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How to Pull off the Perfect Holiday Proposal

How to Pull off the Perfect Holiday Proposal

Are you preparing to propose this holiday season? You’re not alone! In a phenomenon your girlfriend has already noticed on Facebook, literally every single person you know is getting engaged right now.* And if you’re sweatily crossing off days on your Advent calendar until the 25th (or casually keeping an eye on the calendar until Hanukkah) we’re here with a few helpful hints. Proposing during the holidays is a magical way to celebrate this joyful time of year, full of love and family. It’s the perfect way to end the year, and a fabulous way to say “With the beginning of this new year, let’s start a new life together.” There’s a reason why it’s such a popular time to get engaged – because it just might be the most wonderful time of the year (to pop the question.) Now, any Joe Schmo can grab a ring from a mall store on December 24th and hide it in the bottom of a stocking. But we’ve got 4 tips to help you pull off the perfect holiday proposal.

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1. Shop NOW – it’s already too close to Hanukkah and Christmas for us to do many of the great customization options on our Verragio lines (you’ll be safe if you’re shopping for a ring “as-is”.) Our Gabriel & Co. and Uneek lines can take a week or two, sometimes more, so if you’re ready to propose, then you’d better be ready to shop. If you’re looking for a classic Raymond Lee Jewelers ring, or something antique, vintage or estate, we can re-size them to her finger in a day or two, but any diamond and stone swapping can take longer. If you’re ready to buy but don’t want the ring box burning a hole in your pocket, or you don’t want her to find it, we’ll be happy to keep it safe in our vault for you to pick up closer to the holiday.

2. Have a Plan – Now is not the time to wing it. We’re not suggesting a whole written speech, actually we think the best proposals are spoken straight from the heart. Plus, no matter how well-prepared you are, you will be so nervous you’ll forget most of what you rehearsed in your mirror. Do go into your proposal with a specific idea of how you’re going about things though: outdoors in the snow? Written in Christmas lights? A very special mistletoe session? Dressing up as Santa? Christmas puppy that runs into the room with a ring tied around its collar? Even if you’d like to ask while just the two of you are making s’mores together on Christmas Eve, it will calm your nerves to have a specific scenario in mind, rather than “on Christmas.”

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3. Logistics – Once you’ve got your ideal proposal scenario, time to think ahead. You’ll need two days for Amazon Prime to deliver that Santa costume and at least that long to convince the puppy not to pee on the living room rug when he runs into the room. Possibly longer. Ideally you can take this step a week in advance. If your proposal skews more elaborate, jot out a quick list of the little things you might want or need, just to make sure you don’t forget any of the key details when it gets closer to the big question. Double check that you actually have things on your list you think you do (i.e. extra holiday lights in the attic) and go buy the things you think you need (you’d be surprised how quickly stores run out of poinsettias) so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Now is also the time to pick up the ring from the store and figure out your presentation. If you want to use a novelty ring box, make sure it’s available and has fresh batteries (where applicable.) Any mementos, old photographs, or your favorite college cover band should be collected and booked now, as well.

How to Pull off the Perfect Holiday Proposal

4. Get one – two at most – family member(s) in on it. Any more and you’re risking a spoiler alert. If using an adorable child to your advantage, let those ages 3-5 in on the plan no more than 30 seconds in advance. Ages 5-9 can be bribed with candy, iTunes certificates or mild Santa threats. Her sister is a great accomplice, and Dad should always be in on it. We like to keep Mom in the dark, only because her authentic reaction is often the second best, and because your new fiancee will love the opportunity to tell her. If you’re planning a proposal in front of the entire family, this is even more crucial. You need an insider who can derail any rogue, eggnogged out relatives and help direct the situation so you a) don’t appear too obvious and b) can focus on not panicking and marshaling your perspiration control right before the big moment. Bonus points if your accomplice can get the proposal on camera.

Now, take a deep breath, get down on one knee, and believe your ears when she says “yes!” You can also gently ask her again if she’s crying too hard or passes out at the sight of the ring you chose for her. Get ready to celebrate your best holiday ever, and if you find any of these tips helpful, share photos of you and your betrothed on our Facebook page!

*not an actual statistic


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