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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Yesterday, Yahoo Shopping featured this article by GQ’s Jon Wilde. We love this frank & honest take on engagement ring shopping, by a guy, for guys. However, you know how we like to put in our two cents on all things engagement rings, and since it’s Wedding Wednesday, please indulge us. We’ve gone point-by-point with highly scientific (-ish) stringency to test these theories. Here our are findings:

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We like GQ’s level-headed reassurance that you do not need to blow your life’s savings on an engagement ring. The suggestion of 2 or 3 months salary as a good diamond budget was invented by – wait for it – the diamond industry! Your engagement ring budget is entirely up to you. The amount you spend shouldn’t make you extremely uncomfortable, and it certainly shouldn’t place unnecessary anxiety on you and your beloved – no matter how lovely her ring is, she won’t want it to mean a huge amount of debt to start your new life together. Do your research to determine what’s important to you and your partner, then start looking. Trust us, there are plenty of options for gorgeous engagement rings at great prices.

Conclusion: Not necessarily

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The thought of men everywhere donning all black and ski masks to borrow their girlfriends’ favorite rings definitely amuses us. And this is a great way to figure out her ring size without ruining the element of surprise. Just tread with caution when looking for “inspiration” in her collection. She might love the look of her funky vintage cocktail ring on occasion, and this could serve as a great starting point, but bear in mind that she may want something slightly more traditional or timeless for the ring she’ll wear every day.

Conclusion: A Mostly Excellent Idea

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This depends enormously on your loved one’s personality. Does she love surprises? She probably can’t wait to surprise her best friends with her good news. Has she been thinking about the perfect way to announce your engagement to her best friend/family/sorority sisters/entire social network? Then she probably wants to be the first (well, second) person to know that you’re proposing. A better option? Check out her Pinterest boards.

Conclusion: Proceed with Caution

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We love that GQ suggests you be so willing to cater to your fiancé-to-be’s desires! However, the idea of couples having perfectly matched wedding bands (or bridal sets) is slightly outdated. Most couples we meet are excited to choose bands that reflect their personal style as well as their commitment. And 99% of the time, the bride is much more concerned with her own wedding band matching her engagement ring. So if her heart’s set on rose gold and you think tungsten is the coolest thing since sliced bread, fret not. Get your gal the pink gold.

Conclusion: Not all the time

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We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, education is your best friend. Research the 4 C’s. Research jewelers in your area (or online). Read reviews, and compare prices. When you’re ready to buy you won’t be caught off guard when you start hearing terms like VVS2, trillion cut, rhodium plating, GIA vs. EGL, or micropave. Bonus: it’ll give you more confidence negotiating your final offer.

Conclusion: Pitch perfect

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In case you couldn’t tell by our earlier posts today, we’re obsessed with colored engagement rings. White diamonds are gorgeous, and their eternal strength is wonderfully representative of marriage. But there are so many other precious gems with equally symbolic meaning and an amazing spectrum of colors. Emeralds, sapphires, fancy colored diamonds, rubies, etc. all make wonderful, colorful engagement rings that are as unique as they are beautiful. If you think your girlfriend might not be afraid to step outside the colorless box, we say inject some color!

Conclusion: Wholeheartedly Agree

 Overall, this advice is fantastic. We think any girl would be overjoyed to say “Yes!” to a guy who used these tips for how to buy an engagement ring as a guide. And remember, if you ever have any questions or need engagement ring advice, Raymond Lee Jewelers is here waiting to assist you via phone, e-mail, carrier pigeon – you name it. We’re here to serve your every e-ring need.

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your source for engagement ring trends and South Florida’s source for engagement rings in Boca Raton.


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