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The 4 Best Rose Gold Swiss Watches for Men – Luxury at its Finest

The 4 Best Rose Gold Swiss Watches for Men – Luxury at its Finest

best rose gold watches

Are you looking for the best Rose Gold Watch? Whether it’s for you or the best man in your life, you can’t go wrong with a luxury rose gold watch. Especially if you choose one of the 4 iconic luxury Swiss Rose Gold Watches featured in this article. 

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Rose gold timepieces are leading the watch trends season after season for the last few years. Rose gold is literally everywhere, which is probably why you are here reading this. It has long since taken over yellow gold’s spot as the precious metal of choice for watchmakers. Although it has a strong rival in white gold, people seem to be taking much more to rose gold. The thinking is, if I get white gold I might as well get stainless steel and save myself thousands of dollars as they look the same. If you want gold, and you want your watch to stand out, a rose gold watch is a no brainer.

Rose gold watches are extremely versatile, so you can wear them with a fresh white tee, a classic black shirt, a denim button up or a sharp looking suit for a business meeting or night out. The options for pairing a rose gold watch are literally endless.

For the men who want to have a powerful presence wherever they go, today we are introducing to you 4 iconic rose gold Swiss watches that every man (who can afford it) should own at least one of.

Before we showcase each of the 4 rose gold watches, from the likes of Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piguet, we are going to give you a quick lecture on rose gold watches.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold, which is also known as pink or red gold, has a reddish tint due to a modern alloying process that combines pure gold with copper.

Because rose gold alloy uses copper, it is very durable, which also makes it extremely wearable. This warm rose-hue version of gold displays richness and spending power.

Isn’t rose gold for women?

For those who think rose gold is only for ladies, that is absolute nonsense. If Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are creating watches for men in rose gold, you better believe it’s on-trend and it’s on-men.

If you don’t like it because of the name “rose”, simply call it “bros gold” or red gold. In any case, the color is far from feminine.

That said, it does have a softer aesthetic but it’s also clearly masculine. Have a look at the watches we are featuring in this article as that it’s enough proof.

Not all Rose Gold Watches are the same Rose Gold Alloy

As rose gold is an alloy, there is no such thing as pure rose gold and there are different hues of rose gold as it depends on how much copper (and other elements) were put into it.

Gold alone is very soft, which makes it not as wearable for jewelry. So, typically high end rose gold jewelry is 18k. If the rose gold is 18k, then you don’t need to worry about the color changing over time. If there is any surface oxidation (which is what causes some color change) then a simple polishing will fix it. So don’t let anyone tell you the color will change on a rose gold watch when it comes to high-end luxury brands like the ones we are featuring today. They use quality rose gold alloy.

Rose Gold Spectrum

When making rose gold alloy, if you were to scale up the amount of copper, you’d get a redder looking gold. If you were to lower the copper, you’d get a more pink looking gold. When it comes to rose gold, there is a color spectrum.

Usually, rose gold jewelry and watches are somewhere in the middle. That said, for men’s watches, brands are using a slightly redder color, as it offers a more vintage appearance.

Moreover, many Swiss luxury watch brands create their own precious metals so they can control the quality and color.

Let’s take Rolex for example…

Rolex created their own extremely high quality rose gold alloy in the early 2000s. They named it Everose. It was designed to specifically prevent any color change over time.

They didn’t just use copper, they also added platinum to the alloy. This addition of platinum works really well to keep the color and the watch looking new.

They use around 76% gold, 22% copper, and 2% platinum. They have got a lot of incredible feedback on their patented rose gold alloy.

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Benefits of Rose Gold Watches

Beyond just the appealing and unique look that rose gold offers, and the fact that it is supremely in style, it has many benefits over typical gold.

Rose gold is more durable and tougher than white and yellow gold. This makes it a fantastic option for watches.

Furthermore, it is wonderfully affordable. Of course, this also depends on the brand. You are going to be paying a premium on high-end Swiss watch brands, and for good reason, the overall quality is superior and the brand recognition that comes with it is extremely satisfying. That’s worth the extra money.

Why are Rose Gold Watches so Popular?

  1. Fashion industries eat, sleep and breathe exclusivity, and this makes rose gold very desirable.
  2. It is modern, romantic, and pleasantly unexpected.
  3. It’s affordable thanks to the use of copper, rather than white gold which uses a more expensive metal called rhodium.
  4. Rose gold has history. During World War II, steel and white metals were needed for the military. Thus, the jewelry industry started to add copper alloy to gold to use less solid gold. The result was a rich looking rose-hued gold that consumers fell in love with. Years later rose gold started being used in timepieces and it has had a very special place in the heart of watchmaking ever since.

