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Yellow diamond engagement rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings

three rows of yellow diamond engagement rings

A unique engagement ring is the newest trend for modern brides. One that is truly singular and stands out from all the others. Nothing is more unique then in a world of white diamond solitaire diamond rings than a yellow diamond. A gorgeous fancy yellow tone these gem stones are the latest craze. Timeless and gorgeous the yellow diamond has recently become an ever increasingly sought after stone. In part due to a certain Tiffany’s yellow diamond that came out of the vault earlier this year. Aside from that red carpet phenomenon this is not when this star was born. Yellow diamonds have a long and strong history showing their true color if you will. To accentuate this new bridal favorite top designers are adorning fabulous yellow diamonds with accent diamonds galore. From diamond halos to diamond studded bands there are glittering glamorous details to be had for every style.  

Whether you are looking for the engagement ring of your or her dreams then you should absolutely consider a yellow diamond engagement ring. Featured in several of the most popular diamond cuts including pear, princess, cushion, emerald and oval there are rings for every personality. Additionally all of the rings we feature here are paired up with gorgeous accent diamonds. These white wondering beauties add to the sparkle and shine of the golden sun drop yellow diamond centre stone. Intricate, feminine and modern these are the yellow diamond engagement rings of the season that you just cannot miss. From Lady Gaga’s performance with Tiffany’s yellow diamond to the stone marking your engagement yellow diamonds can do it all. With grace, glamour and good taste. Each of these rings have their own personality and design. All that is left to do is choose which one do you identify with the most?

5 yellow diamond engagement rings with diamond halo

Yellow diamonds a brief gemological overview

Yellow diamonds are known by many names. Canary diamonds is one of our personal favorite nicknames. A range of rare colored gem stones yellow diamonds are not just one single hue. Varied depending on a large variety of factors yellow diamonds come on a spectrum of shades. From very light yellow to deep golden sun drop shades. Tremendously popular for its beautiful shade and recent forays into the spotlight of major media events. These diamonds are found all over the world. However that being said some of the most vibrant and intense yellow diamonds can be found in South Africa. One thing that is important to note is that the yellow color of diamonds are naturally occuring. These are not irradiated or treated in order to achieve the tone of yellow. Further the color continues to stay true for years and years to come. They do not ever fade away.

Platinum 10.36ct GIA Certified Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Formed in the same manner as white diamonds are under the incredibly intense pressure of the Earth for thousands of years. Yellow diamonds are a niche of colored diamonds. Unique and shimmering the world’s largest yellow diamond is – you guessed it – the one that Lady Gaga wore. The Tiffany’s yellow diamond which has been kept in the vault since the last time it was worn. By none other than the Tiffany & Co. girl, the woman who put the breakfast at Tffany’s, none other than Audrey Hepburn.

A fun and uplifting color yellow diamonds bring joy and harmony. They are naturally color graded making for beautiful natural shades of yellow. The yellow in the diamonds occurs because of a natural process where the presence of nitrogen within the gem stone causes the blue and violet range of color in the visible light spectrum and therefore shines yellow. Nitrogen is extremely natural in diamonds. So much so that the base of all diamonds, not just the yellow ones, is nitrogen itself. Now the fancy color diamonds have nitrogen not only at an atomic level but also at a molecular level too. This is how the gemological experts categorise fancy color diamonds. There are two types. Type I diamonds which are the ones that do contain nitrogen and account for almost around 98% of all natural diamonds that are found. Meanwhile the other much rarer Type II diamonds don’t.

Henri Daussi AVSY15-S5 18k White Gold 0.51ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

As you can see some of the diamonds are different shades of yellow from the others. There is a tone and hue of yellow perfect for each bride to be. Some of the rings you see above are linked here below. They include well known brand names such as Henri Daussi.

three rows of yellow diamond engagement rings

18k White Gold 1.71ct Cushion Fancy Intense Yellow GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow diamond engagement rings

Adding a little touch of the modern now to classic diamond ring cuts and shapes yellow diamonds are becoming ever so popular amongst today’s brides. It is a way to bring some fun and young spirit into the engagement ring styles of our grandmother’s and beyond. The yellow diamond engagement rings are a touch of personality and of vibrancy that we did not usually see in the engagement ring industry before. As the rule book gets tossed out the window more and more the new brides opt for colorful gemstones, yellow diamonds of course being a favorite. For a chunky jewelry style look and added glamour accent diamonds make yellow diamond engagement rings all the more beautiful. From large white diamonds flanking the central yellow diamond stone to the double and even triple diamond halos surrounding yellow diamonds there are infinite ways to change up a yellow diamond engagement ring.

