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Ring stack styles for wedding and engagement rings

Ring stack styles for wedding and engagement rings

yellow gold rose gold and diamond ring stacks

The modern styles of jewelry and fashion have favored the more delicate adornments that we see coming from a majority of famous jewelry designers today. However, we also see abundance as a key driving force. Modern jewelry styles are significantly different from our grandmother’s fashion. Even though the classic and timeless designs stay the way we wear our jewelry has evolved. A really great example of this is stacking. Stacking jewelry has taken over Pinterest boards and celebrity red carpets all over. Whether that is stacking bracelets, like the Cartier love bangles, or delicate diamond rings. More and more we see this trend particularly with brides. They are opting and favoring ring stacks featuring intricate bands with diamonds and other precious stones. There are millions of ways to combine the stacks and for many different reasons as well. One great example is mixing up the different types of precious metals.

As well as combining different designs for a textured layered look and feel. When it comes to the engagement and wedding ring stacks we generally see solitaire rings that can be paired with thin bands that sit flush against them. Some are even shaped to wrap around your center stone. These give an impressive radiating halo type of look. These are known as crescent rings. There are also more subtle curved versions and many others that we will take a look at. Another aspect to look at when deciding which rings to include in your bridal ring stack beyond your engagement ring is the weight and thickness of the bands. Due to the different styles and patterns some may be more visually prominent than others. All in all there are so many ways to build a ring stack. Once you have your engagement ring it is time to stack up!

yellow gold rose gold and diamond ring stacks

Different ring stack styles

Now the first thing is to think of what kind of ring stack you are looking to build. Is it to complement your engagement ring? Do you want a smaller simpler arrangement of two rings flanking your engagement ring? Or perhaps you are more inclined to taking things to the edge with three or four more bands your ring finger. Depending on how many rings you feel comfortable with and like to your preference there are very different ring stack styles that you can choose from. As we said above there are the specific rings that let your engagement ring take the lead. Otherwise there are some that do not need to accompany your engagement ring at all. The best thing is to know your options and to try out different combinations. A lot of different combinations. Including different metals, textures and designs. Not to mention stones and diamonds too.

The stacks that are a bit more subtle yet no less eye catching are the ones that tend towards more conformity when it comes to the different rings. These match each other quite easily and look together like almost one ring. Then there are the flashier ring stack options. These are the ones that take advantage of the new designs of wedding bands and incorporate textures, patterns and combinations like no other. It is a way to get a party going on your ring finger. Let us leave it at that. The ring stack can be a combination of your favorites. Regardless of their identities to one another. Or they can be a uniform row of sparkling stones too. After all what better to accentuate your engagement ring solitaire diamond than more diamonds all around. So choose a diamond wedding band, choose a few, or leave them altogether for texture.

wedding ring stacks white gold with diamonds

Ring shapes for ring stacks

When it comes to the shape of the rings you choose for your ring stack there are plenty of options. Just look above at the stacks of diamonds on diamonds. They can dazzle your eyes as they scan back and forth the beautiful glittering stones. But do you notice the different textures too?there are braided diamond rings, ones with unique round shapes, others an eternity loop wrapping around your finger. All of these not to mention the ones featuring unique diamond cuts like the marquise cut diamond band pair beautifully together as well as with other metal bands. You do not necessarily have to stick to one shape.

In fact by mixing and matching the different shapes of the rings you get a much more unique and intricately interesting look. Your ring stack should be layers on layers of uniqueness. Each one of the rings a gorgeous iteration on its own. Only made even better by its partners all around.

The important thing to look at also is the ring balance. So while you mix up all the different shapes and cuts of diamonds and rings making sure to hit a stride is important. The different weights and shapes balance each other out for a riveting aesthetic. Chic and quite the statement a ring stack is the newest way to showcase some unique personality alongside your engagement ring. Whether it takes center stage in your stack or blends into one of the many lovely choices it can be a way to add onto your bands. Also by choosing rings of different sizes and weights you make sure no one style dominates but rather as they complement one another the entire ring stack becomes one. Pulling off this look is much simpler than it seems it just takes some practice.

ring stack yellow gold

Mixing metals in your ring stack

The more personality you put in the better the result in the end. So if you are looking to build your ring stack make sure to mix up some of the metals. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold all of them! While the textures such as milgrain detailing will bring your ring look together mixing the metals is even better. It gives a strong difference in color that jumps out at the eyes. It is a simple way to make a really eye catching ring without even incorporating stones. First take your engagement ring what metal is it? The bands that you choose to flank it with in your ring stack should be different in order to create an alternating trend. Whether the flanking ones match or not is fine. It is more about choosing rings that make you truly happy than it is to ascribe to a single look.

