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custom jewelry designer

Where to get custom jewelry made –– necklaces, engagement rings, bands

To get custom jewelry made for your wedding, or engagement you want a master craftsman. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have some of the best artisans in the industry working at our in house workshop in Boca Raton, Florida. Here we craft custom engagement rings, wedding ring, and other custom wedding jewelry. Our local…
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diamond henri daussi bands for her

Henri Daussi bands for her for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

For the greatest celebration of our lives we commemorate it with the most memorable jewel in world, the diamond. At the moment when we become engaged and get married what happens? During that pivotal occasion we give one another rings. A diamond ring to symbolize the eternal and unfaltering love we have for one another.…
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Jewelry repair on site in Boca Raton

Jewelry repair is a sensitive subject and rightly so. Our jewelry is some of the most sentimental and prized possessions that we have. Many of them are heirlooms, commemorations of special moments, and symbols or tokens of our love. That is why when one of our special pieces is damaged, suffers the wear and tear…
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What halo ring to get with your wedding band?

There are so many options when it comes to diamond halo ring engagement rings that it can be difficult to choose. It is important of course to consider your wedding band particularly if you have already chosen or know which one you will get. The diamond halo on your engagement ring is an addition that…
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eternity diamond band review

What eternity diamond band to get?

When looking at what eternity diamond band to get personal taste comes first. The range of diamond bands available is plentiful and in the end the decision will be all yours. Whether your budget, preference for a specific cut, or desire for an inspiring design drive your decision like much else it comes down to…
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Ring Emerald

How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

When it comes to styling an emerald ring with diamonds you want to prioritize the incredible emerald green of this precious gem. After all an emerald ring is the statement jewelry piece of your outfit and we would not want it to be overshadowed. So let us talk all about emeralds, accentuating a ring with…
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emerald cut engagement ring with accent diamond band

Emerald cut engagement rings – what you need to know

A unique diamond cut shape emerald cut engagement ring is rarer than round or cushion cut engagement ring diamonds. For a solitaire, three diamond or halo feature ring an emerald cut diamond stone is possible. This geometric cut is evocative of both modern and vintage artistic aesthetics. Let us have a more in depth look…
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july wedding bridal jewelry

July wedding flowers & matching jewelry

An in depth look at peak Summer weddings’ flowers and the bridal jewellery to go along with it! The flowers that are in bloom for your July wedding may vary depending on where you are having your ceremony. However, there is a piece of bridal jewelry to match them all.  When it comes to your…
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solitaire engagement ring in front of diamonds by raymond lee where you can find how much to spend on an engagement ring

How much do you spend on an engagement ring?

At the first moment when you finally make that big decision to take the leap and ask your partner to marry you finances are probably not the first or even second or third thought in your head. It is probably not part of your life consideration plan nor are we saying it should be, at…
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Wedding ring stacks: a trend guide

A very sought after trend wedding ring stacks are the latest trend when it comes to bridal fashion. More than just stacking your engagement ring on your wedding ring a wedding ring stack is an opportunity to add some personality. It can take your classic and timeless ring up a notch with some other more…
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engagement rings right hand

Engagement rings for your bride to be

Big decisions in life come at critical points. The moments when we choose to change the course of our trajectories and take on a whole new adventure. One of the most significant of these is embarking on engagement and marriage. That first pivotal decision to pop the question is the one that can change your…
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Perfect Pairing: Luxury jewellery and designer handbags

When you change up your style the easiest way to set the trend is through your accessories. Particularly luxury jewellery and designer handbags. Both are intimate and personal choices. Also they reflect one’s personal style. It is a way to not only utilize your luxury jewellery in new ways but to also match how you…
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three rows of yellow diamond engagement rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings

A unique engagement ring is the newest trend for modern brides. One that is truly singular and stands out from all the others. Nothing is more unique then in a world of white diamond solitaire diamond rings than a yellow diamond. A gorgeous fancy yellow tone these gem stones are the latest craze. Timeless and…
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yellow gold rose gold and diamond ring stacks

Ring stack styles for wedding and engagement rings

The modern styles of jewelry and fashion have favored the more delicate adornments that we see coming from a majority of famous jewelry designers today. However, we also see abundance as a key driving force. Modern jewelry styles are significantly different from our grandmother’s fashion. Even though the classic and timeless designs stay the way…
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