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Buying an engagement ring and planning the proposal, like we mentioned before, is your time to shine. Finding The One, buying The Ring, and planning how to ask the most important question of your life isn’t always easy, so we aim to make it as seamless and effortless as possible! And we’ve written lots on the topic of proposing and buying engagement rings, so today we want to share some of our very best advice posts. You can bookmark this post for future reference because it’s a lot of info to digest at once! Once you get closer to buying the perfect ring, you can start brushing up on how to execute a proposal neither of you will ever forget, of course, but also one that’s perfect for your love story. While the ring is only a token of your love, the proposal itself is the big moment, you’re asking for a promise and a commitment, so it deserves a little forethought! Sometimes the most low-key proposals are the most thoughtful and romantic (no over the top stunts or pyrotechnics are required if you don’t want them!) But the key to a meaningful proposal is one that you’ve put at least a little though into.

First things first, you’ve got to get her the perfect engagement ring. You can check out our most helpful posts here, or you can use our 3 easy steps to get her the dream ring.

After you’ve got the perfect ring, your main mission is keeping it safe and keeping it secret.

Once you’ve got the ring, it’s time to face facts: this proposal isn’t going to plan itself. This is your time to shine, and we’ve got your back for proposal planning.

Planning a holiday proposal? Be sure to check out our two cents on the topic – With posts on the do’s and don’ts of a holiday proposal, how to nail the perfect holiday proposal, the ideal Christmas proposal, and of course Valentine’s Day proposals.

Can’t wait til December to P the Q? We’ve got you covered with cute proposal ideas year round, don’t worry.

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