You can also pair it with heirlooms that might be a different metal. As you can see above there are also some rings that make it really easy to get more than one type of metal into your ring stack without even needing more than one ring. Take for example the twist diamond and yellow gold band that you see above on the middle finger. It is an exquisite example of mixing metals and adding stones into one band. It is a Gabriel & Co. 14k Yellow Gold Twisted Pave Diamond Stackable Ladies Ring that truly combines the best of the best into one easy choice for a bridal ring stack. Further there are also others with a slightly different twist. Take for example the ring stack below. A lovely combination of yellow gold and white gold – with diamonds of course – makes for an interesting and subtle style of ring stack.

The nested engagement ring stack look

Now another way to pair up your ring stack is to go for a nested look. This is when you take your engagement ring and literally nest it between a couple of unique bands to create a lovely nest for your solitaire diamond. Now this is a look that you see often with engagement rings, wedding bands and then anniversary or commemorative bands. But now more than ever before we are seeing them bringing together bands to their engagement rings for a truly sleek look. Making your diamond solitaire even more prominent and beautiful the nested engagement ring stack is a great way to add sparkle and size to your engagement ring. Even if your engagement ring already features accent diamonds or a diamond halo. The additional stones, metals and textures make for an intricate and beautiful collection. A streamlined appearance that makes its mark every time without a doubt.

engagement ring stack

You can also take your time when building up your engagement and bridal ring stack. Rather than shopping for them all at once it can also be a look that you build up over time. Embracing the new and different parts of you that you discover during life. Perhaps you just stack your engagement and wedding ring on the big day. Then for an anniversary you add another. For each one of the major milestones in your life you can add on to get the stacked and nested bridal ring stack set. A special memory sealed together on your heart line finger. What a fine way to celebrate and commemorate you, your partner, your love and your new life. All rings, but particularly engagement and wedding rings, come with a lot of symbolism and meaning. So do not be afraid to add your own for your own bridal ring stack.

Celebrity bridal ring stacks

Now the ring stack trend did not come from nowhere. This modern look of layering and mixing and matching can be seen on red carpets everywhere. Even when it comes to bridal ring stacks and engagement ring combinations the celebrities are all over it. One of the Monterrey’s five from the famed Big Little Lies series jewelry is a ring stack. Her wedding and engagement ring form part of her very own stack. We are talking about Reese Witherspoon! The actress has a couple of glamorous diamond bands stacking up with her engagement ring. She of course is not the only one. Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz are two other celebrities rocking ring stacks. It is all about the personality peeking through in these as you can see each of them have very different stacks according to their personality. Details make the look there is no wrong way to stack up your rings. Whether they are bridal, engagement or a bit of both. 

Where to buy bands for a bridal ring stack? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have some of the world’s best brands for bridal and engagement rings. Our wide curated collection includes jewelry from the likes of Gabriel & Co., Henri Daussi, Tacori, Verragio and many more. The options are endless when it comes to the ring stacks you can make pairing the exquisite items from their collections. Whether you are looking to add onto your engagement ring with a band or two. Or create your very own eye catching ring stack there are endless options. Also do not forget the incredible different styles and options that they offer. You can mix and match metals, weights, textures and much more just following the easy suggestions here. Which in the end as with anything with jewelry it is really just all about following your heart. Your favorite brands, your favorite bands and your favorite combinations all together in one beautiful place.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we know the journey to your wedding day intimately. We have helped thousands and thousands of couples find their ideal jewelry pieces to share in that iconic moment. In the sharing of their vows and in embarking on life’s most wonderful adventure. Couples come to us for diamond and jewelry expertise, reliable support and maintenance as well as a friendly smile from someone committed to superior service. Our excellent staff have been assisting on the walk to happily ever after for the last three decades. And our family is thrilled to continuing to serve our South Florida community for many more decades to come too. It is our passion and devotion to bring together the sparkling emblems of life’s greatest moments. From the moment you pop the question to when you meet your partner down the aisle. We’re with you each step of the way.

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