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Wedding ring stacks: a trend guide

Wedding ring stacks: a trend guide

A very sought after trend wedding ring stacks are the latest trend when it comes to bridal fashion. More than just stacking your engagement ring on your wedding ring a wedding ring stack is an opportunity to add some personality. It can take your classic and timeless ring up a notch with some other more modern designs and styles. You can pair some incredibly new patterns and ring designs with the classic rings that you love. Further you can mix it up too. Rather than just sticking with one type of gold or even one type of stone a wedding ring stack can be a mix of your favorites. Here we will get into the different options that you have and how to tastefully put them together. With our wide range of designer wedding rings and bands it is super easy to make the wedding ring stack of your dreams. 

The stacked wedding rings style trend is another way that modern brides are upping the ante when it comes to their engagement and wedding rings. A proper combination of beautiful and different rings in a wedding ring stack can be eye catching and dazzling. Wedding ring stacks have taken over Pinterest boards and celebrity red carpets all over. Combining the different rings give a textured feeling and changes up the aesthetic of the wedding ring and engagement ring pair. Particularly popular for brides celebrating their anniversaries a wedding ring stack can also be a memorable combination you build over time. Each one of your new additions a special and meaningful commemorative ring. Beyond the wedding ring stacks that are all on your ring finger you can also stack rings on your hand. Whether that is with a tasteful midi ring or another ring stack on your middle or pointer finger. 

doubled up diamond wedding ring stacks

Diamond wedding ring stacks: the latest bridal trend

So this new bridal trend of not just this season the wedding ring stacks. It is a style that we have started seeing in a lot of places. Whether that is on celebrities and public figures or just on refined ladies in our lives this is one popular style that brides just can not seem to get enough of! A highly personal and intimate fashion statement a wedding ring stack is more than just for looks of course. It is a compilation if you will of all the memorable moments in your marriage. Whether you are building up your stack slowly over time to symbolize your anniversaries or are choosing wedding bands that stack up together for a personalized stack of your own. The modern brides of today are more and more going beyond what the classics and tradition say. They are breaking the mold and going for the new. 

In Scandinavia the wedding ring stack is quite common. Not of recent times the tradition there is for brides to actually wear three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding band and the motherhood ring. Each one is meant to be received at the corresponding moment in time. Now the world has taken this Scandinavian tradition and brought it even bigger. The fashion world has been preferring the wedding ring stack or layered look featuring several wedding rings at once. These can either each have their own special meaning or be all together for an incredible wedding ring stack full of symbolism and love. Either way a wedding ring stack is a personal and joyful combination. Stacked wedding rings can be symmetrical, two rings on either side of the engagement ring, or asymmetrical with more rings on either side. You can also change it up in time as you prefer them.

Mixing metals – how to use yellow, rose and white gold together 

Now the more traditional approach to wearing jewelry and fashion in general is that you stick to just one color. Further when it comes to jewelry this usually means staying in one metal color category. This is no longer the case. Beyond brides women everywhere are mixing up their jewelry preferences and adding pops of color together! It is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. However we do think it is a great way to add visual breaks and texture to your wedding ring stack. You can go wild and get rings in each fine metal color. Namely yellow gold, rose gold – which we should mention can come in many shades – and of course white gold, platinum or silver for that metallic white shade. The trio of colors together or some contrast pairing is absolutely stunning. We love to see how brides stack their wedding bands together in unique combinations. 

A lovely combination of yellow gold and white gold – with diamonds of course – makes for an interesting and subtle style of ring stack. 

close up of four different diamond wedding ring stacks on left hand

Wedding ring stacks different design shapes, metals and colors from top designers like Gabriel & Co. 

Wedding ring stacks with different patterns and designs

Another way to ramp up your gorgeous wedding ring stack is by not just mixing colors but also patterns and designs. There are so many diamond wedding and anniversary bands now a days in unique designs that it is simply a joy to see them all. There are some that use the metal to surround the diamond shapes. Like round diamond bands with bubble like shapes surrounding them. To the really unique placement of diamonds to create a lattice almost lace like design with a band! We think stacking these up together creates a gorgeous prism and geometric look. However you can also mix and match them. This really offers an eye catching and mesmerising style of wedding ring stack. That is because the different shapes force your eyes to follow the patterns. Meanwhile the colors dazzle you changing up the brightness and reflection as you move along the textures. 

