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Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

2.62 Carat Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

We love diamonds, have we ever mentioned that? We love our large diamonds, our important diamonds, our GIA diamonds, our antique diamonds and vintage diamonds. We especially love fancy colored diamonds. When we buy fancy colored diamonds at a show, or people sell fancy colored diamonds in our Boca showroom, it’s always exciting. And the fancies we continuously snap up are the bright, sunny fancy yellow diamonds that shine in our showcases.

Although not as common as a white diamond, fancy colored diamonds are a big hit these days. A personal touch when buying a colorful diamond is picking your loved one’s favorite color.

And when your beloved is a little ray of sunshine, the perfect fancy colored diamond beckons from our showcase: Fancy yellow! Fancy yellow diamonds are chemically the same as colorless diamonds, and unlike other fancy colors (pink, blue, green,red etc.) are graded on the same color scale as white diamonds. So while we usually say to stick to diamonds with a K grade or higher when looking for a white diamond that looks nice and bright, the higher you can go in the alphabet, the better when it comes to fancy colors.

Also, unlike other fancy colors, fancy yellow diamonds are more affordable when it comes to brightly colored diamonds. Because they’re graded on the same scale, a fancy yellow diamond with the same clarity and cut grade as a white diamond might be priced about the same as a G color grade white diamond. Whereas fancies like blue and green routinely break auction records, and red diamonds would make you an instant millionaire.

We’ve put together a few of our fancy yellow engagement ring favorites to show off today. These are a favorite among brides who want something different, and brides who want an extra dose of luxury.

Radiant cut fancy yellow diamond ring

A stunning radiant cut 3.32 carat fancy yellow diamond with white trillions, set in yellow gold by Van Clef & Arpels.

Fancy yellow oval diamond engagement ring

This beauty is a 5.32ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, with a SI2 clarity and 1.13ctw of Round Diamonds, G/H in Color and VS in Clarity.

11 Carat Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Another halo beauty, this cushion cut fancy yellow is a cushion cut with a great looking SI3 clarity grade (what inclusions?) It’s set with 1.18 ct. of G/H white diamonds.

2.62 Carat Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This elongated cushion cut is 2.62 carats of fancy light, SI1 clarity in a yellow gold bezel. A radiant shaped halo of 1.20 ctw white diamonds is the perfect touch, along with the split shank.

5ct Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This 5 carat fancy yellow radiant cut beauty is perfectly accented by another radiant halo, this time on a thin pave band with .68ctw of white diamonds.

Fancy yellow oval halo

Finally, we have a large and in charge 8 carat, SI 3 clarity light fancy yellow oval. Don’t let this high-res shot fool you, those dark inclusions are much less noticeable in real life. See?

Bottom left, delicious


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