The bands are also an easy way to add some unique personal touches to a ring. Whether that is with a double open band or a diamond accented one any part of the ring is a place for a game changer. Particularly when it comes to mixing up metals a yellow diamond engagement ring gives you plenty of room to play. Whether that is with a rose gold inner halo or perhaps a ring shank in yellow gold to emphasize the yellow diamonds color. It is all about creativity and taking the designs to the absolute next level. The yellow diamond is a versatile primary base color. It pairs well with almost any metal and yes a mixture of them too. It is no wonder that brides are more and more searching after rings such as these. Yellow diamond rings are fun and joyful with eclectic options to personalize it.

side view of 5 yellow diamond engagement rings

Choosing an engagement ring diamond cut

Now for a yellow diamond engagement ring there is not actually one single best cut. It depends not only on the specific diamond you are dealing with. If you were to get a custom cut diamond. Also it is very important to consider the wearer of the yellow diamond. The cut of the diamond sets the tone for the piece of jewelry. It dictates what can and cannot be done in terms of accentuating and accessorising the diamond with accent stones and the likes. Thinking about the bride to be and what their preferences may be when it comes to a specific style is also very important. Think about the jewelry that they generally wear. Is it different shapes? Is comfort and fit very important – maybe even more so than the aesthetics of certain pieces? Some shapes tend to slide a bit on your finger depending on how the weight of the ring is distributed. So it is important to think of these details when beginning to search for an engagement ring. 

After all this is the piece of jewelry that will catch attention each and every time. For years and years to come down the line. Perhaps even generations down the line as it makes its way through your family. Timeless in its gorgeous nature you just need to have a deep think and take into consideration these details. It also never hurts to see the rings in person. To feel them and look at how they behave while they are being worn. It is the details that make it. After all there are so very many options. Each with their own unique conditions. The most important is to take your time, and feel for that hint of intuition that says yes when you have found the one.

14k Two Tone 4.03ct Fancy Deep Yellow Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

Overall the most important thing to remember though is that the cut of the diamond will dictate the diamond’s ability to interact with light. This will define how the diamond will shine. Further, the light is what creates the oh so coveted sparkle of diamonds. Now if the cut you choose gives a slightly smaller range of brilliance it has you can accent the stone with diamonds to add a bit more of sparkle. Now for larger diamond stones that is a problem that solves itself really.

You can see in the photo all of the different diamond cuts that are possible with yellow diamond stones. They are each unique and lovely in their very own way. You can analyze them not only by style and design of the final product but also the gemstone itself. Here is how to gauge the diamond cut below.

4 large yellow diamond engagement rings

The diamond cut

There are three important features when it comes to the diamond cut. Those are the brilliance, the diamond’s fire and finally the diamond’s scintillation. Let us go through these: brilliance: is the reflection of that white light after it hits a diamond’s facets. It is the contrast between these white light flashes and the shadows created by the diamond’s cut. The greater the contrast, the greater a diamond’s brilliance. Fire: refers to the colors that a diamond’s interior reflects; they’re flashes of color on the visible spectrum that result from the diamond scattering white light into the colors of the rainbow. Scintillation: The amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond. The “cut” grade refers to the diamond’s ability to produce all three with maximum results based on its proportions.

18k White Gold GIA Certified 1.01ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

4 large yellow diamond engagement rings

14k White Gold 1.65ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond With 0.48ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Where to buy yellow diamond engagement rings near me? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

When it comes to engagement and wedding jewelry it is a long road. For some it may be a love at first sight. Meanwhile for many others it takes a few different trips and a look at many a ring in order to decide. We know that this is a crucial life moment. It carries with it some really serious thinking and decision. Arguably one of life’s most significant purchases, and we mean like ever. This is a moment when you need to be able to trust experts that can help guide your decision so that you know you and your partner will be happy with your decisions for years and years to come. Speaking of which we have been in the business of helping partners embark on their happily ever after journeys for many years. We have been serving our South Florida community for the last three decades actually.

yellow diamond engagement rings

Throughout these years we have come to know many joyfully united couples and to help them make that transition in their lives is a moment we cherish, each and every single time. It is why we do what we do. Our team of diamond experts and master craftsmen welcome our refined clientele with open smiles. Because we know how important the moments in your life that call for jewelry are. We understand that you may have questions – a lot of them. And we are prepared with the answers you are searching for. So if you are looking for a place to buy your yellow diamond engagement ring or any other ring that fits your dream come join us at one of our conveniently located stores. We are here to assist you in every step of the way. Come find the ring that will bring you and your partner closer together.

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