The 4 Best Rose Gold Watches from Swiss Watchmaking Legends

Now, to showcase the featured watches of this article – here are 4 iconic timepieces that we truly believe should be labeled as the best rose gold watches (no offense to other “best rose gold watches” articles, but when we say best, we mean BEST)… And we must say, they are expensive. Not much in this world is great that is cheap when it comes to material objects after all.

Ok, enough fluff, let’s dive into the goods…

1. Patek Nautilus 5711R in Rose Gold

patek philippe nautilus rose gold

This is the superbly classic Nautilus 5711 in rose gold. When it comes to making elegant sports watches, Patek Phillipe is easily one of the best. This 40mm rose gold case has a creative porthole construction with a rounded octagonal bezel. The 18k rose gold case, bezel and bracelet go beautifully with the horizontally embossed brown dial. The hands and hour indexes are made of rose gold and filled with the perfect amount of lume to make legibility easy in low light conditions. This sophisticated sports watch uses a self-winding caliber 26-330 SC and has a power reserve up to 45 hours. What’s more, is it is water resistant up to 120m which is more than enough for typical divers.

All in all, this is a stunning example of a high quality rose gold watch that many people can only dream of.

If you are interested in purchasing this watch, please contact us for pricing. It comes with the original Patek Philippe box and papers. It also comes with an additional buckle.


2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 18K Rose Gold Pave Diamond (ref. 26178OK)

best rose gold watches for mens

This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore rose gold pave diamond watch is the ultimate pronouncement of luxury. The entire case, bezel, and dial are set with diamonds that state “I have spending power” so you don’t have to. The case and bezel are beautifully crafted from 18k rose gold, and there is a rubberclad underneath the pave diamond rose gold bezel which matches the crown, pushers, and Arabic numerals on the dial. The dial is a mother of pearl chronograph dial. It has such a wonderfully unique design that Audemars Piguet is so well known for.

The watch is big and bold (the case is 42mm in diameter but wears bigger). Moreover, it is utterly contemporary. If you are looking for the maximum amount of “stunning” this one is it.

If you love this watch you can purchase it for $45,000 at Diamond by Raymond Lee.


3. Rolex Daytona 116515 18K Rose Gold


This is a Rolex Daytona 116515 rose gold (Everose) ivory dial ceramic bezel watch with a black leather strap. The ceramic bezel Daytona dates back to Baselworld 2011. The watch is 40mm across the round of the case. The case has a gentle profile with its sinuous compound curves. This charming rose gold Daytona is a chronograph and it uses a Triplock Crown, which suggests its 100m water resistance rating is conservative.

The bezel is Rolex Cerachrome black and is very scratch resistant as it is ceramic. In fact, it is as scratch resistant as the sapphire covering the dial.  All of the numbering and tracks on the bezel are a deposit of Everose gold.

The dial has a matt silver base with an ivory tinge. The indices are rose gold, the subdials are rose gold, and the hands are rose gold. Furthermore, it has the right amount of lume to make for easy reading of the time at night.

As for the strap, it is an alligator leather strap with a semi-gloss finish and monotone black stitching. On this inside, you have folded edge calfskin, which makes it extremely comfortable. The clasp is made of Everose, bringing the entire rose gold watch together in a marvelous fashion.

Overall, this watch is an absolute beauty and combines black and rose gold in a truly impressive and attractive way.

You can purchase this watch pre-owned online or at our retail store, Diamonds by Raymond Lee, in Boca Raton.


4. Rolex Yachtmaster 116555 18K Rose Gold

best luxury rose gold watches

This is the new version Rolex Yachtmaster 116555. It uses the same bases as the classics of this iconic collection and adds the newest technologies.

One of the new features of the Yachtmaster 116555 40mm case is that it comes in 18k Everose gold.

The bezel is made from black Cerachrom (Rolex’s own ceramic) so it is extremely durable. The numbers and graduations on the bezel are polished and raised and the rest remains matt. This makes for a wonderful contrast and easy readability.

The dial has the same deep, striking black color as the bezel, and the hands, indices are rose gold with white luminous fill.

One of the big novelties of this watch is the rubber strap. The rubber bracelet is soft and flexible. Moreover, it goes incredibly well with the aesthetics of the watch.

All in all, this watch is the epitome of alluring with its splendid contrast of black and rose gold. This is easily one of our favorite rose gold watches as it is simply breathtaking. This is a watch that will stand out among all the noise.

We are selling this pre-owned Rolex Yachtmaster Rose Gold and Black watch for $22,500. It comes with its original Rolex papers.


swiss rose gold watches
Final Note:

At this point, we think it’s clear that rose gold watches are what you want. The look is a fashion that will never die.

We are confident that one of these watches have just become your new favorite.

Fortunately, you can purchase any or all of them now at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

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