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Crown Ring Men's Wedding Rings

Crown Ring Men's Wedding Rings

Men's Diamond Wedding Ring

Men’s wedding rings have come a long way, even in the last decade. Now, gents have nearly as many options for their wedding souvenirs as the ladies do. With fashion-forward design, luxury detailing and hand crafted attention to detail, men’s wedding rings have  evolved, big time. And its due to the guys’ increased desire for something a little different, a little more special, something that will add some aesthetic flair to the accessory they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. And we’re so on board with this growing trend.

Crown Ring

We’ve started stocking more trendy and edgier rings, in addition to more luxurious and refined options for the guys. And no brand does this quite like Crown Ring. This designer brand is one of our favorites, and our grooms tend to agree – it’s usually the first showcase they flock to once they return to shop for wedding bands.

Men's Wedding rings: WB-9968 Hammered Wedding Band by Crown Ring

Crown Ring was founded in 1999 by Haimy Mann and Thierry Belisha, with the concept that

“When a couple gets married they are king and queen of their world, ready to reign over their new life. This is the concept behind CrownRing, creating jewelery fit for royalty.”

Alternative Metal mens rings

While the company does make beautiful rings for both men and women, we were drawn to their pioneering in men’s wedding bands. They were among the first companies designing alternative metal bands, like tungsten, black ceramic, and cobalt. The cobalt in particular stands out in the industry; diamond-like carbon coating on all cobalt wedding bands means they’re resistant to chips, cracks, fading and discoloration. Built to last a lifetime, just like the marriages they represent.

Men's Diamond Wedding Ring

Crown Ring also specializes in titanium bands, which are great for our grooms with allergies to white gold, and those who like the look of white metal but don’t want to pay platinum prices.

But most of all, Crown Ring enchants us and our grooms with design. These rings are created with men in mind, and often borrow inspiration from luxury watches so many men covet and collect. Whether they want to match their band perfectly to their favorite timepiece, or they just appreciate the attention to detail inspired by the great Swiss manufactures, this synergy is very attractive and definitely not lost on stylish grooms-to-be.

Men's wedding bands inspired by luxury watches

Our selection of Crown Rings is a great jumping off point. After our grooms return to our store for wedding ring shopping (having successfully navigated the waters of engagement ring buying) they’re eager to check out the different styles and get a feel for what they’d like to wear on their left hands. Even if they don’t find The One among our selection, we’re always happy to order them the style of their dreams from the catalog, or to work with them to customize their perfect ring – just like we do for our brides!

Mens engraved wedding rings

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, your options are now so much greater than yellow or white. Crown Ring is a shining example of that, and for that reason a favorite with both our grooms and our sales team.


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