Overall there are too many designs to cover all in one article. However on our web site you can view all of the gorgeous styles we have available. Promise you will not tell but some say at our stores there are exclusive styles you can take a peek at when you visit! All of these are fine styles that take jewellery making to the next level. They are the unique ring shapes that are capturing and captivating modern brides. Really they are just one more reason to go for a wedding ring stack.

While you mix up all the different shapes and cuts of diamonds and rings making sure to hit a stride is important. The different weights and shapes balance each other out for a riveting aesthetic. Chic and quite the statement a ring stack is the newest way to showcase some unique personality alongside your engagement ring.

Classic white gold and diamond wedding ring stacks

That is not to discount the more classic style of wearing one uniform color combination. Particularly when it is the minimal and versatile ‘white’ shade. When it comes to diamonds the white gold or platinum really helps to accentuate the shine and brilliance of the precious stone. Therefore when you pair them all together into a gorgeous diamond wedding ring stack your fingers may just simply glow from all the light they catch. Diamond wedding ring stacks can also feature unique textures as you lean more towards patterned or shaped bands. These emphasize the rings far more than your classic simple bands. 

As you can see pairing up some of the more unique ring styles like midi rings can also up the ante on a classic style of diamond wedding ring stacks. These add a touch of the modern without even really affecting your wedding ring stack directly. It is more so about the overall combination of the rings across your fingers.

white gold and diamond wedding ring stacks on left hand

Gabriel & Co. LR51177W45JJ 14k White Gold 0.05ctw Diamond Stackable Band

Midi ring wedding ring stacks

The stacks that are a bit more subtle yet no less eye catching are the ones that tend towards more conformity when it comes to the different rings. These match each other quite easily and look together like almost one ring. A midi ring is a bit like that because they tend to be the same metal and design style as the other bands and rings in a wedding ring stack. However, they are unique in and of themselves as they are as the name puts it “midi” rings. This means that they just go mid way down your finger. They are not a classic ring that sits at the base of your finger but rather lingers a bit on higher. These are fantastic rings to use for an innovative wedding ring stack that spans more than one finger. To get your hand party going a midi ring can be a delicate touch. It is classic enough in its design to match easily with more conservative or traditional wedding ring stacks while being innovative enough in their approach to seamlessly fit into a modern combo as well. 

Undoubtedly one of the more edgy styles a midi ring as part of your wedding ring stack is a small and delicate addition. It sits distanced from your wedding band and engagement ring while tying these together with other rings you may be wearing. The layering of rings and jewellery in general like this has become extremely popular in the past couple of years amongst brides. Including those that have been married long before the fashion trend came about. That is the thing about wedding ring stacks it is never too late to get started on your stacking of rings.

wedding ring stacks diamond

Layering rings together across different fingers 

At this point you are probably convinced about wedding ring stacks. Whether you want to build one for yourself or not. However you might be asking yourself “how many rings can I wear in a single stack?”. That answer will depend on each individual. That is because of personal preference yes, but also finger length, let us be real here. So if you have shorter fingers you may not be able to wear as many rings in your ring stack as your heart desires. However, do not despair! We have the perfect solution because you see it is not necessary to wear all your rings on one finger! 

As you can see with the midi rings your stack can happen on lots of fingers, at different heights and all at once. It is a hand party that can go a hundred different ways, at least. You can change up the order of the rings and the fingers they go on.

wedding ring stacks four different styles diamond on left hand

Stackable wedding anniversary diamond bands

What rings to buy for a wedding ring stack? Check out Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s selection

When it comes to buying your engagement or wedding rings you want to work with someone that you know that you can trust. A company that cares and that will make absolutely sure that you are looked after. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have been doing just that for our refined South Florida clientele for the past three decades. Dedicated and committed to offering a superior service our diamond experts are here to take care of you every step of the way. Whether that is when you first start looking at the different ring options that are available to you. Or when you already have some and are ready to add a couple more to create a wedding ring stack. We are ready to welcome you in and try to find you the rings of your dreams. 

All of our items are rigorously tested by our master craftsmen and come from the very best bridal jewellers around. Including Verragio, Henri Daussi and Gabriel & Co. These are the brands that you can trust to bring you the latest in innovative design and style. The aesthetics of these designers are at the forefront of the bridal fashion world. Further they use only the world’s finest materials and techniques. This way the rings that they craft and create are ready for a lifetime of joy. 

As any cherished items sometimes our rings and fine jewellery also require some care and maintenance. In light of that we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee also provide these services in house. So that you know from the moment you come through our doors you will be taken care of no matter what it is that you need. To assist in the discovery and embracing of fine jewellery that speaks to you and your partner’s unique love.

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