engagement ring.  What is a big box store? Think about the jewelry commercials you’ve seen during…
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Our Best Proposal Advice

Buying an engagement ring and planning the proposal, like we mentioned before, is your time to shine. Finding The One, buying The Ring, and planning how to ask the most important question of your life isn’t always easy, so we aim to make it as seamless and effortless as possible! And we’ve written lots on…
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